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by: Mrs. Enola Roberts


Mrs. Enola Roberts
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Enola Roberts on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH0100 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/229362/math0100-university-of-pittsburgh in Mathematics (M) at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Syllabus for Math 0100 Preparation for Business Calculus fa W a f ifm w Course Description Objectives Are you interested in preparing for Business Calculus This course is designed to provide the essential background needed for courses in management economics social sciences and statistics A working knowledge of beginning algebra including signed numbers the solution and graphing of linear equations and the solution of quadratic equations is assumed We will reinforce algebra skills by emphasizing manipulation for formulas graphing of functions and extensive use of problem solving The use of a graphing calculator is encouraged for some homework problems but may not be allowed during the exams Anyone passing this course should be sufficiently prepared to handle any Business Calculus class Title Semester Prerequisite Class Name Office Office Hours Course Information Preparation for Business Calculus Number Math 0100 Fall Term 2008 Credits 3 credits A grade of C or better in Algebra Math 0031 M W 12 15 pm 155 pm Smith Hall 205 Instructor Dr G Hart Phone 724 836 9698 Smith Hall B26 Email gdhartpittedu M W 200 pm 400 pm other times available by appointment Text Textbook Mathematical Applications 8th edition by Harshbarger amp Reynolds Supplements Notes on the Internet wwwpittedugdhart and Student39s Solution Manual Disabilities Notice Students with disabilities are invited to register with Lou Ann Sears at the Learning Resources Center FOB105 724 836 7098 TTY 724 836 7128 as soon as possible So that Lou Ann can determine appropriate accommodations she will need documentation of the disability Course Policies A well educated person has a well trained mind and is not afraid to learn anything new Think of this class as continued basic training for your mind because if your mind is well trained then you can learn anything you want If you have trouble in any aspect of this course you can always and should ask me about it Remember that I m the captain of this ship In fact some people call me Captain Calculus Assignment Policy A well trained mind can get results in a logical manner and can write them out legibly and neatly so that others can understand Thus for every assignment you are expected to write legibly and neatly or it won39t be graded I expected you to do your own work If cheating or direct plagiarism is detected each student involved will receive a zero for the assignment That39s only fair For every assignment please Use pencil Show all important work Write neatly answers In addition Please put a proper heading name date course etcon every assignment Please include the directions on every problem Please clearly label every problem Please clearly delimit every problem Please attach multiple page assignments sup96x Homework Policy When we have completed the material for a section then homework problems for that section are due at the next class Please separate your homework problems by sections and adhere to the assignment policy given above Thank you Homework problems may be collected at random Missed assignments To be fair to all students there will be no makeup assignments homework quizzes or tests The grade assigned to a missed assignment will be zero I39m sorry but I cannot accept any assignment after the due date Please don39t ask for any extra credit assignments because it39s also unfair to everyone in the class NoCut Policy When you miss class not only do I miss seeing your smiley face but you miss a lot of useful information Since we both want you to do well your attendance is required To insure this the final grade for a student who is absent for four 4 classes will be lowered by one letter grade Additionally I will not sign a withdrawal form for any student who has missed more than six 6 classes Problem Credit We are not perfect but we should all strive for perfection in our work That includes taking the correct steps to solve problems not just getting the right answer