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Elements of Psych (HONORS)

by: Otha Treutel DDS

Elements of Psych (HONORS) PSY 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Psychlogy > PSY 1113 > Elements of Psych HONORS
Otha Treutel DDS
GPA 3.63
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos

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About this Document

Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos
Class Notes
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This 48 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Treutel DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jenel Cavazos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Elements of Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
x UNBEQS TANDING PSYCHOLOGY 9TH EDITION By Robert Feldman Powerpoint slides by Kimberly Foreman CHAPTE TWELVE EVELOPMENT MODULE 35 Nd rure dnd Nur rure The Enduring Developmen rdl Issue 6 How do psychologists sTudy The degree To which development is on inferdc on of hereddery dnd environmeanl fdcTors Developmehrol Psychology 6 STudy of The poHerhs of growth ond chohge rho r occur Throughoqu life gt No rure hur rure issue Developmeh rol psychologists rypicolly take on inferocfionisf posi rion Delermining The Relalive Influence of Na rure and Nurlure Genelically conlrol laboralory animals and place in varied environmenls ldenlical Twins Developmenial Research Techniques 6 Cross sec rional Research gt Compares people of differen r ages at The same poin r in Time Differences among groups of people o Longiiudinal Research gt Traces The behavior of one or more par ricipan rs as The par ricipanis age 39 Change in behavior over time Developmenlal Research Techniques o Sequenlial Research gt Combines oross sec rional anol longi rudinal approaches by Taking a number of differen r age groups and examining rhem at several poin rs in lime MODULE 36 Preno rol Developmen r Concep on ro Bir rh o Who r is The no rure of development before birth o WhoT fooTors effect 0 child during The mo rher s pregnonoy The Bosios of GeheTios o Chromosomes gt Rod shoped s rruc rures rho r oon roih oII bosic heredi rory informo rion gt Genes Smoller Uhi rs through which gehe ric ihformo rIOh is rrohsmi r red Composed of sequences of DNA The Basics of Generics The Human Genome Projec r gt Scien ris rs mapped The specific loca rian and sequence of every human gene Gene rherapy Heal rh care providers injec r genes ro correc r pariicular diseases direcin into a pa rien r s bloods rream The Eorliesr Developmehr o Germihol Period gt Zygo re Fer rilized egg First two weeks o Embryonic Period gt Embryo Weeks 21hrough 8 The Eorliest Development Fetol Period gt Fetus Week 8 until birth gt Age of viobility Poiht ot which it con survive if born premoturely 39 About prehotol oge 22 weeks Sensitive periods criticol periods The Earlieer DevelopmenT Gene ric Influences on The FeTus gt Phenylke ronurio PKU gt Sickle cell anemic gt Toy Sachs disease gt Down Syndrome The Earlieer Developmenl o Prenalal Environmenlal Influences gt Tera rogens Mo rher s nu rri rion Mo rher s illness Mo rher s emo rional s ra re Mo rher s use of drugs Alcohol Fe ral alcohol syndrome FAS Fetal alcohol effec rs FAE Nico rine use 4 Alternative Paths to Conception o In Vitro Fertilization IVF o Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer GIFT o Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer ZIFT gt Surrogate mother MODULE 37 lnfdncy dnd Childhood o thl dre rhe mdjor compelencies of newborns o thl ore The miles rones of physicol dnd socidl developmenl during childhood o How does cognilive developmen r proceed during childhood The Exfroordinory Newborn o Reflexes gt Unleorned involunfory responses fhof occur oufomoficolly in fhe presence of cerfoin sfimuli Roo ng reflex Sucking reflex Gog reflex Sforfle reflex Bobinski reflex The EXTroordinory Newborn 6 Development of The Senses Toking in The World gt Visuol obili ries grow ropidly of rer bir rh gt Hobi ruo rion Decreose in the response to o stimulus that occurs of rer repeo red presentations of the some s rimulus llllllil Boys 50th percentile Physical 50m Developmen r 39 During firer year of life children Typically Triple birlhweighl Heighl increases by aboqu half 539 u C 20 a I The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Developmeni of Socidl Behdvior Tdking on The World gt Alidchmen r The positive emo rionol bond rho r develops between 0 Child ond Cl poriiculor individuol Horry Horlow s s rudy on o r rochmen r Wire monkey versus clo rh monkeyquot The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood 6 Assessing