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Week 2 Notes 10/6/2015

by: Emma Newbegin

Week 2 Notes 10/6/2015 KRN 151

Marketplace > University of Oregon > KRN 151 > Week 2 Notes 10 6 2015
Emma Newbegin
Intro to Korean CInema
Prof. Dong Hoon Kim

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About this Document

These are notes from the 2nd week of class, Sweet Dream was the screening we watched.
Intro to Korean CInema
Prof. Dong Hoon Kim
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Newbegin on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KRN 151 at University of Oregon taught by Prof. Dong Hoon Kim in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Arrival of Film amp Colonial Film Culture 1062015 Korean Film Culture ProductiongtTextgtReception O 1 Industries filmmakers policies 0 2 narratives motifs styles 0 3 Fans audiences tastes etc Korean cinema as a global cinema 9 Running Man 2013 Fox International 0 Korean Film Mgeographically confined Korean Cinema Today Secret Reunion 2010Review 0 South Korean Film Industry 0 one for the most productive successful film industries the rise of S Korean cinemassince the mid1990s o the language of quotblock busters o ambivalent relationship wHollywood 0 Subject Matters History Trauma Race amp Gender o increasing cultural representation of North Korea 0 block bustersgtShiri Joint Security Area Welcome to DonglVIakgol 0 Action thrillers comedies 0 Secret Reunionaddresses S Korea s social issues Sworn Brothers Secret Reunion 2010 History 0 1The partitioning of Korea 0 2 The globalization Nation o A ethnicity IVIinjokKorean nationethnic homogeneity o B a shared bloodlinequotpurityquot I a belief that all Koreans are descendants of the Han minjokrace Identity divided nationinflux of foreign migrants amp national identity Family a basic social unit pseudofamilies quotSworn Brothers absence of female voice presence brotherhood O O O o quotKoreanman s burden The Arrival of Film amp Colonial Film Culture The turn of the 20th century early colonial period 9 the Korean empire Daehanjehuk 18971910 a colonial Period 19101945 Origins of Cinema 0 Film Begins 1895 o Lumiere Brothers France Cinemtographic 0 Thomas Edison US Kinetoscope o quotCinemaKinema movement 0 moving picture motion picture film 0 Arrival of film to Korea unknown 1897 1902 Imperial Wars Modernization amp the end of Joseon Dynasty 18921897 Imperial Threats amp Korea s isolation policy 9 Kangwha Treaty 1876 unequal treaty wJapan O The treaty of Friendship unequal treaty wUS 1881 o Tonghak study of the East Peasant Rebellion 1894 o antigovernment antifeudal and antiforeign uprising o SinoJapanese War 0 a war between China s Qing Dynasty ampJapan a Korean Empire 18971910 0 the culmination of Korea s belated modernization efforts 0 end of the traditional feudal system 0 end of hierarchical caste society 0 a modern sovereign country 0 RussoJapanese 19041905 0 Protectorate Treaty 1905 o Japan s colonization of Korea 1910 Early Film Culture 19105 Arrival of moving pictureno official record 9 screenings at private settings hotels residences etc Slow development of film culture in Korea 0 a isolation policy 9 b cultural reasons no permanent indoor theater 0 imperial aggression O clashes between tradition amp modern Social Condemnations Film as a threat to tradition O Hanseong Electronic Company 1898 0 First company screeninggt1903 promotional event established the first streetcar in Asia 9 Origin of Commercial Fllm exhibition 0 Henry Collbran amp Hanseong Electric Co 1903 Korean Film Culture amp Hollywood Becoming a Mass entertainment 1910s 0 The absence of local film industry 0 the dominance of Hollywood Film Culture without a Korean film 9 Flrst Korean filmgtnot until the early 1920s 0 due to delayed modernization a being a colony o the slow industrialization of film culture 0 the lack of performing arts stage dramas stuck with tradition 0 Still popular modern entertainment with a major growth since the late 1910s Travelogues amp Korea The Hermit Kingdom traveloguesgttravel literature 0 Burton Holmes 18701958 a coined the term quottraveloguesquot trave lectures o Travels toJapan and Korea 1982 0 then to Korea again in 1901 o Lectures on Korea 19011902 19221923 0 JapanKorea1912 o The travelogues featuring Korea 0 When were these shot 0 how are Korea Korean people represented 0 Who were the audience 0 Where do they take us to Screening on Sweet Dream The Deathly Lullaby 1936 discovered in China in 2006 modern experiences traces of colonial occupation 9 9 9 new woman modern girlhow was this figure represented


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