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Geography of the United States and Canada

by: Keshaun Huel

Geography of the United States and Canada GEOG 3100

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Geography > GEOG 3100 > Geography of the United States and Canada
Keshaun Huel
GPA 3.7

Murray Rice

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About this Document

Murray Rice
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keshaun Huel on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 3100 at University of North Texas taught by Murray Rice in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/229161/geog-3100-university-of-north-texas in Geography at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
682009 Physical Environment us ofthis module looking at the physical setting of regions in North America I Two primary areas of discussion today 71 the features that define the 9h slcai en I Foc envlronrnent of the contln t r 2 the issues that our relationsth With the 9h slcai erlca erl lrorlrnerlt Creates for life in North Am HumanEnvironment Relations I Physical and human features of a place are intimately interconnected l I People in turn are changed b d e Evolutlonan processes ln tne enwronrnent global 39 warrnlng and cooilng nslng and lowerlng sea levels 7 Revolutlonan events nurncanes tornadoes snow storms I n The Bases ofRegions Geographic Patterns of the Physical Environment HumanEnvironment Relations es of a place are intimately Interconnecte I Physical and human featur 7 How people cnoose to use tne resources avaliabie 0 them 7 Q can you thlnk or examples or any or tne above HumanEnvironment Relations yo think newcomers to Texas would nd ifthey explored the state 7 na lrnportantlnterestlng places would they flnd 7 e Wnat resources would they note 7 How is tne state organlzed to use tnose resources 7 What would attract people rnost to corne nere and sta here 7 What ls not so appealan about lwlng here i 682009 Hum anEnv ironm ent Relations I Q What do you think newcomers to Texas would nd ifthey explored the state l 7 What would he dlffererlt about your answers lf We were llvlrlg lEIEI years add or even nundreds dr 1 thousands or years ago Hum anEnvironm ent Relations I The connection between people and the environment Is strong and it is constantly evolving over time 7 People are attracted to places ln part because or the resources they provlde However people s lrlteractlorl With and use or resources changes overtlrne 7 Example prdgressldn frommm m dllm gasdllne and e en on to nuclear power 7 Changlng lrlteractlorls have an lrnpact on resources and places themselves Int2 e The erlvlrorlrnerltlrnpactlrlg people 39 e h vIron l y 7 People lrnpactlrlg the envlrorlrnent l Hum anEnvironm ent Relations I One of the best ways to see this is through study of how people and land relate in a given loca s in I We39ll examine two such case studies today 7 l Changlng cdndludns lrl Chesapeake Bay 7 2 Wateruse lrl Nevada I l Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay American life and an important area in tory Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay is an important area in American life and history 5 c e e c l I Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay is an important area in American life and history Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay Historically location of the military victory that ultimately ended the American Revolution 1781 Chesapeake y Marked 682009 Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay Historically site of the first English colony in North America Jamestown 1607 Chesapeake Bay Case Study I Chesapeake Bay Today host of nationallyimportant cities educational institutions government and industry h 39 7 upu VIEW Chesapeake Bay Case Study Chempcukc Changes occurring in Chesapeake Bay have the potential to impact millions of pgople WESY VlRGlHlA VIRGHIIA Chesapeake Bay 682009 Hum anEnv1ronm ent Relations I Vour reading Vanis ng Islandsquot looked at an island community existing in Chesapeake Bay since the early 1600s I Q What is the threat discussed in the reading What39s happened over the years 7 What ts the USArmy Corps otEngtneers ning e is the USAGE pruje vvurthvvhtie 7 Divide into two groups one tn argue the rnents ot the garment the utherto ar me Why Km grueeed 5 rntnutes tor gruup dtssusston Chesapeake Bay nce the early 1600s Hum anEnvironm ent Relations I Vour reading Vanishing Islandsquot looked at an island community existing in t I Regions and the Environment I Vour textbook distinguishes regions based on several physical factors see gure 21 on page 19 e Topography physicai prome otthe tano e Lowtano regtons intenorpiains ooastat ptatnsare attraotwe areas torpoputatton e Shteto regtons are rockyand sparseiy d e What physicaiiy otsttngutshes those regtons 57 poputate Regions and the Environment I Even outside of the in uence of people it is possible to classify regions in North America based on physical characteristics I I trorn other ptaoe m 3 o u I 8 a 3 L9 0 3 o i i Regions and the Environment I Vour textb ok uishes region I Regions and the Environment I Vour textbook disting shes regions 0 di based on several physical factors see ased on several t condmo e Mountatn