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Week 10 Notes: Respiratory System

by: Ernest Butler

Week 10 Notes: Respiratory System BMED 3100 A

Ernest Butler
Georgia Tech
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker

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About this Document

Hey everyone, here are the notes from week 10. It includes information from the respiratory system and is designed to be used alongside the lecture slides. We have a good amount of time before the ...
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ernest Butler on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BMED 3100 A at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by Mrs. Barker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Systems Physiology in Biomedical Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Slide Slide Slide Anatomical Dead Space Volume of conducting airways not participating in gas exchange Alveolar ventilation Total volume of fresh air entering alveoliminute VA VtVDf Gas Exchange Diffuse out of air your breathe in out of alveolar into pulmonary Gas Laws 0 Dalton s law Partial pressure of gases P each gas exerts partial pressure is independent of pressure others exert The partial P of any gas is the fractional concentration of the gas times the total P of all gases PX Pt F PX Partial Pressure of molecule Pt Pressure Total F Fraction of molecule 0 Henry s Law diffusion of gases in a liquid Amount of gas dissolved in a liquid will be directly proportional to the Px At equilibrium partial pressure of gas in liquid equal to partial pressure of gas in air 0 Amount of partial pressure of molecule in the blood is equal to the pressure of molecule in atmosphere OZ and C02 found dissolved in blood or as gas in air Gas Exchange in Lungs Of OZ and C02 Alveolar and capillary walls Occurs by simple diffusion downhill Oxygen Transport Two forms of OZ in blood 0 Dissolved Henry39s Law 0 Amount of dissolved OZ directly proportional to partial P of OZ of blood 0 Reversibly combined with hemoglobin in RBCs gt98 of total OZ in blood Hemoglobin 0 Protein made up of four subunits of heme Each heme carries one atom of Fe2 OZ binds to Fe2 Slide Oxygen Delivery to Tissues 0 Two kinds of hemoglobin Deoxyhemoglobin Hb Oxyhemoglobin Hb02 o OZbinding capacity Maximum amount of OZ that can be bound to Hb per volume of blood HbbloodHb binding capacity 0 Hb Saturation Hb0202binding capacity Slide OZHb Dissociation Curve 0 Quantitative relationship between blood OZ and hemoglobin Saturation Why sigmoid shape 0 Each Hb contains four heme groups 0 Each heme can bind one OZ molecule 0 Binding of four OZ occur sequentially with each combination facilitating the next one Left to Right dissociation Right to Left association When oxygen binds to one of the four hemoglobin hemes there s an increase in oxygen af nity causes the dramatic curve Slide OZ Transport 0 ln lungs loading 0 Oxygen moves downhill from alveolar space to pulmonary capillaries 0 As oxygen diffuses into blood it immediately bind to Hb and becomes oxygenated hemoglobin and it is no longer dissolved oxygen Hemoglobin maintains the pressure gradient from alveolar space to pulmonary capillaries ln tissues unloading 0 Oxygen diffuses downhill from pulmonary capillary blood into interstitial space Changes in oxygen concentration because of change in pressure gradient causes the release of OZ from Hb 0 There39s a high concentration of oxygen in the interstitial space more than in the cells so oxygen will continue to ow downhill into cell Ussues Slide Shifts in OZHb Dissociation Curve Factors that determine the shifts an increase in any of the factors leads to a rightward shift in the curve and a decrease in any of the factors leads to a leftward shift of the curve Blood carbon dioxide partial pressure Pcoz H Concentration Temperature 2 3diphosphoglycerate DPG o Produced during glycolysis in RBCs as a byproduct What your cell resorts to when oxygen deprived and more oxygen is let go into tissues 0 Reversiny binds to Hb D decreasing its af nity for 02 Slide C02 Transport in blood 0 Forms of C02 in blood 0 Dissolved 10 Diffuses downhill and messes with gradient across cell membrane 0 Carbaminohemoglobin2530 Hemoglobin lets go of C02 and diffuses across membrane 0 HCO339 6065 C02 H20 l HCO339 H Conversion occurs in RBCs HCO339 is then transported into plasma 0 ln lungs dissolved carbon dioxide moves downhill from blood into alveolar air Venous blood has high Pcoz higher than alveolar air 0 Lowers Pcoz in blood and drives equation to the left HCO339H l C02H20 HbC02 l Hb C02 0 More C02 diffuses into alveolar air 0 All C02 delivered to alveolar air


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