Alidchmeni gt Mdry Ainswor rh Ainswon h srronge sifuorion Securely o r roched Avoidon r Ambivolen r Disorgonized disorien red The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood oThe Fo rher s Role gt Number of fd rhers who ore primdry ooregivers for Their children hos grown signifiodn rly gt No rure of o r rochmen r con be similor The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Socidl Reldiionships wiih Peers gt Helps children in rerpre r rhe medning of o rhers behovior ond develop The copoci ry To respond opproprio rely gt Helps children ledrn physicol dnd emo riondl self con rrol The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood gt The Consequences of Child Core Ou rside The Home High quoli ry core cen rers con posi rively impdc r Child Low quoli ry Child core provides quot le or no gdin ond moy even hinder development The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood gt Porenling Slyles dnd Parcnn39ngSIyle renchhmior ProducedinChild Amin u Rigidpuuwegtrnci alandatd exmnple LHSUL 4 cl unlrielvdlyl Wllhdiawu I I D I n 1 39 liynu don tdsan your mm m going 00 Cl eve 0 pi i Ie 4 ground muquot Ferm39sswe Lax Inconsistent undemanding example Immaturemoody cependenv O I rm nl be and lo clean mr uumJIM low scll mnlml Au rhon ronon y I I Autllonmllve FHHL xv limb and goals use mason Good nial aklllsl lilnd e enoauvages mdependence exzmp selfrelunL mdspewdert Permssve g outta the vesmu39mLA man as you I I nish wP39ll lamE o A U 139 h 0 n I39 I V e Uninvclved Delached emon onally 3e ole onlyas lndllierert Palemrg behavior pmvxdlngf 0d lolhir g and shaker e couldn39t are law Ii your room I WNW The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Erikson s Theory of Psychosooiol Developmeni gt Trus r versus mis rrus r s roge Bir rh li2 yeors of oge gt Au ronomy versus shome ond doub r s roge i 2 3 yeors of oge gt Ini rio rive versus guili s roge 3 6 years of age gt ndus rry versus inferiori ry s roge 39 6 l2 yeors of dge The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Cogniiive Developmeni Children s Thinking Aboui The World gt Pidge r s Theory of Cogni rive Developmen r Sensorimo ror s roge Birth To 2 yeors of oge Objec r permonence Preopero riondl s roge 2 lo 7 yeors of oge Egocen rric rhough r Principle of conservo rion The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Cogniiive Developmeni Children s Thinking Aboui The World gt Pidge r s Theory of Cogni rive Developmen r Concre re opero riondl s roge 7 lo 12 yeors of oge Reversibility Formdl opero rionol s roge i2 yeors of oge ro odul rhood Abs rroc r formdl dnd logicol Thinking The Growing Child Infdncy Through Middle Childhood o Informd rion Processing Approoches gt The woy in which people roke in use ond s rore informd rion gt Meldcogni rion An oworeness ond understanding of one s own cogni rive processes The Growing Child nfdncy Through Middle Childhood o Vygofsky s View of Cognifive Developmenf Considering Culfure gt Cognifive developmenf occurs os o consequence of sociol inferocfions in which children work wifh ofhers fo joinfly solve problems Zone of proximol developmenf ZPD Level of which 0 child con olmosf buf nof fully comprehend or perform 0 fosk on his or her own Scaffolding MODULE 38 Adolescence Becoming an Aduli o Wha r major physical social and cogni rive iransiiions characierize adolescence MODULE 38 Adolescence Becoming on Adull o Adolescence gt Developmen rol sloge be rween childhood ond odul rhood Physical Developmeni The Changing Adolesceni o Puberiy gt Period of which ma rura rion of The sexual organs occurs For girls i r begins at about age H or 12 when mens rrua rion s rar rs For boys ii is marked by their firs r ejaculation known as spermarche usually around rhe age of 13 Morol onol Cogni rlve Developmen r Dis rlnguis ngn r from Wrong o Kohlberg s TheOry of Morol Developmen r gt Three levelsequenoe gt Judgmenls nol morol behovior gt Morol developmen l in women veil Preconventlonal n lofallty Allhi the concrete intere a the 39ndlvldual are cansldcrcd in larmg olrewa gt rld pllnlsh 5 mm l menumal mall 49quot P comenucn morallmll lw39 cwl usemamlprlnziple h we seen as brcadertllan those 1 an palflcular scam in Sample Mural Reasoning ufSubiects In Favor ofStealing ale Drug llyou let your wl39e dle GU ill g9 ln Ucuble l ou ll be blames for not ey to save hel 393 quotllynu let yourle d39 you ll never be able to l body w l39l a 3 lfyou don39t sleal 39l a drug 31d lf u let your 39 you ll al w 5 condemr you ellror m a en l ou won t be blamed and you39ll have lide up to 1h oulslde rule of you wm t have llVEd up 10 yell nwn manean and Sandards l3quot hon A Slsleillng