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Finishing up chapter 6 and starting chapter 7

by: lhall8

Finishing up chapter 6 and starting chapter 7 Chem. 301

Marketplace > Radford University > Chemistry > Chem. 301 > Finishing up chapter 6 and starting chapter 7
Organic Chemistry
Professor Bibeau

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About this Document

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Organic Chemistry
Professor Bibeau
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by lhall8 on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem. 301 at Radford University taught by Professor Bibeau in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
3 gm q S i S cram12cm H 39 1 03 73 T 1 CH 3 C J 03 L 2 Cl13315 H H an aidehyde an aldehyde H 7 p39 ir a Sky A Z KLQWGWKE 13 pdic m a 1 6m We Erh Q i a g CHECHECHCHB H2 CHBCHZCHECHE 39 V 39 j butane KO 2 butane m EarhariE Ey i alb nd marking backWard ls Pd indicta39md byr amfir bpen 21 an 1 Hg 639 CC 1 methylcyclohexene mathyiq clohexam R H3C H 351 I cai amc hydrag emamn a reduction reactiun NJ Pd P xialkejnejha t e t ozahalysis 39 I 1quot f i1 39 2 L 39 A 2 93191 hydr ogemlion hiller mm 4g 3 2519 mum 25 11 yet cngcz cncug H CanCHCHICH 1 1m a n r CH gamma hydmgenatmm quot same m in fH HE ra CH CH2HJCH zasmnm ms m 3 CHE QH QHCHJ gt C113 l HCHg CH CH H H H H 7 i r E1 7 r CHCHLHLH3 H LHi iligt y mamrm m m r WWbumne r J ET 7 I 6 0 5P3 c s 7 7 1 7 r x we 1 sawrsomz less stable str 39t39 J mu mm gt heat 01 emirhci39 m c 3 Wag 1a ME 33 39 h id m mumn n 7 if i f K 3 7quot E If my E 39chCHCEI3 gammamiaikyu mmmm alkenes R R R R a H m 7 saamwma m 2315 mum 72 mlij RgtCTL R RCECH x gag CH1 CH H CHrCih 135 2 quot Subs m ed Me 03 S I CIME 39 Iong sma I x hCCH o F h la 0 bC S m b 6 WWWW WwwwmwwwwwmwwwwwwmvwmWW C 1H Haa H hea tofhydrow a nn It me Urinal EC H m M H H CHJLI CHJCIl 276 216 MS H CH Mariamnu H3C ICH er39 amp 39 WC f 7 5 CHICHECHECHA 285 71 V139 wwwv E h k i em b0h gaawps on 8an C bon i x quotiquot x Hquot E J39i HI 1 H H 3 EEWEGBEEGEFEare on the same side of I 3 thgrdoubilerbmd alkyll substiiuems 3 on sides of the double bond 1 a lkylisuhs meht sw arePrLEhe WEE 332 S Jf f 0 Sam M E g a L E 1 S Wit as a Sm as g R We 3 C m 0 F16 HS 0 Erma 15 quot1TI have 2 plzoauurs bu one mom e Man OWE Regtogmm we Reamm 0 n E quotW H mm i 80W WEN13 r rgt 5 a m0 m2 13E gmfd quotrim a Ef gggpe g 5 on H 638 VEOdUH39 m0 35 B gt S f GamaES ames 378 7 7 9 030C114 2383 h f E SKEW i SKEWquot 7 H CH3CH CH2 CH3 HCH3 ea CH3HCH3 Propane Br Zsbromopropane 7 w 7 no stereoisomers B F 09 55kmmetr1k cent a I 53 CH1CH3 HCHi Ea CH3CHg lZCIl3 Br Br Iabmmobutam 8quot 3 lamx mam When a reactant