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by: Mossie Ankunding


Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Sociology > SOC1435 > SOCIALCHANGEINUNITEDSTATES
Mossie Ankunding
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mossie Ankunding on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC1435 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/229360/soc1435-university-of-pittsburgh in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
Class Notes for Soc 1435 Social Change in the United States Dr Lisa Brush Recorded for Feb 14m 2006 by Whitney Fox Statements in Plain text are made by Dr Brush 7 Statements in Italics are comments contributed by students 7 o How Does Florida theorize social change in Rise of the Creative ClassWhat is his thesis Some Options Creativity Creates Value Work Ethic Shared Creative Spirit Idealist Argument Therefore mapping Florida on to Weber can tie in to Capitalism Creative Economy Florida claims that this Creative Economy is so big that it is almost akin to capitalism as a phenomenon 1quot Equot The Creative Class is the new Dominant Class Weber class is determined by statushonorprestige as seen through the medium of wealth Florida class is more Marxian as workers have control over their minds means of production 9 This viewpoint can be seen as very Marxist in above sense or on the other hand not very Marxist at all blurred line AntiMarxist Arguments Conditional rather than Relational May result in exploitation of actual creative class as no one may take away someone else s mindi it is their own ProMarxist Arguments Ability of creative class is dependent upon labor of working class to survive ak a Exploitation may occur moreless depending o How does Florida tie in w Durkheim He s on par Theoretically Functional Argument Empirically Exceptions o What is Florida saying about Social Change The rise of this class will bring about change in society because they society will have to eventually be accommodated by all since the creative class is rapidly growing amp operates under a di erent way of thinkingacting than the former status quo This change is much more a functional than a causal one or so Florida says Social Creativity Social Change Change being through the mediums of Family SeX Dress HOWEVER he Florida is NOT stating that the change of the family is driving the new Creative Class How does Florida try to present his barebones argument We think about technology as driving both economic amp social change If we think about this as the force of production this makes sense But it is the social relations of production that drive social amp cultural change Recall timetravel example from book Did eve one like the book How about when compared with McCall Florida was far more accessible than McCall even though maybe a bit far fetched in terms of his ideas Thought he was identi ing an important new step in human evolution that one may be tempted to call utopian Isn t the rise of the creative class akin to the Marxian revolution with some overlapping elements Communism didn t mesh w the messages very much in this book at all Mannheim Utopian ideas in a technical sense can only be realized if they require the transcendence of the constraints of the current regime How did this book appear from a methodological standpoint Not very thick methodologically Empirically arranges cities in terms of tolerance levels creativity etc but this only shows us correlations bt cities amp rank and not much else So far from what we ve read what does Florida have to say about inequality Inequality is not good for creative work Y People won t have an environment which is conducive to the sharing of ideas What else He ignores it inequality to a great deal then tries to stray from ideas from overt i e racial inequality in lieu of talking about class differences But he almost ignores it Notes wage inequality by highlighting higher wage distribution tofor creative class than the working class Group Work What kinds of challenges are surfacing in your groups Putting things into sections condensing What s a good way to get started on a document If someone works on a draft People can split work evenly amp compile later The only cure to inertia is energy so everyone needs to get moving Keep being productive with these things for the sake of you AND your group FOR NEXT TIME 9 Each group MUST email the draft for the methods amp sources section BEFORE CLASS on Thursday 216 9 Materials handed in today will be handed back w Comments from Dr Brush next time


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