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Elements of Psych (HONORS)

by: Otha Treutel DDS

Elements of Psych (HONORS) PSY 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Psychlogy > PSY 1113 > Elements of Psych HONORS
Otha Treutel DDS
GPA 3.63
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos

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About this Document

Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Treutel DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jenel Cavazos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Elements of Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
UNDERSTANDING PSYCHOLOGY 9TH EDITION By Robert Feldman Powerpoint slides by Kimberly Foreman CHAPTER SIX MODULE 1 7 Classical Conaiiioning o Wha r is learning a How do we learn To form associa rions be rween s rimuli and responses MODULE l7 Classical Canailianing Learning gt Rela rively permanen r change in behavior Thai is brough r abou r by experience The Basics of Classical Conailioning 6 Type of learning in which a neulral slimulus comes ro elici r a response afler being paired wilh a slimulus lhal nalurally brings abou r rha r response o lvan Pavlov The Basics of Classical Canamanlng Neu rral s rimulus Unconditioned STimUIUS UCS a Unconditioned response UCR Conditioned s rimulus CS Candi rion dxresponse CR Applying ConaiTioning Principles To Human Behavior 6 Little Alberi gt John B Wa rson and Rosalie Rayner 1920 o Phobias o Posi Trauma c S rress Disorder PTSD Exiinciion o Occurs when 0 previously condi rioned response decredses in frequency dnd eveniuolly disdppedrs gt Sponfdneous Recovery Reemergence of on ex ringuished condi rioned response offer 0 period of rest end with no further condi rioning Generolionion onol DiscriminoTion oSTimulus Generolionion gt Occurs when 0 condiTioned response follows 0 sTimulus ThoT is similor To The originol condiTioned sTimqus STimulus DiscriminoTion gt Occurs if Two sTimuIi ore sufficienle disTincT from one onoTher ThoT one evokes o condiTioned response bUT The oTher does Beyond Tradi rional Classical Condi rioning Challenging Basic Assump rions o John Garcia gt Found rha r some organisms including humans were biologically prepared ro quickly learn To avoid foods rha r smelled or las red lillte some rhing rha r made rhem sick Learned ras re aversion MODULE l8 Operanl Conailioning o Wha r is The role of reward and punishmenl in learning o Wha r are some praclical me rhods for bringing aboqu behavior change bolh in ourselves and in o rhers OperdnT CondiTioning Ledrning in which 0 volun rdry response is strengthened or wedkened depending on its fdvordble or unfdvordble consequences Thorndike s Law of Effec r 9 Responses rho r leod lo solisfying consequences are more likely To be repealed


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