that does nut have an asymmetric center forms a product that has one asymmetric center the product is a racemic mixture 39 if quot 1 3 4quot if P W ii il tZVapprrm BE cFN lit iat E tlir iabmre me plane i i H i HIM 39iquotrH 39 quot39 quot L39HsL39Hi i39 Cw H3 7 xm H KV39CHW C z 7 394 1 r r tquot mzmm the pipdum an iiili t m lt1 H H quot r iimgarnetlimei 39 39 quot quot CHI m 1 H 11 t39H 7 7 Fquot Wm quotm u quot i hetmirthe plane JV mzm 39 F0 i theib gufationg does notichiange I it CHi EH i141 3 asymme m CH CH FH Cl army J a 3 m 5 m4 V Cl amp 39 diasleireom are When a reactant that has an asymmetric center 39 forms a product that has new asymmetric centeri the product is a pair of diaetereomers lQ Oamp NO i Wi chieai contea pain to amenitiomcizs 43 0 M x I 7 A 4 Hffl t i Ha CH kquot bEI I inquot H the CH 39 q tmlow a bel uw lt gt C gt i 3 H5 quot 7 quotICE Clm 39 wrCHi HgLV quot n eatI Cti 39 J H HLCI 7H L39 H CH 3C CH5 aboutth betow I behave m m quot 777W mm r Ibove abom beie39w Qhuuu39 is pair of enantiomers res from syn addition the other pair nesuits from anti addition syn and anti addition it Liai m GHQLie 1 SOSO mix J 3quot en a sixquot xquot a J y it J j i F t 1W i i ii wig L ALIg g quot 1 gt 539 5 439 Lt quot A CH3CH3 I HCH1 quot 7 CI 3L1 IJCI CH3 3sz7 0 CH3 CH3 Ii 7 7 CH3CHCHCH7 Br CH3CHCHCH2Br 39 2G I Benethin tbutene Br the stereoisomers obtained as products depend on tine mechanism l t e dition of H2 is a syn addigni 9 BF as well 399quot f quotr VE 1 4mquot 1 2 1 4 i 1 mm F Why use Fag WWWMw mw vvwmww D Deu reUum 3 39 397 r nquot W r 7 3 r m f 1 1 7 g J 4 x i i x gt I 31 VJ 3 g kg L U a V 323 mmw30mmi am Ww mm an I mmint w cugm D yawn H gaze F r T kcD r C CWE39I y B C 1 3 MW L E ytf l thC J Inquot 39 lialJ M 2w n In H 11 E 1m lv wuxag m WWW pawnthis WWI ampM Vu n l 9 CH1 CH1 H p Dry H H I T n 7H CHECHJ lrythmmn mn Flid39IQr mvl t D s SW7 0 d 9 3 H OE 0 0 WW iggm i 1L0 EH75 3 9r E hgf D gHZgW 1 17 X g I 39 W quot 39 J r J J H H I 13m r 39 FTW 39 177 i CH CH 39 Hi I D H D t Hi I n I CHyETH CHECHJ B W Subsiazm a Ea 3 Q s WW CW H3C CH3 12dimethyl cyclopente ne C7 r j at A f 3 Ir 1 n 39 WW Qd j39i h quotFD Q iii 4amp3 ram 1 a PdIE Hg CHICHm H C Kim39th 3139 r H 1 I 39 H 13L 3 4 E 75 H a Jquot SQ af 91550 LG cum CHECHj H H Chlng 39 R V H2 I D CHECK Pdfc CH3CHEW39 quotquotquotquotHc3 H D D D D D CHICHJ dsei dldemie manna mesa compound 3 Odd wmm a EVE p w 9 1 39 Evquot 4quot Hp CHEM MAC ween H C CHICHJJE m 1WL2eu39lathyi I J gympantsquot I hmPOSS1MC H 1 H haw to Lat 5am quot am am hm 139 E i V 65 FHIEEJEQR EM lm pbm mg p H If f by p n n e quot 31 J 39 q 39 39 quotxrI rc lu n ilf i i f C 7 n f 4 H U HJI FL r n mfg L 39 EMTQ D m