Therefore a problem may receive full credit if the answer is correct and the proper method has been used to solve the problem and the intermediate steps are logically correct Otherwise the problem is not correct Problems that involve basic algebra concepts will probably not receive partial credit Partial credit might be given for complex problems at my discretion I39m sorry but I will not tolerate haggling for points This is a very important part of basic training Grading Policy Homework 20 Assignments 10 Quizzes 10 Tests 30 Cumulative final examination 30 100 Final grades are based on the scale A 90 100 B 80 89 C 70 79 D 60 69 F 0 59 This course is designed for anyone who is truly interested in learning the material and doing all the necessary work I hope that includes you Important Dates Aug 25 Fall Term classes begin Sep 1 Labor Day University closed Sep 5 Last day to drop the course with no record on transcript Oct 13 Classes Scheduled on Monday will meet on Tuesday Oct 14 Oct 24 Last day to receive a W grade without the permission of VP of AA Nov 26 Nov 30 Thanksgiving Recess No Classes Dec 5 Last class session for day classes Dec 9 Final Examination from 130 pm to 320 pm Tentative Course Schedule Date Sections Event Date Sections Event Date Sections Event Aug 25 Preview Oct 1 Test 1 Nov 5 63 64 65 Aug 27 01 02 03 04 Oct6 31 32 33 NOV 10 Review Sep 3 PreiTest Oct 8 34 41 Nov 12 71 72 73 Sep 8 05 06 07 Oct 14 Review Nov 17 74 75 76 Sep 10 1112 13 Oct 15 42 43 NOV 19 81 82 83 84 Sep 15 14 15 16 Oct 20 Review Nov 24 Review Sep 17 Review Oct 22 51 52 53 Dec 1 Test 3 Sep 22 21 22 Oct 27 Review Dec 3 Review Sep 24 23 24 25 Oct 29 Test 2 Sep 29 Review Nov 3 61 62 Dec 9 Final Exam Tirne permitting See Section 01 Section 02 Section 03 Section 04 Section 05 Section 06 Section 07 Chapter 0 Test Section 1 1 Section 1 2 Section 1 3 Section 1 5 Section 1 6 Chapter 1 Test Section 21 Section 22 Section 23 Section 24 Section 25 Chapter 2 Test Assigned Homework Problems Problems 1 24 27 33 odds 36 48 evens 53 58 1 15 25 40 45 49 1 21 23 33 odds 36 38 40 44 45 60 62 65 67 68 1 819 37 odds 38 42 43 45 56 59 65 67 69 72 2 20 evens 21 57 odds 60 63 65 66 69 76 77 1 20 22 44 evens 45 57 59 62 63 64 2 24 evens 25 26 28 31 36 39 45 48 50 55 58 1 1823 41 4445 5152 1 22 25 27 43 48 1 44 49 62 1 22 27 31 34 44 1 3 7161933 48 2 36 evens 43 47 48 54 58 1 16 31 35 36 38 43 46 1 3 5 81215 23 25 1 22 26 27 34 47 50 1 8 1 19 See Section 3 1 Section 3 2 Section 3 3 Section 3 4 Chapter 3 Test Section 41 Section 42 Chapter 4 Review Exercises Section 5 1 Section 5 2 Section 5 3 Chapter 5 Test Section 61 Section 62 Section 63 Section 64 Section 65 Section 7 1 Section 7 2 Section 7 3 Section 7 4 Section 7 5 Section 7 6 Chapter 7 Test Problems 1 33 45 1 2937 3851 52 1 19 odds 23 29 1 2225 3o41 44 1 12 1 22 1192428 1 14 1 20 25 29 33 1 40 44 65 66 1 1017 19 31 45 46 1 2225 26 27 11 15 43 111619 22 26 34 37 42 59 63 111416 25 31 9103140 43 45 7 21 233132 15 27 34 38 1 1 1319 22 25 27 31 37 40 45 47 1 26 29 34 35 43 44 1 26 53 56 59 1 12 1 26 39 40 42 43 47 48 12129 33 36 These are only assigned homework problems If solving these problems do not give sufficient practice for understanding the material then try doing all the problems in the section and ask help from the instructor Course Semester Year Name please print Address Phone Email YearMajor I like to be called I am taking this course because My previous math experience and typical grades were In this course I need to get a grade of In this course I predict that I will get a grade of I understand that the prerequisite for this course is a good background in Algebra and I hereby certify that I am so qualified In addition I certify that I do understand that no assignment will be accepted after the due date and the grade for a missed assignment homework quiz or test will be zero and there will be no make up assignment and for every assignment I am expected to use pencil write neatly show all important work and BOX my answers Also I understand that my grade will be lowered by one letter grade if I am absent for four classes Finally I certify that I am interested in learning Preparation for Business Calculus and doing all the necessary work Signed Date On the back are additional comments if any


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