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Soc 112 Notes October 19-22

by: Alec Resendez

Soc 112 Notes October 19-22 SOC 112-001

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Sociology > SOC 112-001 > Soc 112 Notes October 19 22
Alec Resendez
GPA 3.5
American Family: Change & Diversity
Jennifer Woodruff

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About this Document

Notes From October 19-22
American Family: Change & Diversity
Jennifer Woodruff
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alec Resendez on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 112-001 at Illinois State University taught by Jennifer Woodruff in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see American Family: Change & Diversity in Sociology at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
October 1921 2015 SOC 112 Notes Changing in Women s Roles Timeline 1800 5 of women worked outside of home 1900 30 2009 59 Labor Force Participation Rates Population 16 and older Men from 2008 73 to 2018 706 Women from 2008 595 to 2018 587 IT S A GIRL extra credit Killing infant movie Great Depression 1920s1930s Many Women entered the labor force to supplement income Majority were married 25 unemployment rate As a Result Many states produced laws limiting or eliminating job opportunities for married women kept women from competing for job with men Kept women at home Employment relief services often did not help women World War 2 1940s Large percentage of men enlist in military Lack of Labor Force produced jobs for women This included heavy industry Government recruited women to work as a sign of patriotism Childcare funded for and provided by government However Many women laid off when men returned to work Childcare provided by the government was discontinued Government encouraged women to do their duty at home Changes for women at work Equal pay Job Integration Sexual Harassment Laws Equal Pay for Equal Work In 1872 Congress passes law that federal employees all make some wages despite sexes In 1963 Equal Pay Act making it illegal for employers to pay a women less than what a men would receive for the same job What is the wage gap The difference in income between men and women On average Men make 40668 per year Women Make 30742 per year on AVERAGE a women will lose 522000 in unequal pay Why is there a wage gap Differences in pay for jobs occupied by men and women Rate of promotion and hiring ratio Difficulty maintaining a job in a field occupied primarily by men Quality of jobs available for women Consequences for pregnancy and pre postural care Less hours worked than men because of household responsibilities Pressure NOT to work The Childcare Debate Men can choose to have children and choose to be admitted to the workforce because they ve already established that women will be doing the caring work relieving them of the workfamily con ict Which age group has an income average that is most even to men Test Question 1624 ages Minimum wage jobs not starting a family Occupational Sex Segregation Jobs separated by sex The degree to which men and women are concentrated in occupations in which workers of one sex predominate Top Ten Male Occupation Construuction worker 976male Mechanic 953 male Machine operation 64 male Truck Driver 947 Protective Service worker796 mal Top Ten Female Secretaries 961 female Childcare 947 female Receptionist 927 female Teachers Assistant 924 female Registered Nurses 914 female Accounting Clerks 900 female Elementary and Middle School Teachers 818 female Why is there Gender Segregations Women and Men are Socialized differently and choose to go into different fields Structural obstacles discourage women from entering maledominated jobs and from advancing once employed


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