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GEOG 315: Week 4

by: Tiffany Hu

GEOG 315: Week 4 Geography 315

Tiffany Hu
Explanation and Understanding in Geography

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About this Document

Explanation and Understanding in Geography
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiffany Hu on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Geography 315 at University of Washington taught by BROWN,MICHAEL P. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see Explanation and Understanding in Geography in Geography at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Lecture 9 101915 How to write a literature review 0 What a literature review is not 0 Annotated bibliography Writing a brief summary of each citation DO NOT DO THIS 0 What a literature review is 0 Establish what WE know I Why so stressed about the we 0 Research is meant to share knowledge that is uncovered o Identifies what we don t know I Has to identify the gap in literature or some kind of quotnext step I Not every question had been considered I Stress the things that quotwe don t know but of what YOU think is important 0 Lind of Argument that testifies setting I Use the tools of empiricism and rationalism o Lays methodological ground work By doing the literature review you re setting up a certain kind of methodology I Experiments and models 0 Large scale 0 Small scale 0 Archival research Lecture 10 102115 this papers argument about why research should be done 0 Start making piles of literature 0 Emass literature if still unsure Look for common names date of publication start closing literature circle after seeing trendspatterns Moving from ideas to measures 0 Conceptualization 0 Process where you figure out what it is you re actually trying to measure I Measuring variables and how they change or may stay the same 0 Indicator Shows detects or reflects presents or absents of a phenomenon something truefalse therenot there I Indicator is very indirect proxy variable 0 Using something similar to variable to measure it 0 What s there and what isn t there 0 Dimensions Anyway you turn a variable it has a different dimension or sides Need to mention after measuring variable what dimension it s in o What is distance between work and home Cannot measure them all but can measure more than one Lecture 11 102315 0 Operationalization 0 Good operation is exclusive and exhaustive Exclusive each time you take a measurement it should only get one measurement If given more than one answer you have to create another variable for that measurement Exhaustive all possible values must be capturable 0 Levels of measurement Nomial 0 Names describes differentiates something answer to why Ordinal o Is nominal but also ranking hierarchy order Interval o Is nominal and ordinal but also has reliable distance between values 0 Has no zero Ratio 0 Includes all and has true zero 0 Can be nothing or be completely absent 0 Criteria for measurement quality and concepts 0 Measurements and thinking behind them are valid and reliable Valid are you actually measuring what it is you think you re measuring If you are getting something else then it s invalid Reliable consistency among all data collection sources participants all give the same answer when asked the same question


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