the Drug You shouldn t steal he drug because you ll be caLght and 9am toizl vou do No1 do get awayl vour onsclcncc will botlcr you thlnltlng m 1 police will catch up wlm you at any minule H er w my 2 7 7 V crug ou ll l39eel bad hinkll g Ilow ycu39vs brought ShO39lD 39 urlerl39lllyandyoumelf you won t be able to face anycne gain mm steal me am you won l be bamcd at c b4 you ll condemn yourself 92 you warm have wed JD to your 0le conscience nd 5 noardsl Mmequot Sociol Developmenl Finding Oneself in o Sociol World o Erikson s Theory of Psychosoclol Developmen r The Search for ldenlily gt lden ri ry versus role confusion sloge lden ri ry gt ln rimocy versus isolo rion sloge Eorly odul rhood Focuses on developing close relo rionships with others Socidl Developmenl Finding Oneself in d Socidl World o Erikson s Theory of Psychosocidl Developmen r The Sedrch for ldenlily gt Generd rivi ry versus s rdgnd rion sldge Middle ddul rhood Abili ry ro con rribu re ro one s fdmily communi ry work dnd socie ry dnd ro ossis r rhe developmen r of ihe younger generd rion gt Ego in regri ry versus despdir sldge Ld rer ddul rhood uniil ded rh Sense of dccomplishmen r Socidl Developmenl Finding Oneself in d Socidl World o Slormy Adolescence My rh or Reoli ry gt Resedrch shows rhd r ddolescence is no r 0 period frdugh r wi rh s rress dnd unhdppiness ds once lhough r bu r never rheless does hdve some s rrife Adolescen r egocen rrism Slo re of self obsorp rion in which 0 leenoger views The world from his own poinl of view Persondl fobles Belief lhol one39s experience is unique except ond shored by no one else Socidl Development Finding Oneself in d Socidl World o Adolescent Suicide gt Third ledding couse of dedfh for ddolescenfs gt Worning signs School problems Selfdestructive behavior Loss of appetite or excessive eating Withdrawal from friends and peers Sleeping problems Signs of depression Preoccupation with death Putting affairs in order giving away prized possessions Explicit announcement of thoughts of suicide Module 39 Adullhood o Whal are The principal kinds of physical social and inlellec rual changes rha r occur in early and middle adullhood and wha r are rheir causes 9 How does The reali ry of lale adul rhood differ from The slereolypes abou r rha r period o How can we adjuer lo dealh Physical Developmenl The Peak of Heallh o For mos r people early adul rhood marks The peak of physical heallh gt Around age 25 The body becomes sligh rly less efficien r and more suscep rible ro disease o Menopause gt Women s rop mens rrua ring and are no longer fer rile o Hormone rherapy HT is controversial Social Developmenf Working of Life o People Typically launch fhemselves info careers marriage and families o Midlife fransifion gt Period when people may begin fo quesfion fheir lives Midlife crisis Marriage Children and Divorce Family Ties o Changes in marriage and divorce rrends have doubled The number of single paren r households in The US over The las r Two decades o Economic and emo rional consequences for The single paren r households Iviorrioge Children onol Divorce Fomily Ties 63 Chonging Roles of Men ond Women The Time of Their Lives gt More women oc r simul roneously os wives mo rhers ond woge eorners o Women s Second Shifi gt Addi rionol work performed by women wi rh o coreer onol home responsibili ries Physicorl Chonges in Lole Aolullhood The Aging Body 6 Generic Preprogromming Theories of Aging gt Sugges r rho r humon cells hove o buil r in lime limi r To Their reproduc rion o Weor ond Teor Theories of Aging gt Sugges r Thai The mechonicol func rions of The body simply work less efficien rly 03 people oge l Cogni rive Chonges Thinking Aboqu dnd During Ld re Adul rhood o Memory Chonges in Ld re Adul rhood Are Older Adul rs Forge rful gt Alzheimer s disedse Progressive brdin disorder rhd r ledds lo 0 grdduol dnd irreversible decline in cognitive dbili ries Cogni rive Chonges Thinking Aboul dnd During Ld re Adul rhood o The Sooidl World of Ld re Adul rhood Old bu r Nol Alone gt Disengdgemen r Theory of Aging Aging produces Cl grdduol wi rhdrdwol from the world on physiodl psychologiodl dnd sooidl levels Life review Cogni rive Chonges Thinking Aboul dnd During Ld re Adul rhood o The Sooidl World of Ld re Adul rhood Old bu r Nol Alone gt Ac rivi ry Theory of Aging Ld re ddul rhood should re ect Cl oon rinuo rion ds much 05 possible of lhe do rivi ries in which people pdr ricipd red during the eorlier port of their lives Life review Adjusiing To Deaih Elisabe rh KUbIer Ross s Five Siages gt Denial gt Anger gt Bargaining gt Depression gt Accep rance


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