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International Finance Theory and Problems

by: Cristian Dicki

International Finance Theory and Problems ECON 3633

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Economcs > ECON 3633 > International Finance Theory and Problems
Cristian Dicki
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cristian Dicki on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 3633 at University of Oklahoma taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/229251/econ-3633-university-of-oklahoma in Economcs at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Class questions February 21 2006 Lecture 10 ECON3633 900 1 What is the primary way in which the Bretton Woods administration differed from a strict gold standard Be speci c Under the gold standard EVERY country has an exchange rate that is connected to gold Further each country stands ready to buy and sell gold at their established par value However under a gold exchange standard such as the Bretton Woods system only the United States established a par value relative to gold and only the United States agreed to buy and sell gold at the established rate N IMF Classi cations of Exchange Rate Systems List and de ne the eight exchange rate classi cations of the IMF For each provide at least one country according to the handout that has adopted such a system Under the category of exible exchange rate systems 1 Managed oating systems There is no pre announced path for the exchange rate although monetary authorities frequently intervene to a ect the level of the exchange rate Example Indonesia 2 Independently oating systems Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand with little intervention from monetary authorities Nonetheless monetary authorities will intervene from time to time to mitigate uctuations in the exchange rate Example The United States Under the category of fixed exchange rate systems 3 Crawling peg The exchange rate is adjusted periodically at pre announced dates or based on economic indicators An example of a country that employs a crawling peg is Costa Rica The history of the Costa Rican C olonper dollar is depicted from September 2004 to Sep 2005 is depicted below source wwwexchangerate com As eah he SEEnfmm the pxcmre the eezeh has heeh aevazaea Intermxtlently over the past year as the peg 15 adjusted upward mwling band Exchange rates ate maxntmned thhxh hahas that ate adjustedpermdxca y a m respzmse te eetmh eeehemxe mdlcatms quotPr e SHIV1mg peg the Exchange mtg w111 ucmate thhxh the meheta auLhmmes w111 Intervene m theme 11011125 hat 1thea a NO LONGER empzeys a Emu1mg haha the hah eat admmxslered In class maxeates that exist dxd ahtxz December 22 1994 An ample ea eeahey that currently empzeys a Emu1mg haha 15 Belarus am I oa Harimnlal Imnd 7712 Exchange tam ucmales amund a xed 52mm mtget 7712 bexlexmplz i the Danixh krone whxch 15 peggea m the 7712 Damsh bane pnee athe Euro 15 peggea at 74mm Damsh bDKEVpE Ema Fixedpeg 7712 Exchange mtg 15 xed agamst a I39mD rune ha unhkz th hey a 22 911 a epmme g ten r EthEr ahathet eaaheys currency cxrculates as zegaz tender a the Country hezahgs m a currency amah e he ample aa Country a ths category waaza he any athe eaahtnes currently asthg the em such as In enemy Immd 7712 ea VEKL y board 15 a separate government agehey whose saze purpose 15 aha se11 ames hey at the establxshed xed e ehahge tam a mamtam credxbxlxty the currency board mamtams sxghx eaht haldmgs aflmermx amxl reserves usually 100 aaatstahamg amestxe currency Accardmg m the test bank Hang Kong rmmmms a currency board


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