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by: Alia Wilkinson

Mechanics PHYS 1710

Alia Wilkinson
GPA 3.79

Usha Philipose

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About this Document

Usha Philipose
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alia Wilkinson on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1710 at University of North Texas taught by Usha Philipose in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/229202/phys-1710-university-of-north-texas in Physics 2 at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Equation SheetrTest a Spring 2010 4w 3 rpm 3 7b i 52 7 1m A 8 A BM Cumer my 2m 2n AWN m Geomot Quadratic qu rm mm L 1A My RAJ Vectors A 715 743 In 2 am wher v SW10 human 5 nnd z n AB ms 9 743 Awa A B magi A 2m 0 4 A yr 9 i E j k i X E am 1 AU J AVE 74sz r A 2 774113 ma 7 13 y Dan Kin d 7 FIT umg 17W mutiou in dim with r39nmtmm pf 2mm 7 L Lt 7 Mr L r 1701 projectile mm m h R 2 0L9th ef ng nfmgem where and Posinon mm Valonq39 in Lli exem reference frmnes 7m we 2 m m l 7 r7er 2 m km mm 1 7 mm 2 m 0 1 d5 Dynamics 7 plum l w my my PM mm 3 MA PM mm m Rpm i M I 7 M n F 11F P i If Energ 7 6L 7 mmewa Us NEW mgg gm quot11m rum 7 Fume mmrr AEmm Emuzh E nngh Emach i U A cosm r1 r Sinuch Harmonic IVIouon 2r 7 r thd Pmndulum T L Jm gun m mm 11 nudu um p g m 1 p Linear Momentum E m r 415mm Fm A5 217 commm when SF m I Cemer of Mass m V mm L m system of pmtiulen din I a A rm T Fm Mam for n wmm m pmndes Torque Miout oxigm in inerml frame V dw antmn when 1 1 angular 1 1 T mama m W 1 Relation between L39mezn mm romtinnni mun 5 La w 5121 dismnue of dm From axis Fm munmm a w at anem of inertia fr39 tlm r is m wst m partiules MW 1m m m I M ma 3MB 1m m sph Pvuuuelrdlda hem2m m D2 Hmmimmi analog nfNrwton s secnnd lam 0 L 1 mm axis Ur ymmeh39w Liam LemLam whnn rm H 1 0 m1 Equilibrium


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