n 39 CH5 4 Tl 11 1quotquot 39 Liam39quot lmn mm m1 7 WW M mm139 rm 1 4 t 7 7L E I 1 3 D B 11 D H 39H D CHECH amen mm mmmjec m HRC CH3 quot CH 12 dimethyl cytilupentene CZC an a kene iRCOOH gt QQ cyclohuen e dscycluotten addition of perquacid is a syn additi i O wquot C C W l an epoxide p I a a I g 39 r 3 1 l a quotfquot 139 r5 7 quot 3e FfEquot s T a w L W 2 H54 9 I A L I Fin 1 i 39 f I 39139 g u I quot J i 1 a i VJ 0 adds fror above the plane I vvd J i n 4 AI moan F H H E 39 lLC cchth 0 adds from 7 H K 1 above the plane CzC H H Hjc H HIC x I H31 icy CHQCH mz mm 1m calm1 0 its enantiom m 625d Er g balm the plague if r I VE l H H V BHEITHF C RCOUH C C FZR quot 7 E Hmquot quotMall r 1 I addzitinn of Human i535 addition i 2 39 39 cis Zbutene H102 H07 quot J quotw ll quotquot0 an alkyl butane an alcohol a fhy mboration bx aiim 7 J u I as additionof Water u f r r H is g a r 933 5 39I 5r a 4 39 a I y f f k l E i if i g f 1 7 2 H01 H10 H20 Swif HRC Bf Bad to Ehe side appoint to where Er added 7 addition Brais an an Vad i qn tram enamiomers Z the Br s have added u u pcs39he sides of the dqgmgrlgrfdh r beupwrm piane u 1 u I I a u 3 Clint 3C H3 CH H r 3 H if Fat Br Wquot H Cvquot T C aH III f WCH ICHJ CHIC J J 5 H H H Br Br H I threw enarmorne 54mm persm ive farmulas H 39r Bit PH Brig I Hm 39Br I llE33713 CH3CH1 lm mant amers Escher pmjectians HEC H r 5H 34 Br I Br WCr C CHJ 39 cwzaz39 HaCU H CH H BI 39 mvzebutene a min compound penspec ve formula CH3 H 397 H quotEr CH3 3 mesa compuund Fischer projection Rm Type of addition Slereuisemcrs Famed Awit km reactions that create um thymmem c center in ht pmduc l If the madam has no have an asymmetric amen then a rcuxmic mirtlurt La formed lime macaw has an center then megual amums of V pair atquot dimerburners an Add itkm magnum that creme two asymmel c centers in the pmduacl Foqrsiemiscmmrs are Faringd hc chi and Tram immm Each om u 5am modncts i cis a crymmorcis emminmmquot I trans v um or was manlimmr Mann r v7 7 r 39 Bar ROE my reaction that a cyclic39bmonium or chimnn39ium km Intermediate cis 4 IBM or 1mm mant iomers mm H cryihro or cim39mtimm Ii 12 Win umnwtiu mm mm Eh mm mama bliquotflim t hflP1l rmquot rrmrml mum mum pm quotr crymm m min cmntmrvgrv 2 5quot f a I a my amp j E 39 A A F j rquot 1f rm 1 quoti C 5 k H CN 239 Br FHC H t H t r PEP v7 w Ci quot V 7 1 I 9 w xcicx 3 3 mach C J f L H CHsCH1 Tl 39 39r E quotHi Ha I eryduo enamiarmrs perspectiive farmulas CHj Cm H 3 Bi 39 arr H Br Br39 H CHgCHJ CHRCHE Mm mntiomers Fiszher proiections 65 Br 8 999 pf ge oquot 7yr x o 4 1 I 0 5399 1quot f 59 9 41 ix I Bx V quot 101 A H Y vJ 0 RM 006mm E222 wadge dash q w a quott f 3 v39w fl in r 0 L1 G H a W