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American Government Laws and Institutions

by: Kelly Rodriguez

American Government Laws and Institutions PSCI 1040

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Political Science > PSCI 1040 > American Government Laws and Institutions
Kelly Rodriguez
GPA 3.79

Jacqueline Demeritt

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About this Document

Jacqueline Demeritt
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Rodriguez on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 1040 at University of North Texas taught by Jacqueline Demeritt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/229180/psci-1040-university-of-north-texas in Political Science at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
P011 Sci 1040009 Final Exam Review SI Ashley Stewart 9 J We can think of courts in this country filling 3 roles which of the following roles do the courts follow a A forum for the resolution of private disputes between two parties b An arbiter between and among different brancheslevels of government c A policymaking institution Article 1 judges are appointed for life Which of the following are Federal Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction a US Court of Claims b US Court of Domestic Trade c IRS Court d None of the above How many general jurisdiction trial courts are there a 12 b 5 d 9 Which of the following are Appellate Courts of Limited Jurisdiction a US Court of Appeals for the Federal Court b Tax Court c US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces J M What are the appeals courts called with general jurisdiction a District Courts b Supreme Court r Ll ilthi v05 Magnesia d All the above How many circuit courts are there in the US a 94 9 Which Circuit Court is Texas in a 6 c 4 d 12 10 What is one of the most important ideas in which help to influence if a judge is chosen by the president b Background check c Same political parties d None of the above r False The Supreme Court is known as the Court of Last Resort 13 What is another factor that participates in the confirmation of judges a Senatorial courtesy 14 When can the SC hear exclusive original cases for the first time a State suing another state Cases against ambassadors b Cases brought by ambassadors c ll39milv 2 ln5l r 15 How many cases does the SC usually hear per year a 5 b 100 d 50 16 When does the Supreme Court meet for the first time a SeptemberMay b OctoberMay c High 7 d OctoberAugust 17 Who can remove power from the SC a President c People d American Bar 00 What is the 3rd type of jurisdiction the USSC has b Geographical c Subject matter d Nothing else 19 In what court case was Judicial Review established a Miller v CA c Texas v Johnso d Roe v Wade 20 or False Writs of appeals require the USSC to hear the case 21 What is called when a judge asks the SC justices to respond to questions aimed at clarifying federal law a Write of a c Writs of certiorari d All the above 22 or False Writs of Certiorari are the most common way to that cases are brought the SC 23 How many briefs must there be per case a 1 b 2 d 4 24 What does the state courts have jurisdiction over a the same thing the federal courts have w r i c none of the above Fill in the Blank 24 governs relationships among groups and individuals Z Lil I a governs 39 39 39 39 between individuals and society m a is the reason we have multiple court systems in the US 27 are the things that state and federal courts can have jurisdiction over ml r n39v39n om quotm l quot in y m or False In Texas if issued the Death Penalty the CoCA has mandatory appellate jurIsdiction 29 What court in Texas are the judges appointed a District b SC llvl m h d CoCA Matching Jurisdiction 30 The authority of a court to serve in an original or appellate role in the disposition of a case a 31 The authority of a court to hear cases of a particular kindc 32 The authority of a court to hear cases that arise within specified geographical areasb 33 The exclusive or concurrent authority a court has to hear a case d a Hierarchical b Geographic c Subject Matter d Proprietary Matching SC Justices 34 A conservative justice nominated by Bush Junior Chief Justice b 35 Unanimously confirmed Reagan nomination conservative g 36 Controversial vote most likely a liberal Obama nomination 4 h woman c 37 Controversial vote most likely a liberal Obama nomination 3rd womana 38 2quotd African American nominated by Papa Bush controversial conservative f 39 Clinton nominated moderate liberal 2nd woman d 40 Clinton nomination a liberal h 41 Bush Junior nomination kind of controversial a conservative i 42 Reagan nomination unanimously confirmed conservative e a Sotomayor b Roberts c Kagen d Ginsberg e Kennedy f Thomas g Scalia h Breyer i Alito 43 Where do we find our civil liberties a 14 h amendment c No where we are automatically granted them d None of the above 44 is the right of individuals to hold and communicate view of their choosing 45 entitles citizens to make claims on the government g l 5 requires the government to do nothing but protect the people from itself an act that injures someone consisting of a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of the defaming one who is living 48 Matching Court Cases and their legal principle U39IU39I Nl U1 U3 U1 4 U1 0 U1 l U39IU39I poo Clear and Present Danger Test e Four Prong Test to determine the constitutionality of nonspeech expression c Clear and Probable Danger Test d Students and Teacher don t shed their constitutional rights to freedom of expression or speech at the schoolhouse gate b Burning the flag is protected under the 1St amendmenta Options Texas v Johnson b Tinker v Des Moines Ind Comm School District c US v O Brien Dennis v US Schecnk v US 5 Public figures in suing for damages must prove actual malice as well as falsitya quotexclusionary rulequotb SC applied the 4 h amendment to states but refused to say that the exclusionary rule was necessary part of the amendment c Applies the exclusionary rule to the states d Right to counsel for indigent defendants applies to all state criminal trials g Loss of liberty rule f Options a NY Times v Sullivan and Hustler v Falwell b Weeks v US c Wolf v Colorado d Mapp v Ohio e Gideon v Wainwright f Argersinger v Hamlin Right to counsel extends through the 151 appeal b No lawyer after 1st appealc Warning that must be read before any custodial interrogation a Caused the Furman era lawse Death Penalty not a violation of 8 h amendment d Court exempts mentally retarded from facing capital punishment f Options a Miranda v Arizona Douglas v California Ross v Moffitt Gregg v Georgia Furman v Georgia 99957 llll U1wa f Atkins v Virginia Right to be free of government interference a Separate but equal b Overturns separate but equalc With all deliberate speed d No quotas may be used f Okay to consider race a factor but cannot be the decisive factor e Options a Privacy that is not protected under any amendment Plessey v Ferguson Brown v Board of Education Brown v Board of Education 2 Grutter v Bollinger and Gratz v Bollinger Regents of the University of California v Bakke amp95 Prohibits women from practicing lawb Law setting maximum work hour for womena Discriminating purely on the basis of sex is unconstitutional c Court requires that laws that classify on the basis of sex to be substantially related to an important government objective d Gendersegregated public education if unequal is unconstitutional e Options a Muller v Oregon b Bradwell v Illinois c Reed v Reed d Craig v Boren e US v Virginia Note that this review is not complete things listed below and more you should review What is in the Miranda laws Dejure 3052quot De facto Types of equality j Amendments 110 1315 Federal Court System Court name Chief Justice Justices Type ofJurisdiction Typical cases heard Court name How many are there Texas is in which one How many judges per court Type of Jurisdiction Typical cases heard Court name How many are there How many judges per court Type of Jurisdiction Typical cases heard


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