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Philosophy of Self

by: Ms. Laurianne Hammes

Philosophy of Self PHIL 1800

Ms. Laurianne Hammes
GPA 3.51

David Kaplan

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About this Document

David Kaplan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Laurianne Hammes on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1800 at University of North Texas taught by David Kaplan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 157 views. For similar materials see /class/229215/phil-1800-university-of-north-texas in PHIL-Philosophy at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Exam Monday SAM10AM JeanPaul Sartre amp Simone de Beauvoir Extra Credit BF Skinner amp E O Wilson Sartre Existence precedes essence o lchoose act determine myself 0 We exist first and determine our essence by means of choice 0 No preexisting patterns for human existence 0 We are free to create ourselves Opposite essence precedes existence 0 Human nature comes firsthumans are sinners man is entirely subject to God s plan or blueprint Freedom is a burden no one else is responsible for me o No escape from responsibility 0 cause myself to act not nature psychology genes society etc Responsibility 0 We cannot blame our parents etc for their influence o If they have influenced us it is because we have allowed them to do so 0 Bad faith if we allow others to influence what we really want I nauthentic human being Anguish when we realize we have this responsibility for ourselves 0 Results from the direct responsibility toward others who are affected by our actions 0 We cannot help escape the feeling of total and deep responsibility Despair results because there is no final authority but ourselves to help us choose rightly Forlornness when we realize that God does not exist and that we have to face all the consequences of this llCondemned to be freequot We are condemned to establish our own values How to act With optimism Take responsibility 0 We are nothing else than the ensemble of our acts nothing else than our life In choosing myself I choose man 0 Through our choices we determine or create what we will be In those choices we choose according to what we believe we ought to be Consequently we are creating ourselves according to what we think a person ought to be O In a sense I m putting a universal value to my act by deciding in accordance with the belief O that all persons in this situation should act in this manner Simone de Beauvoir o The ways in which we deny our freedom as this freedom leaves us with uncomfortable responsibility of our actions 0 Five ways of dealing with anguish of freedom when we realize that we are responsible for ourselves o Subhuman 0 Serious person 0 Nihilist o Adventurer o Passionate o Subhuman person 0 Refuses to choose I Simply exists I Acts as if life is witht freedom 0 Lives in fear of choices 0 Dangers of subhuman person I Not a harmless person makes animallike reactions choices I Easily controlled recruited for evil I Mobmentality unthinking goes along with the crowd let s others make choices for him 0 Serious person 0 Loses himself in his choices 0 Gets rid of freedom by subordinating it to external values and things 0 Overly committed loses perspective 0 Loses identity is role father boss church member political party member 0 Makes his ends the ultimate purpose not his freedom 0 Flees from freedom by becoming useful practical concrete 0 Fanaticism albeit chosen 0 Everything openended and free is a threat 0 Nihilist o Wants to be nothing or nothing o Disappointed by seriousness he gives us 0 Renounces life suicidal o Rejects the world rejects himself 0 Nihilist is right people and the world ultimately are nothing I However he forgets that it is up to us to give meaning to ourselves and the world 0 Systematic rejection of humans and world 0 Desires only destruction 0 Adventurer 0 Likes action for its own sake o Takes delight in living O O Attaches to anything Subjective solitary indifferent to others I llthat is to the human meaning of his action who thinks he can assert his own existence whtiout taking into account that of othersquot 0 Passionate person 0 000 O Opposite of adventurer Involved committed Fulfilled subjectivity in the activity Like serious person but passionate attachment to object But subjective attachment and this subjectivity fails to fulfill itself genuinely Personal involvement possessive o What is it to have real freedom 0 000000 Committed and involved but not being engulfed in any goal Subject and object are both affirmed I Neither too much nor too little subjective involvement or objective concern We will ourselves to be free True freedom aims at an open future but aim at something True freedom isn t just about oneself but our shared world To make being quotbequot is to communicate with others by means of being Existentialism llto will oneself free is also to will others freequot


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