f 39 r r n 39r 39 V r f a fr I I r l Ir 7 o 7 V 31 I V F E a E a if a I L L is aka Fquot I a I f 5 Lg If I I l 4 l i by he termi al 1 an internal j 1 Br CH3 alkyne 7 alum H a I a I 39 I a I i FHEFHj r CH3CH HCECCHECH3CH3 CHgCHCEggIIZCHEBI HCECH EHl ui aen CH5CECCH2CH CHJCHCECCW 3 4 5 h 7 5 I N 39 f 39 Ithan I bJWM lpentrm SWEZchlmdroctyne FMSmthyl Bhuyne Common nuts4m mm m m 39W39M m VM39m quot not 6 hroma7chlaro4 uctyne not 6bmmo2methyl3hexyne because 2 lt 6 because 1 lt 2 r r 1 wr a m a 1 J I A 1 l J39H quot E K m bf Fm 39 g 2 E r W 39I r r a r V 5 quot r r Fe n r quot 7 A 1 E r 3 r r squot CH1 EH1 T h S 4 3 2 I I 7 2 3 4 5 fquot 7 CH C C r 0514 quot EH 12 quot c 39 Eu 7 I CH3CH5 CHCH2CH2CECH CH2CHCH2CHECECCH3 3 H 39IT Wm ih d ifmm E mai wff gt l pten 1yne 1 hemen5ane m m or not ZheptenGyne natEheptenZyne cm allure IMH he I dim because 1 lt2 because 1 lt 2 CH2CHCHCECCH3 I 39 2 j 1 5 I5 3hutyi1 hexen4yne 5 a p e a 3 F r quot Q E 573 if the longest continuosz chain has carbons but the 3carbon L L It i a I 393quot chain doesno tmntam both functlonal groups therefore the mmmund is named as a hexeny39ne bracause the longest continuous themtentaining both functiona g39rQ39ups has 6 carbgns N H nan 5w 12 37456 654732 I CH3CHCHCECCH3 HCECCHQCHZCHECHE Zhexendiyne 1 hexen5yne not 4phexe n2nyne not 5hexen1syne A J a N i 1 I J a 34 h E W e V 39 K135 all 1 1 Ll MM 5 When the same number is Dbtained for both the double bond gets the lower number prwerimrirhkcao D 0 gt NE gt EEC the ouble bond given priarity over a triple bond nary when there is a tie CHaL Hm 53 I HnCCHe quot104 HCE39CH 34 CH n H 1 eIhane cum ethyl 7 TIEEHFCH 421 CMCHEm 47 CHeCECH 133 CHwECIICH 0 CH ierImagcnzm l Cligi ClI Cl JCIIgcrZCHCIL grimen 5 CH CHE111 quot M r r cuga n m mica CH 6 c 39 39 r z39Pum 139939 I W 39ymum1 Em 2 amquot i Immune Iahnmne Marlyn quotof 139Pmpen39339 I CH1CH33 U 3 m ma5CH riICHmi2 30 camugcnrzcacrr 19 pearsnu lapanm 11th C II cumCH 657 imeHfI I i I CH 515 C h 39mjijlf CH 7 I hexane lrhnem Emmyye JCH2C139IC CF39ICHS CH3 N I cucumcrn 37 Grummanm 2 ds Znhmene 39 Luigi 1 H 7 0H 02 he C39HJ39HCHCZ HN 09 m H2rT CH 55 Mannid MVP Kb 9quot 39 39 39 mmIhuirnr Emlyne 31 r a 3 l j iquot 1 39 a I 39er a L i If 1 39 5 39 9 r r 9 1 1 5 l p r 2 t r gt39 5 f a 39 i 1 I i at 1 1 4 r i l 391 1 i I 1 Ln r 1quot l 5 h quot o 3 1 Iquot rquot H 1639 ii 3 1 11 hi i w w I u p 391 A 739 Ii 39 EH ZZSr law 1 m 7 fr 7 g g X 1 ql 39 4 rr 7 139 lgdi er c in stabiliti s of the trarlsitimi 1 an al kym is less r states is greater than the difference in 1 39 reactive than an alkene stabilities of the reactants 39 a v r z 39quot 7 q 7 r E rr bond rmed i F A EPFP QVT BF a 39 1 wiompiex 139 