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Week 6 M, W, F

by: Audrey Notetaker

Week 6 M, W, F HIST225

Audrey Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney

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About this Document

Week 6 of Lecture Notes
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey Notetaker on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST225 at James Madison University taught by Shaun Mooney in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Intro to American History in History at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
In Class Video For Quiz Death and the civil war amazing american history documentary 7000 dead 22000 wounded how could they take care confederates 3 day battle were buried in trenches Gettysburg address statementwar has purposesomething meaningful redefining the countryfirst republic just died here based on sacrifice serve a political and civic order words of Gettysburg address define nation as a product of death 1 2 Always need to link Declaration of Independence w Gettysburg address Lincoln understands that the aspirational words of the Declaration of Independence are the legal evidence that are necessary can gain an understanding of how Lincoln wanted to change the united states redefine the purpose in 2 min Lincoln understands that they had to find meaning in the loss of several hundred thousands individuals on a national scale Goal rededicate to this purpose of loss The value of the individual and how this value changes do we value every individual no prior to civil war did not subscribe a significant relevance to a singular person 700000 no where near the percentage of populations where it was to civil war people begin to value the individual come back to Gettysburg to bury friend demonstration of value begin to see creation of ethos 3 Military and People of US 4 REAL NOTE I being to make a psychological adjustment placing everyone on own values by building cemeteries national cemeteries veterans reunions monuments creating structures within America creating societal systems that value a person in a single way every life has value Lincoln believes that if the Union dissolves that Democratic Government will fail no democracies in the world except for United States if you allow the south to leave the experiment fails also has to assign value to the mass amount of people to die for experiment of democracy to continue states so high in 1863 have to ensure that experiment continues Greatest Pres bc of this S Early Years Lincoln s family moves from Virginia to Kentucky to Indiana and finally Illinois Lincoln embodies the terms perseverance and resilience Lincoln s mother dies when he was a young boy his sister dies duringg his early adu hood Establishes himself in New Salem Illinois holds jobs such as day laborer surveyor stork clear postmaster flat boatman and finally lavwer Resettles in Springfield Illinois where he maintains a successful law practice ll Personal Life Lincoln marries Mary Todd in 1842 initially supposed to marry in 1841 got cold feet hugely embarrassing for both him and his soon to be family They have 4 children Robert Edward Wilie and Tadd only Robert survives into maturity becomes secretary of state Lincoln s marriage is described as less than ideal by his contemporaries frequent squabbles fighting and disagreements over how to raise children Many of Lincoln s friends dislikes his wife several refused to speak to her Mary Todd Lincoln is form a prominent slave holding family she is ambitious and upon meeting Lincoln tells friends that he will be President one day Lincoln is described as having depressive tendencies domestic violence lll Lincoln enters Law and Politics Lincoln s law practice thrives as he becomes known throughout the state not a man you want to get in a debate with enjoy tearing people to shreds verbally he is elected to the state legislature and also Congress Whig Party Lincoln s ability to attack his opponents with his verbal skills becomes his trademark his pen becomes known as his sword As a Congressman he is unknown and unaccomplished Only notoriety comes from his spot resolutions Returns to Illinois to continue practicing law IV House Divdied Lincoln makes the national stage Lincolns renters politics bases on the Kansas Nebraska Act and the issue of slavery Lincoln disliked the concept of popular sovereignty Beings speaking out against the expansion of slavary but does NOT call for abolition becomes a founding ember of the Republican liberal Party Runs for Senate as a Republican in 1858 loses to Stephen Douglas but becomes a National political figure for his stand against the expansion of slavery V Lincoln s Position on Slavery expect cease to be divided all one or all the other save the Union not either to save or destroy slavery goal is to save the Union Book review Identify thesisfocus on certain aspects of the bookchose points wiselymake case for why you chose them synopsis briefof subject matter of bookdint have to go into detail sets up argument concise summary of thesis critique of book read table of contents preface first chapter last chapter AND THEN the rest of the book types of evidence primary sources how effective are there things that are missing does author convince you of his or her thesis short intro brief summary of boo assessment if interpretation and main points and arguments used to support them evaluation of the writing style conclusion with brief assessment of the value of the book 46 pages double spaced 1 inch margin citation of the book carrier library website research digest database book review for race beat sense of whom to approach this project


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