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Digital Signals and Filtering

by: Lucienne Smith

Digital Signals and Filtering ECE 2713

Lucienne Smith
GPA 3.77

Chad Davis

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About this Document

Chad Davis
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lucienne Smith on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 2713 at University of Oklahoma taught by Chad Davis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/229324/ece-2713-university-of-oklahoma in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
ECE 2713 Homework 1 Solution FALL 2010 Total 100 For PROBLEM A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 and A7 3 pts each Total is 90 For PROBLEM A6 10 pts I HHHILIIHWL it PROBLEM A1Z 2 In M J iqd 1yz 226A 2 21900 b E 1 J 9 135 3W4 radl39ans r Jt u E l 39 39l 1mm 2quot NE pJa r4 I v r a y Iquot 3222 5 54 12637quot J5 7 9Tm lz 87 Comed 0 V ale amsi 42487 221 waxy z 456103970 I 5 6J2 l n 93 A 0 Zquot O I 92 90 TI 7 wacls 8 F rr I Z i C J 7 hkClellan Schaferand Yoder Signal Ming Hm ISBN 04370655624 This page should no be copied or l lronicaily mnsmineduukss prim minequot 3 arson Prentice Hall Inc Uppcr Saddle River N 07455 200 pummxon has been obtained from the authors December 29 2003 l Hllhhnuw w Gigi 7 735 PROBLEM A2 31r J f a 2 E 6 zquot 3w4 35 Z cos jsfm tgt lt z 132116L1r6 L4 erc Lawsg ysm y gamequot I A 4 quot 4 6742 3 L384 mod a WV2 E 363 3 10 3 30quot 1Equot 3J d3 2 747w 7m 73 47 Suba Mulipl gt Humequot 2 2 McCl1lanSchafcr and ankr SIngPtmlrtg 17m ISBN Mmssau This 933 should um b copied o4 cleumxiully hmwlilknl wllm pdol a Iilkll Pearson anice Hall Inc Upper Saddle Riva NJ 07458 2001 mission has been obtained fmm the mum Deaanher 297 mm I HEM limpquot a PROBLEMX3 a 5395 Mquot J39m lm MTV1TFM3 39Tr 39ltrm 6 eJ 63 40 g 0r 2s 0351139 Jsin1rcos1vm Jsfn2nm3 l HWY 1 303 I IS A 1do 2 392 n n f is n 51 372 gin7 ejny 80 anrc ii a SCwnA Sab39krm L V 1 1 7 JiL r ltEdw 654 z a 4 eJrr4 IT 63 C eguals 1 i JV EYE4 Ez bquot 7 Z SULUTIDN Mrclrllan Scmfrnsd mtn gum mmrmz 15m Mm m m we uman bepr m away mmm miss prim mm mmrmahHzlmm Ums dkkiwmnuu mm wmmmmnmmnxm human PROBLEM A4 03 BejQWa 5Z J3EZ 4 52 Ans 6746 eJ07621r Mew 3723 H 2394 msz Kb 5132 24496Jo393041r AN6L5574 n 095raa5 ADD W555 4944 4 4593 5 29 244 Cja3o41r J a Z lo39 ar ANGLE 773800 34 rack 39 04 l0 304 quot ZJ 24476 0403 6 I l W quot Y H 512quot 24473Jow 6 2 gt r 0I52rr 39 J 1512565quot 9 6 m 63 There are 1km answers oz r ng wzr And 39 frz WV a Bow Jew1 we 6 a 4m 65quot sin McClellan Scharer mu Yoder Sigmlhocmmg mm ISBN LIZ0655624 This page sham nol bu cogiad o dwlmnically mined unless prior wri en Pearson Pmqu Han Inc vm Sad1k Rim N1 0745amp r 2003 pcmision lust oblamcd fmm dwaulhm Dcccmbcr 29 2003 H I Hm 3quot quot1 1 nnmw a PROBLEM A5 4 6 Z 4J5 f 9143quot3 l5 J07 n quot561450 I3925 J 1l2j0 2 J2 as 1 w a 4Jaltnmmw 39 7 5 m pow b eJO W AnaLeelze7 22n4 raJs j2J 8 zj39 72 39e4ja HEM VHW 3 4433 o 5 USC PMMA Zquot 2 443430 quot23950 3 1 9 4 2551 z2 gzlz 453 43 3j4 7 A I 1 MKS 9 35 6quot5 6 39 e e COSlJsml4 7 J227 7N5 139s P0M Form M33 e ay evl rad 2 5730 4er raJs R 22 4J 5 453 4J 54J339 4L s we 0 222 4J5J 4 J5J43 5 PM w McClellm Schafer and Vader SIgnahncming Hm ISBN 0430655614 This page should not be copied or elutmn mlly Magni ed unless prior written Pearson Prentice Hall Inc Upper Saddle River NJ o74ssv 2003 permission has been obtained hum the mmst Decemba 29 2003 H M g l llH nt1 PROBLEM A6 Simplify the folluwing complexwaiued sum z 63973 e jSW8 ej137r8 3311 1 3 6 ljb 5fy 1 5 g 45383 10131 43 3 I 6 I equotquot8 ogt350 12 2 1 439 12 1 13 1 I o513o533 jo o in l o 939 39 1 3 1 4 31 and I th 415 WWW WI 3 PROBLEM A 07051quot 0 Z 3J4 Se Anew 124747 01 22I4raJs I 2107051 2 C b 2 2J2 2J ze 39 W 2522JEJyeJ39W4 1285 eJ 4 C z53l3 2 22quot srjIBX39S U39B 25l i Q7572 1 69C 4223 zg b Xj 02e3 QJ 5 1 McCMhrL Schafu and Yoden 51ng cham ng Hm ISBN 0130655627 115 page should not be mm on mummy mam unlm print M39ihm reason Premic HAIL Inc Upper Same Rive 101453 2003 pmnig m been ominea mm Ihe animus Decemr 291003


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