gquot fi aiicynei FY39ind 39c ffkdmm E i l 7 alkyl cation I E aikyne 7 ahiarl i neislpss if alien39s l li h f a e 1 39 T a 39 Progress of the reactiuzn TI The triple band is composed of a sigma bond and two 7 bonds W 39 A v 1 4 w PM Va 3 r 1 39 v i I J MRIquot v rquot r quotquotw 39 ka quot2 i V quot quot quotquotH t a hwwn w me a u i kg mngpv Q D r 71er Kw L L l i39 39 RCHBCH Hufm RCH CH quotI RCJLEHI 4 Hem Ra ser I Uquot 1 339 9 an alkyl cation quot39 J a vhyli cation H D E s Lid L 1 F g 17 quotamm C 3 C q j a aw 7 a 3 I 4 Addition of an electropmue Addition D fan electropmue a to an alkene to an aikyne V E N L a E H H 6 V 39 L f m m a lm W Qg bggg F QE J1 2E E El E7 W 239 4 V 7 73f sigma ha 2 r m4quot E39l1 C R I u itquotEL quot1 quot39LEL E EP r v f aquot 1 1 r x 1 w H H 394 a E R my F A 39 I 39 I name a secondary a summary a primanu ma pfimmry m Srhmign carbonation viimyth n m urination maria minquot whom 14 Evidence for the formation of a arrcomplex a arcomex Equot CH3C CCH3 t1heelectmphiie 1439 39 adds hefe 2butyne Ha mac 2mm 7 a CH3ETCHCH3 CH3CH2CH3 J H E31 77 i a geminal 3 I 39 I 6 7 H VJ dlhalme h x 1 1 W quotHIE f F 7 x taquot 4 iii x V 7 l L I 939 A L Cquot r W I I a 5 I 739 7 a r rquot I g I g j ff T m 4 i J s 1 3 2 L i g i E 9 i f a 339 7 Lin J si N J U a quotg A u r ff V the electmphile 3 adds here 7 539 v 4 a r CH CH CCEE CHJCHQCECH L HSCHZ CECHE 39 339 3L 39 imam Cl39 2bmmoig 1m V n a halosubstituted alkene f 7i A h u n5 F5 39 Em g x Intimates primary secondary sharing of Larbocjaticn maria 1 LTFEE39J hiD l39le Ix chlka rine tr w Mthdraws RCTH CH3 shares a U1 r mi LH electrons payof z ind actively C1 electrons Hquot added to the mare H39 added in tha less carbon substituted urban 1 quotii w CH CH CCHECH CIiC 11CECCH3 HBr a CH H uchcnj 3 ll 2WD eucgss m a 3quot 239 I39m 11dit oropentam 33ngme m 39 r 391 339 39 r r 39139 v 0 CHICHJCECCHS Ema CHECHE C CCHJ cHz z guineaE I 1 5 m Br 1quot 5 Br 5 r 1 JCH CH ECH mac ITH THE CH3 1 t Br Hr m 31quotquot Equotquotl quotW H v l C mg quot mquot 5 1 I 7 3 W Ni 9 a i fl I 1 in jtvg I the J n 39quotI A En 39 relative reactivity H CHECHg T RCECH gt RCECHE alk ene alky e m withdraws electro s 1 induc yaly Dials substituted al kene This explains why if only cane equivalent cf HCI is used the reaction stops at the halosubstituted al kene r w u E E j CH3cm r39Iztl LCH2m3 gt RC ECH gt 10263 2 CHBCHZC ECCHZCH3 HBr HERVE excess 3 r asymmetrical a 34 15 7 internal alkyme 747 39rmm e 1 I g M V k I f r I a I f N H1In alltlili I a g h iL a m a l I I 1 7 it m w v I 39 V f I I v I r w I L s gt 1 L41 i I L a 3 x a a a d I quot 3991 11 P quot 1i If a w r a g I quotN 39u k a If 52 quot 391 It i u i 