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Analysis of Business Information Systems

by: Jadyn Gusikowski

Analysis of Business Information Systems BCIS 4610

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Business Info Systems CIS > BCIS 4610 > Analysis of Business Information Systems
Jadyn Gusikowski
GPA 3.51


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jadyn Gusikowski on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BCIS 4610 at University of North Texas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/229188/bcis-4610-university-of-north-texas in Business Info Systems CIS at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
University of North Texas Collecting user requirements Introduction to data flow modeling BCIS 4610 BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 K Agenda 0 Project proposal discussion 0 Project scheduling with network diagrams Collecting user requirements 0 Introduction to requirements analysis Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Sch ed u Ie Date smjed39soovered Reading Deliverable 21Jan 20w lrtromctim Chaper1 SMDEnWruwrrsnt may SAW Enurcnrrsd Eden20w Enterpise analysis Cha ers 3 5 Tm nalized Nmag39nganls R39q39ect R39q39ect Plaming 4 Feb2008 Odlecting User minerals Chaan 6 R39q39ect ID we Nmagng usa39 rquirerrsnts 11Feb2308 Process Nbdeling Charier7 lW1 we Using Oracle CASE Tods fcr R39cness Nbctsl39ng 18Feb2308 emceptual Data Modeling Chapars Prq39ect R39cpcsal we Uslng O a e OWE Tods fcr Ema Nlcneling 25Feb2308 ETEQHS SQ ES Chapter 8 lW 2 we learnvmrk BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 k K Assign m e nts HW1 from HGV book Ch 3 o Pr 12 draw a network diagram calculate ES EF LS LF slack for each activity and identify activities that are on a critical path by hand 0 Pr 14 using MS Project create a Gantt chart calculate ES EF LS LF slack for each activity and identify activities that are on a critical path Make sure that you zoom your Gantt chart so that it ts one page BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Project Proposals o Rely on your Project ID for problem description 0 Decide what you can bring to the table as a team that would help solve the problem 0 Devise your approach and solution 0 Develop a business case for your solution 0 Create a preliminary plan and budget 0 Create a convincing proposal 0 Be creative 0 Make it look professional 0 For grading purposes the quality of the document matters most BCIS 4810 Spring 2009 Resource Rate Table Name Position Rate per hour Max Availability er Week John Smith Oracle Expert 25 10 hours I Brian O Brian I Sr Analyst I 30 I 15 hours BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Creatinga budget in Excel Total days Team Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Total man Total Cost Name Manley hours ActivityRate 3 25 00 3 20 00 3 20 00 3 20 00 e 1 Proiea Planning 5 20 10 05 05 4 90 00 Preparation orme Proiea Plan 5 1 0 4 0 e e 5 105 00 interview planning 2 05 e 20 20 5 92 50 Conductin int Ni 1 10 e 10 10 3 05 00 Creating preliminary DFDS 5 10 5 0 5 0 e 11 225 00 Creating preliminary ERDS 3 5 0 e e 5 0 10 225 00 Creating oi rdesigns 5 30 30 30 30 12 255 00 Reviewingt e esigns 5 5 0 2 0 10 10 9 205 00 Preparing rmerrm repon 3 2 0 e 3 0 3 0 8 170 00 Sta e 2 e Fianlizing logical designs 5 5 0 5 0 5 0 5 0 20 425 00 Designinginlerfaces 5 100 100 100 100 40 850 00 Designing Oracleforms 5 100 100 e e 20 450 00 Designing Oracle reports 5 2 0 e 10 0 10 0 22 450 00 Other 1 20 50 50 30 15 31000 Total hours 55 0 49 5 45 0 45 5 43 5 183 5 3917 50 BCIS 4810 Spring 2009 Enter tasks make adjustments BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Creating a budget in MS Project Enter resources names rates and availability Assign resources to tasks View Resource Usage and Resource Graph to Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Project scheduling o In class exercise k BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 K System Requirements Determination Planning Analysis BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas K Planning and managing requirements BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 K What are system requirements 0 Requirement is a statement of what the system must do and what characteristics it must have 0 What of the system 0 During analysis businessperson s perspective 0 During design translated into developer s perspective 0 Evolve over the course of the project 0 Go from the overall goal ofthe systems to detailed speci cations BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas What are system requirements 0 Functional requirements relate directly to a I rocess the ststem has to I erform or information it needs to contain Nonfunctional requirements refer to the behavioral properties ofthe systems such as usability and performance 0 User interface 0 Hardware and software 0 Integration capabilities 0 Security BCIS 4810 Spring 2009 K Understanding user requirements 0 Key sources of user requirements sponsors or the system understanding the goal ofthe system Process owners and functional experts understanding the functional requirements Endusers understanding user interface needs IT people understanding how the system ts into the overall lT architecture BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Other sources of information 0 Enterprise data model if it exists 0 Process maps if they exist 0 Old system and system documentation 0 Reports currently used 0 Paper and electronic forms 0 Other organizational documentation BCIS 4810 Spring 2009 Understanding user requirements includes 0 Requirements planning and management 0 Requirements elicitation Requirements documentation modeling and analysis BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA University of North Texas Requirements planning and management The goals of requirements planning and management is to ensure that All necessary stakeholders are identified and properly represented during the requirements gathering process The most appropriate activities related to the requirements process are performed given the project circumstances The requirements work effort is coordinated with other work done on the project The requirements team has a common understanding of the activities they will perform The BA or BA team can effectively monitor and react to requirements challenges and slippage The tools resources and requirements contributors are available When requirements activities are scheduled Changes are captured correctly and consistently BCIS 4810 Spring 2009 K Requirements planning and management 0 Requirements planning and management involves Understand team roles for the project Identify key project stakeholders Define business analyst work division strategy Define requirements risk approach Determine planning considerations Select requirements activities Estimate requirements activities Manage requirements scope Measure and report on requirements activity Manage requirements change BCIS 4610 Spring 2009 Lecture notes based on BA BOK by IIBA


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