regtons present oarners to travei and interaction and are atso sorne otthe teast poputateo areas otthe oonttnent r Q What s the difference between chmate and Weather ogr hers see variation H i ohrnate as oetng the resutt ot tatttuoe tandmater differences and topography ing physical factors see gure 21 on page 19 gure 21 on page 19 I e Topography physicai prome otthe tano 7 Climate aggregate ot dayrtordayweather i ns Regions and the Environment Regions and the Environment vegruly High 5 mi Regions and the Environment I Your textbook distinguishes regions based on several physical factors see gure 21 on page 19 Vegetation the living land cover that dominates the earth s surface Geographers note a close correspondence between climate and vegetation l Regions and the Environment I Your textbook distinguishes regions based on several physical factors see gure 21 on page 19 result of interaction between weathered rock material and organic matter Soil quality varies widely One of the key concerns of geographers is how much of our best soil is being paved over by our cities The regional character of mineral resource Regions and Resources I A last area we will touch on today centers on our use of resources l availabilit is evident from figures 2729 in I your textbook reading l on our region What impact does resource Q What impact does resource wealth have poverty have on other regions 4 682009 Regions and Resources I Some regions are resource rich and the location of resources doesn l necessarily coincide with the location of popu at39on I Key factorin regional development how easily can we access the resources that need 1 enough resources to sustain us Malthus writing in the early 18005 saw an imminent population disaster Saw a collision between the world39s climbing population and a nite supply of resources Regions and Resources I People have been wondering for centuries ifwe will continue to have i I l Regions and Resources I Key resource categories fortoday renewable vs nonrenewable rTechrllcally every resource could be I conslde 39 r all resources are products of natural cycles i r all resources can be renewed given enough time 7 dlffererlce ls rate of renewall wnlcn vanes tremendously l l Regions and Resources I On a practical level n consider a resource renewable if ual it can be regenerated within an ind d human time scale I Practical dividing line is a human lifetime around 80120 ears greater than this nonrenewable I Regions and Resources I Although the renewablenonrenewable classi cation is useful there are further subtypes within each I Jim l sh forests soil water in aquifers Regions and Resources I I Subdivisions of renewable resources 1 Cr al Zone renewable resources that i can be exploited to exhaustion l lJ IIIyd Regions and Resources I Subdivisions of renewable resources exhaustion occurs when the maximum sustainable yield MSY threshold is passed MSY the highest rate of resource use that will not impairfuture use of the resource in I Video Case Study Resources I We will watch a video case study next that illustrates some key resource issues relating especially to renewable resources I Case study situation several people groups are impacting the environment and renewable resources of one region I Relationships to watch HumanEnvironment HumanHuman 682009 Regions and Resources I Subdivisions of renewable resources 2 NonCritical Zone renewable resources that remain renewable regardless of human activity solar energy tides wind Last Resource Concept I One situation where we see can see the consequences of human actions is captured by the phrase tragedy of the commons Occurs when a resource is freely available to all and indivrduals are free to maximize their wn bene t Example North America s east coast cod shery now depleted If I don t take it someone else will Video Case Study Resources Questions to consider as you watch 1 People groups mentioned in the video 2 What use does each group have for water 3 Species impacted by water level changes 4 What is the Newlands Project 5 Any group gaining upper hand in conflict 6 Is there a right solution to conflict 6292009 The Regions of Notth Ameiica California and the Southwest Border Region California and the Southwest California and the Southwest El This module deals with a region that people El Q What does the Southwest mean to you have a lot of dif culty agreeing on imany I In tenns of geography on a ma different de nitions of what the southwest I In terms of culture and perception based on your is and where you might nd it exp erience and social connections El The opening quote ofyour textbook reading a Sauthwestbutthere IS little I therexs agreem enttajust where it is Dnnald W lVIzinig H 2quot minnow M u tn mm Ham v 6292009 E California and the Southwest California and the Southwest u Today we will mostly examine California and the Southwest as a combined region n We 11 begin with a guest speaker followed by some discussion speci cally on California a Califomia is one ofthe most diverse states in the union The largest state population larger than Canada s Varied physical geograp y 39ghest and lowest points in the lower 43 states Urban and rural contrasts extensive urban regions LA SF Bay areas offertile agriculture San Joaquin valley and some