1quotquot 39 rJ39i 9 it i f i i 39 t 3 r fquot i 3 3 3 E 1 eierttrophile g iadds here Hgso4 1butene csjcnzcaw PM 35 Emmi an enai i as 7 39 r tit quot t CHgfIHZCECCHECJh H20 2504 a symmetrical Internet arlllyne mics sz H20 2504 339 unsymmetrical Internal atkyne HIE CH ij ECHI 39 r wHg ingL u i Q CHgCEIL CH 4 R35 1Fquot 39CC HID xi P b H e g g gggg g mm Wimted ethane 9BBN 9 barabicyciot3i3JMontana RZBH RZBH should be used with terminal RQBH can be used with internal atkynes 7 LO i I t Reta Hummer r t Laftw i if enol tautamer 9 E quotii i 2 V 7 7 A V 4 1 i r i l I tautominzatmn e i it i39 I aquot E i 1 i i i E r t quot 39 r s quot s quott g I I g g p I l L M I I Ii WE Q H 5 CHJC E 139 ii it H J antral lone 39 quot39 H r Hm CHGriegchHzcn3 CHBCHZCTECH H20 g CH3CH2 TE CHJ CH an anal a ketone Gt CH3 CH3CH2CH3 mica A Because terminal alkyries are less reactive time rate of the reaction is increased with a mercuric ion cataiysta M r 39 r f 1 i r I I 3 i I n K 1 l 3 it I i g i in t a r r m y l 39 d I m r r e if it 0 Ci lg i ifH 311mm r t h i a F t g I a is i L E l IJL39I I I ill I In n w J 39 I I J I 1 t I I I i I I i J I J I i 71 I i 4 K gal 4 i L 1flltwtlikial L I UM H l i I I alkynes 391 l p i a 1 a mu I K E H quotW 79 s r x r r Y ltigt L 39 UH ii I r CH3CHCH CHJCHECH 7 7 an aidehyde 1 H FHrmCH EiEH PM LH3LH2EHCH2 HECHZQH i H alkyne Ik quot CHSC CH2 CH3CCH3 a me alkane a ketone an aitkyne is Kimmieni toan afkane 11 E II 5 F p i 25 a a i 4 31 Temina lalkynes form aldehydesi a 1 T glwr39w I H 639 f L 39 ram wu Internal alkynes form ketones 315 d H g If gt quot 411 3 339 e quot Jquot 39 gquot 2 5 39 iquot quot e r A 1 i F k i a quot i1 i 1 r CH3COO 2Pb2 w gs p H w r 7 r i lead l acetate 39 l additibn has occurred H L CH CH C CCH H CC Kt W1 3 g 2 39 3 2 catalyst w 11 7 2 W CH3CH3 CH3 M 1 i 1 LJLJ L a cis Zpentane quot3i sodium givcs MWquot 93quot me m 39 up ans ec arlf upmsekmnn 31inng I 3 r 7 u Iy 1 I 7 WW H I L i 39m V 156 39 i H 7 I l I 9 L 1 M 39 fruciml fgiwl EC y my cirn we Lmt fiI Z39bmym I 3 H K II 1 VF I f i Iquot g p EH a J r r r I I I 7 j iv ii 7 transsz butene 39 Burkattain E lc a gill r 11 aquot quotI l 1 Fa relative electronegativities of carbon atoms 051 t 39 5 t I h L 1 Iquot 39 a a I i a a 1i i 1P I 1 i 39 H 3 a I u r f r I rubyquot re it 4 Q 3 pa4quot r Q a 4a 551 J L 1 I a new 35quot I J i N If 39 w 7 9 t I r a a 5 C 1 RCECH RCECH NE T amide iOn stronger base I RCEC acetylide inn weaker base weaker acid license acid F quot71 39HJ HH 93 FL w it 2 weaker acid hydraxide anion Weaker base t e CH3 C1H3 ethane puffa gt 60 RCEC39 acetylide anim E130 stronger base 3 sifonger acid f


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