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GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psych of Gender Jan 13 Notes

by: Aaron Jin

GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psych of Gender Jan 13 Notes GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender

Aaron Jin
GPA 3.87
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies

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About this Document

Daily Notes from lecture supplemented by relevant information from homework readings.
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaron Jin on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender at University of Washington taught by Ann Voorhies in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 322 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Gender in Women and Gender studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
GWSSPSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender Topic Research on Gender 13 January 2015 Professor Notes for Reference PP 2 Studying Gender Secondwave to end PP 3 Psychological Research Also helpful Gender and Sexuality Ch 3 Feminism Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and Gender Ch 1 2 3 Lecture Notes and Questions Studying Gender cont Which wave of feminism had the greatest impact on the area of gender studies 0 Secondwave shifted focus from dichotomization organization as opposites of gender to understanding women and gender through a reformation of scientific practices 0 More frankly addresses private issues such as rape domestic violence and sexual harassment blaming the misogynistic societal hierarchy reinforced in American family life and relationships 0 However second wave overlooked issue of intersectionality ignoring minorities and resulting in a predominantly whitewoman s movement even though black women activists played large role in the mobilizing the movement Which wave of feminism had the greatest impact on diversity 0 Thirdwave Tackles social problems such as poverty and classism violence against women racism exploitation homophobia and the patriarchal dominance 0 Popular consensus says Americans don t deem feminism necessary likely due to the focus on middleclass white women ignoring the experience of other races and classes 0 Obstacles faced in thirdwave are sexual abuse eating disorders and low selfesteem Men s movements spawned in response to feminist movement 0 Some actively oppose feminism focusing on restoring traditional gender role and power differences No notable scholars from these branches 0 Some support feminist goals seeking alternate models for masculinity and supporting equality Michael Kimmel distinguished scholar in men s studies work NOMAF Psychological Research Quantitative Methods observable and repeatable by anyone 0 Visiblemeasurable and quantifiable in numeric data 0 Most objective means of making observations describes not explains I However work cannot be completely objective because it is humanconducted 0 Correlations positive proportional negative inversely proportional none I Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation consider third variable Research Methods and Terms 0 Independent manipulated variable vs Dependent affectedresponding variable 0 Other variable categories I Situational variables variables that may impact the performance of an individual eg light odors noise etc I Subject variables characteristics of the subject eg height weight etc I Mediating variables clarifies the relationship between the independent and dependent variable eg affective quality of interaction is mediating variable for compatibility vs marital satisfaction I Response variables the outputs of the model 0 Random assignment ideally would result in evenly distributed groups 0 Important to control as many variables as possible Qualitative Methods Descriptions based on observations and interactions with subject 0 More subjective unquantifiable data indepth illustrations of unique experiences 0 Case study one subject ethnography group interview focus group Bias in Gender Research Science is built on history of masculine bias Constructionists argue that all knowledge is subjective result of biased work and therefore scientific research is futile o If no questions are asked and no research is done no advancements will be made 0 Have to recognize the bias and the limitations of the work to determine value Remember most researches are not intentionally biased o Biases will reflect in motivations focus design implementation and interpretation 0 Also motivated by what will be publishablemarketable sexdifferences are more interesting than nulldifference findings I Nullfindings may never be exposed to public quotfile drawer problem and contribute to inflated impression of sexdifference


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