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Introductory Nutrition

by: Bessie Armstrong

Introductory Nutrition HES 2823

Bessie Armstrong
GPA 3.91

Linda Rossow

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About this Document

Linda Rossow
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bessie Armstrong on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HES 2823 at University of Oklahoma taught by Linda Rossow in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/229246/hes-2823-university-of-oklahoma in Health Sciences at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Exam 3 Review Sheet Exam 3 is on April 5m as stated in the syllabus No calculator is necessary for this exam Focus on this review sheet for your studying Extra credit questions will come from class activities and any associated notes Alcohol What is fermentation Where does alcohol come from Distilled vs nondistilled examples amp what is distillation What is the chemical term for the form of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages Understand what alcoholic proof means now that alcohol requires no digestion and is absorbed rapidly hat key enzyme in alcohol metabolism do women typically produce less of than men hat can affect the rate of alcohol metabolism How hen does blood alcohol content rise ow much alcohol can an averaged sized person metabolize per hour Know the bottom line regarding alcohol for health benefits w E Fat soluble Vitamins What are the four fatsoluble vitamins When does vitamin toxicity occur What type of vitamins are more likely to cause toxicity general Know the food sources of Vitamin A Carotenoids can be converted into what vitamin Understand proformed carotenoids and preformed retinoids Know differences between these two and why one is called proformed and the other preformed What fatsoluble vitamin aids in vision Know the origin of the word vitamin from excerpts on slides at beginning Understand how vitamins provide energy do they contain calories themselves Know the best food sources of Vitamin D Know that Vitamin D can be synthesized by the skin when the skin is exposed to the sun Be able to match the lack of a specific vitamin with the name of that deficiency disease for example Vitamin D deficiency in adults osteomalacia Be able to do this with watersoluble vitamin deficiencies too 0 What can in uence Vitamin D levels in the body 0 Can vitamin D toxicity occur if too much time is spent in the sun How do vitamin toxicities generally occur What are the rich food sources of Vitamin E In relation to nutrition what is an antioxidant and what is a free radical Why might megadosing with Vitamin E not be a good idea Know the primary function of Vitamin K Water soluble Vitamins What are the watersoluble vitamins What vitamin is greatly involved in collagen synthesis within the body Do most Americans even athletes consume enough B vitamins in the diet even without supplements Know the de ciency diseases and lack of what vitamin will cause these diseases Why is milk commonly put in opaque containers What is choline Is it a B vitamin Can humans synthesize Vitamin C Can animals Which vitamins function as antioxidants There are 3 This includes both fat and water soluble vitamins All B vitamins form and then function as what Know the common name of each B vitamin B6 and B12 are known by B their numbers while the other B vitamins are known by a full name You do NOT need to be able to match the number of each vitamin with its name Know the best food sources of vitamin C Minerals Understand what can in uence bioavailability of minerals and what food sources will provide more bioavailable minerals Know the major functions of each mineral Know if deficiency and or toxicity of each mineral is likely If a specific condition for deficiencytoxicity is mentioned in the notesduring class be sure to know this condition Be able to distinguish between major minerals trace minerals and ultratrace minerals and know which minerals fall into these categories What is the major source of uoride in most American s diets How does irondeficiency anemia affect hemoglobin and myoglobin in the body What problem does this cause Why would a person feel fatigued with this condition Does current evidence prove that megadosing zinc supplements at the onset of a cold will clearly decrease the length of the cold What mineral is often a component of laxatives


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