otthe most scenic coastlines anywhere has some pictures and comments to share about the on Urban California 39l39lt 6292009 h 03W gm Rural California Wham 6292009 California s Wide Range of Climate Types California s Political Geography u with such size and diversity comes forces that divide m political case study onpages314315 ofyour reading discusses the idea ofgartitioning i Califomiainto multiple states People have o en discusseda nonhem Califomia and a soud1em Califomia but your case study provides a map ofa39hreestate alternative rm ii ii i i m m Fixml mmxpmmams ha1M 6292009 California s Political Geography Southwest Physical Geography a Q What do you think would be the pluses u The Southwest region is characterized by a and minuses ofdoing such a warm and dry climate open spaces and rearrangement rugged terrain What about doing this in other states a Following are some pictures from arecent trip What about doing the reverser creating one 1 took out to the region larger state out of a few smaller states Small groups for 5 minutes The Grand Canyon Arizona Lake Mead Arizona and Nevada 6292009 6292009 Southwest Physical Geography a Q To what extent do you think the physical geography ofthe region shapes what people do in the region Is this changing Southwest Physical Geography a Two factors will continue to limit the human development ofthe Southwest 1 water shortages lack ofviable sources to support population growth even ifgrowth can otherwise he economically sustained 2 vast distances many people muchland much travel needed to access other continental population centers 6292009 Southwest Culture B Your reading emphasizes the ethnic diversity ofthe region as an intrinsic part of its character today D A region dominated by three cultures I Americanlndians Hispanic Americans Anglo Americans In muniu rmvumrmamuamorwwim Southwest Culture Southwest Culture D The US government has used reservations as D The close interaction between cultural groups akey part of its strategy to deal Wit has led to aprocess of acculturation American Indians I Cultural sharing and borrowing among groups B Q What are the advantages and a Q What does acculturation mean to you disadvantages ofsuch a stmtegy Have you seen examples ofacculturation in your Who sees the advantages 1m among your family and friends Where might the disadvantages show up and how should we deal with them Southwest Culture Southwest Economy B Your reading points out that even though D A key factor that de nes life in the region is Indian and Hispanic people account for less the economic disparities that exist than 50 ofthe region s population the in uence ofthese two cultures has not been drowned out In an An lo ood D Q Why do you think these cultures continue to be vibrant in the region Generally af uent Anglo communities Generally poor Hispanic and Native American communities 6292009 Southwest Economy El A map from your reading de nes the poorest parts of the region 6292009 E Southwest Economy a Q What factors contribute to poverty in some southwestern communities and wealth in others 1s geography animportant part ofthis situation Southwest Border Southwest Border u A final aspect ofreality for the Southwest is the existence ofthe UsMexico border a The border creates both challenges think of the recent immigration debates and opportunities a An attempt to harness the reality ofthe border for the bene t ofboth sides is the creati maquiladumx a Businesses that import goods into Mexico duty free for processing and assembly in Mexico with export back to the Us market Bene t for Mex 0 employment ofMexiean workers I Bene t for US low costlabor Maquiladoras in Mexico Southwest Border D We will view avideo case study now th ofthe us as well as neighboring places 39n northem Mexico Avery signi cant economic presence 6292009 Southwest Border El Case Study Twin Cities Divided Lives I The twin cities examined Ciudad Juarez Mexico and El Paso Texas I The Video focuses on issues in the border region speci cally as things are for individuals living on the Mexican side I Note the situations and challenges illustrated The Regions ofNorth America The Agr ultural Core AKA the Midwest A u 2 amt The Agricultural Core 6172008 The Agricultural Core I Opening talk about our perceptions and experiences with this region 0 How many of us have lived somewhere in the agricultural core Where How long Were you in an agricultural part ofthe region What perceptions do you have ofthe region What is the landscape like What kinds of people and industries are there The Agricultural Core I Next let s go around to each ofthe gr p and get a sense ofwhat you think are the key issues for the agricultural core hi mm m u unluvnmlunl 6172008 Als39o39iaquote niequotr W 7 l L 9 my NVN Mohammale SnyhmnAcrmge SnyhmnAcrmge 1949 1597 quoteamnmm eslkv awtasmew was Wei is IS seeins i mam quotLl39wmwll V7 v lv39 am 7 7 femur W I we we g l I in saw a r m M mm cwinmWm imam mmmwmm The Agricultural Core I Video case study an examination ofthe conversion offarm land to urban land in the Chicago metropolitan region r Wnat s driving this convemom r Wno are the malorplayem 7 Note any figures orsltuatlons that are remarkable in the video mmmlmm mumglu


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