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Elements of Psych (HONORS)

by: Otha Treutel DDS

Elements of Psych (HONORS) PSY 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Psychlogy > PSY 1113 > Elements of Psych HONORS
Otha Treutel DDS
GPA 3.63
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos

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About this Document

Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos
Class Notes
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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Treutel DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jenel Cavazos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Elements of Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
x UNBEQS TANDING PSYCHOLOGY 9TH EDITION By Robert Feldman Powerpoint slides by Kimberly Foreman A 01gt3mm mmltmZ Hlt gt Z 0 m2 mm MODULE 32 Gender and Sex 6 Who r are The major differences be rween mole and female gender roles Gender Roles Sooie ry s Expeo rd rions for Women dnd Men o Se r of expeoro rions defined by d pdrTiouldr society Thor indiodre whdr is opproprio re behovior for men dnd women 6 Sexism gt Nego rive d r ri rudes dnd behdvior roword 0 person rho r ore bdsed on rth person s 4 gender Gender Roles Socie ry s Expec ra rions for Women and Men oSexism on The Job gt Women generally earn less Than men do in comparable posi rions Glass ceiling Invisible barrier wilhin an organiza rion rha r because of gender discrimina rion may prev enl women from being promo red beyond a cer rain level Gender Roles Sooie ry s Expeo ra rions for Women and Men o Sexual Harassmen r gt Unwan red sexual allen rion The orea rion of a hos rile or abusive environmen r or explioi r coercion To engage in unwan red sexual ac rivily gt Has less To do wi rh sex rhan wi rh power gt Benevolen r sexism Gender Differences More Similar than Dissimilar 6 Personality Factors gt Stereotype threat 6 Cognitive Abilities gt Mathematical and verbal ability differences are minimal Sources of Gender Differences Where Biology onol Socie ry Ivlee r o Biologicol ond Evolu rionory Foclors gt Hormones such os ondrogens ond es rrogens moy relo re lo performonce on verbol ond spo riol losks Sources of Gender Differences Where Biology dnd Socie ry Mee r o The Socidl Environment gt Gender schemd Men rdl fromework rho r orgdnizes dnd guides d child s undersrdnding of informd rion relevon r to gender Moy po ren riolly limit the ronge of experiences to which children ore exposed MODULE 33 Unders ranaing Human Sexual Response The Fac rs of Life Q Why and under wha r circums rances do we become sexually aroused is Genifols 39 Tesfes Androgens r Ovaries Estrogens Proges rerone Ovulation Psychologicol Aspec rs of Sexuol Exci remen r Who r Turns People On o Exlernol Slimuli gt Through process of leorning o Erogenous Zones gt Areos of The body lho r hove on unusuolly rich orroy of nerve recep rors rho r ore porliculorly sensi rive no r jus r lo sexuol louch bu r lo ony kind of Touch The Phases of Sexual Response The Ups and Downs of Sex o Excitement Phase gt Arousing stimulus begins a sequence that prepares the genitals for sexual intercourse o Plateau Phase gt Body s preparation for orgasm The Phases of Sexual Response The Ups and Downs of Sex o Resolulion Slage gt Body relurns lo i rs res ring sla re reversing The changes brough r abou r by arousal o Refrac rory Period gt Men are unable To develop an ereo rion and Therefore are unable To have ano rher orgasm and ejacula re MODULE 34 The Diversily of Sexual Behavior o Wha r is normal sexual behavior a How do mos r people behave sexually o How prevalehl are rape and o rher forms of hOhCOhsehlihg sex and whal are rheir causes MODULE 34 The Diversily of Sexual Behavior 6 Whal are The major sexually rrahsmilled infections o Wha r sexual difficul ries do people mos r frequeh rly encounler Approaches To Sexual Normalily Sexual behavior is considered abnormal if il produces a sense of dis rress anxie ry or guill or if ii is harmful To some olher pemon gt There are few universally accep red absolu re righ rs and wrongs Surveying Sexual Behavior Wha r s Happening Behind Closed Doom 9 Alfred Kinsey s surveys on sexual behavior gt Ivlaslurbalion Solilary Sex Sexual self stimulation Helerasexualily a Sexual a r rraclion and behavior direcled la The o rher sex gt Premari ral Sex Double slandard gt lvlari ral Sex gt Ex rramari ral sex HomosexualiTy ahol BisexualiTy o Homosexual gt Sexually aTTracTed To members of Their own sex Gay Lesbian Bisexual gt Sexually aTTraoTed To people of The same se and The oTher sex Alfred Kinsey s Sexualiiy Coniinuum l Primarily heterosexual but incidents of homosexuai beha 39 VIO 2 Primarily heterosexual but more than incidental homosexual behavior 3 Equal amounts heterosexual and homo sexual behavior 4 Primarily homosexual but more than incidental heterosexual behavior 5 Primarily Exclusively homosexual homosexual but incidents behavior of heterosexual behavior Tronssexuolism o Trohssexuols gt People who believe They were born wiTh The body of The oTher geholer Some seek sex Chohge operoTions gt Trohsgehderism People who view Themselves es 0 Third gender TrohsvesTiTes Sexuol Difficulries oRope gt When one person forces ono rher person To submi r ro sexuol oc rivi ry such os in rercourse or oroI geni rol sex Do re rope 6 Childhood Sexuol Abuse gt In moer ooses if is o relo rive or ocquoin ronce gt Mos r ooses go unrepor red Sexual Difficullies o Sexually Transmilled IhfecliOhs STIs gt Medical condi rion acquired Through sexual con rac r Chlamydia Gehi ral herpes Trichomoniasis Gonorrhea Syphilis Genital war rs AIDS Sexual Difficullies a Sexual Problems gt Erec rile dysfunc rion gt Prema rure ejacula rion gt Inhibi red ejacula rion Anorgasmia women gt Inhibi red sexual desire


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