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Elements of Psych (HONORS)

by: Otha Treutel DDS

Elements of Psych (HONORS) PSY 1113

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Psychlogy > PSY 1113 > Elements of Psych HONORS
Otha Treutel DDS
GPA 3.63
Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos

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About this Document

Elements of Psychology
Jenel Cavazos
Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otha Treutel DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1113 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jenel Cavazos in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Elements of Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
UNDERSTANDING PSYCHOLOGY 9TH EDITION By Robert Feldman Powerpoint slides by Kimberly Foreman o CHATER SEVEN MEMORY MODULE 20 The FounoloTions of Memory o Who r is memory o Are There different kinds of memory 9 Who r ore rhe biologicol boses of memow MODULE 20 The Founoloiions of Memory 9 Process by which one encodes s rores onol re rrieves ihformo rIOh Encoding Storage Retrieval Initial recording Information saved Recovery of of information for future use stored information Thrggmgyg gm MENamer TMQQW Sensory Memory Short Term Memory Long Term Memory Information 52 Sensory Memory o Iconic Memory gt Reflec rs informeo rion from The visuol sys rem o Echoic Memory gt S rores oudi rory informo rion coming from The eors Shari Term Memory 6 Memory store in which information firer has meaning gt Chunk Meaningful grouping of stimuli That can be stored as a unit in short Term memory Example PBSFOXCNNABCCBSMTVN BC ShorT Term Memory The prior example in chunks PBS FOX CNN ABC CBS MTV NBC ShorT Term Memory oReheomol gt Eloboro rive reheorsol Informo rion is considered ond organized in some foshion gt Mnemonics Orgonizo rionol s rro regies For exomple ROY G BIV Colors of the spectrum ShorT Term Memory o Working Memory gt SeT of Temporory memory sTores Thor ocrively monipulore ond reheorse informo on 39 Cen rrol executive processor VisuolsTor e VerboIsTore Episodic buffer Long Term Memory o Long Term Memory Modules gt Deoldrd rive memory ch ruol informd rion Semonlic memory General knowledge and fdcls Episodic memory Evenls gt Procedurdl memory Skills dnd hClblTS Long Term Memory 6 Semantic Ne rworks gt Mental represenro ons of clusrers of interconnecred informo on Spreading oc rivorion Long Term Memory 9 The Neuroscience of Memory gt Hippocompus gt Amygdolo Long Term Memory o Memory of The Level of Neurons gt Long Term po ren rio rion Shows rho r cer roin neurol po rhwoys become eosily exci red while 0 new response is being leorned gt Consolidoiion Memories become fixed and s roble in long Term memory Long Term Memory o Dulling The Edges of Poinful Memories gt Roger Pi rmon Propronoo Drug rho r reduces The in rensi ry of rroumo ric memories but does not erose rhem MODULE 2i Recalling Long Term Memories 6 Who r causes difficulties and failures in remembering Reirievol Cues RecoH gt Specific piece of informo rion mus r be re rrieved Recognmon gt Occurs when one is presen red with o s rimulus ond osked whe rher he hos been exposed ro i r previously or is osked ro iden rify if from o H of ol rerno rives Levels of Processing o Levels of processing Theory gt Sugges rs rho r rhe omoun r of informo rion processing rho r occurs when mo reriol is ini riolly encoun rered is cen rrol in de rermining how much of The informo rion is ul rimo rely remembered Explicil ond lmplicil Memory o Explici r Memory gt lh reh riOhol or conscious recollec rion of ihformo riOh o lmplici r Memory gt Memories of which people ore ho r consciously owore bu r which con offec r subsequeh r performohce ond behovior Priming Fleshbulb Memories 6 Memories reloTed To 0 specific imporTohT or surprising evehT ThOT are so vivid They represehT c1 virTuol shopshOT of The evehT gt Source omhesio gt Example SepTember i ii 200 Consiruciive Processes in Memory Rebuilding The Pdsi o Processes in which memories ore influenced by The medning one gives ro evenis gt Schemos Orgonized bodies of informo rion stored in memory rhd r bias the woy new informd rion in in rerpre red s rored dnd recolled Consiruciive Processes in Memory Rebuilding The Poer 6 Memory in The Couriroom The Eyewiihess on Triol gt Mis rokeh ideh ri ry gt Specific wording of ques rions Children wi rhesses Consiruciive Processes In Memory Rebuilding lhe Pdsl o Repressed ond Folse Memories gt Recollec rions of even rs rho r ore ini riolly so shocking rhd r The mind responds by pushing rhem in ro rhe unconscious gt Memories moy be indccuro re or even wholly folse gt Con rroversy regording rheir legi rimocy Consiruciive Processes in Memory Rebuilding lhe Poer o Au robiogrophicol Memory gt Recollec rion of circums ronces ond episodes from our own lives gt One rehds ro forge r informo riOh obou r one s pos r rho r is ihcompo rible wi rh rhe woy in which he curreh rly sees himself MODULE 22 ForgeHing When Memory Foils 6 Why do we forget informo on o Who r ore The mojor memory impoirmenfs Why We Forgei 6 Failure of Encoding gt Did no r pay a r ren rion ro ma rerial o Decay gt Loss of informaiion Through nonuse Memory Traces Why We ForgeT o Interference gt Informo rion in memory disrust rhe reooll of o rher informo rion o Cue dependenT Forge r ring gt Occurs when rhere ore insufficient re rrievol cues ro rekindle informo on rho r is in memory Proaclive and Relroaclive Inlerference o Proac rive Inlerference gt Informa rion learned earlier disrup rs The recall of newer malerial o Re rroac rive In rerference gt Difficul ry in The recall of informalion because of Ia rer exposure To differen r malerial Memory Dysfunoiions Affliciions of Forgeiiing o Alzheimer s Disease o Amnesia gt Re rrograde gt Anierograde Korsakoff s Syndrome gt Afflio rs long Term alcoholics Improving Memory o Effec rive s rro regies gt The keyword Technique gt Orgonizo rion cues gt Toke effec rive no res gt Proc rice ond reheorse gt Do no r believe cloims obou r drugs rho r improve memory


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