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by: Johnpaul Ratke


Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Russian > RUSS0811 > MADNESS MADMENINRUSSCULT
Johnpaul Ratke
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Johnpaul Ratke on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RUSS0811 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/229367/russ0811-university-of-pittsburgh in Russian at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
RUSS 0811 Madness and Madmen in Russian Culture Spring 2009 Tuesdays Thursdays 9301045 in CL 332 Our greatest blessings come to us by way ofmadness provided the madness is given to us by divine gift Plato szcdrus Instructor Lenka Pankova Of ce 1417 CL Phone 6245711 Email pankovapittedu Of ce Hours Tuesdays 1130 7 130 and by appointment Credits Prerequisites and Format This course carries three credits and satis es the CAS requirement in international foreign culture It is intended for a general undergraduate audience and has no prerequisites Previous knowledge of Russian culture is advantageous but by no means necessary The course meets twice a week and combines lecture and discussion format Despite the relatively large size of the class I am committed to giving each one of you ample opportunity to participate in class discussions Since participation has a signi cant share in the nal grade those of you who for one reason or another feel inhibited to share your thoughts and opinions with the class are advised to consider not staying enrolled in the course Course Rationale and Goals This course explores interpretations and representations of madness in Russian culture from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the twentieth century Our primary texts will be verbal and visual fairy tales folk narratives literature lm Since madness is not an exclusively Russian phenomenon we will need to place its Russian history within the broader context of European ideas and treatments This is not a medical course and it will not treat madness as synonymous with mental illness or mental disorder We will study different medical approaches to madness understanding that mental illness is only one limited and problematic answer to the question What is madness As we will witness many other interpretations are possible Our goal is not to decide which one of them is correct but rather to see how representations of madnessi including the medicalscienti ciexpress cultural politics values and tensions Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to Discuss the general historical development in concepts of madness from Antiquity to the present day Identify and describe main categories and types of mental disorder Characterize major cultural personages in the Russian tradition of madness Ivan the Fool the iurodivye fools in Christ the klz39kushi shriekers the little man etc Identify and discuss major literary texts in the Russian tradition of madness Problematize medical de nitions of madness and the corresponding clinical psychiatric and psychoanalytic practices Required Readings Dostoyevsky Fyodor Notes from the Underground Dostoevsky in the syllabus Massie Suzanne Land ofthe Firebird The Beauty ofOldRussia Massie Pelevin Viktor Buddha s Little Finger Pelevin Porter Roy Madness A Brief History Porter Tolstoy Leo The Kreutzer Sonata Tolstoy Teth on line see schedule of classes Recommended Readings Billington James The Icon and the Axe An Interpretive History of Russian Culture any edition Chizhevskij Dmitrii History of Nineteenth Century Russian Literature 2 vols Trans Richard Noel Porter Nashville TN Vanderbilt UP 1974 Foucault Michel Madness and Civilization A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason any edition MacKenzie David and Michael W Curran A History of Russia the Soviet Union and Beyond any edition Radden Jennifer ed The Nature ofMelancholy From Aristotle to Kristeva Oxford Oxford UP 2000 Sirotkina Irina Diagnosing Literary Genius A Cultural History of Psychiatry in Russia 1880 1930 Baltimore John Hopkins UP 2002 Course Requirements and Grading You will be required to Complete the assignments scheduled for each class meeting normally that means reading 3060 pages and being ready to discuss them in class on the pertinent day Participate actively and intelligently in class discussions Take the three scheduled exams Take at least four of the unannounced quizzes administered throughout the semester Your grade will be determined by the following components 3 exams 120 points maximum 4 highest quiz scores 20 points maximum Class participation 20 points maximum TOTAL 160 points maximum Extra credit Maximum 10 points Grading scale A 93100 A 9092 B 8689 B 8385 B 8082 C 7679 C 7375 C 7072 D 6669 D 6365 D 6062 F 590 EXAMS will feature 40 multiple choice questions The exaIns are nonicumulative Please note the three exam dates and plan ahead so as to be present in class on the particular day Requests for makeiup exams will be accommodated only in extreme circumsmnces death in the immediate family serious illness on the day of the exaIn or travel related to university activities The proper documentation of these should be submitted to me no later than a week after the exam date All exams will be administered during regular class time in the room where we usually meet You will have 60 minutes to complete the exam NOTE Should unforeseeable circumstances such as a re alarm interfere with Examination 1 andor Examination 2 they will be given on the next day of lecture Should unforeseeable circumstances such as a re alarm interfere with Examination 3 it will be given during the Final Examination Period at the time designated by the university INCLASS QUIZZES will be unannounced and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete Their purpose is to check whether and how attentively you have done the reading for the particular day I will not be announcing the quizzes partly in order to prevent you from hurting yourselfby unthinkineg falling behind in the reading Only the strongest four quizzes will count toward your nal grade Since you will be able to drop your weakest quiz grades n0 make up quizzes will be given Attendance You are expected to attend all classes Missing classes jeopardizes your participation record and puts you in danger ofmissing quizzes and impormnt information Excused absences such as illness or death in the immediate family must be documented no later than a week after the students return to class In case of absence it is your responsibility to obtain from your classmates any information passed out during the class you missed You are therefore encouraged to exchange telephone numbers and email addresses with your classmates If you are experiencing special problems in the course do not hesitate to make an appointment with me I will be glad to assist you Web Site This course will appear on the Pitt Courseweb Academic Integrity By remaining enrolled in the course you not only agree to abide by the above stipulations but also understand that I will follow rigorously the rules spelled out in the Handkooe on Integnb regarding cheating plagiarism etc It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these rules and observe them Any infraction will be penalized accordingly Disability Policy lfyou have a disability that requires special testing accommodations or other classroom modifications please notify both me and Disability Resources and Services by the second week of the term You may be asked to provide documentation ofyour disability to determine the appropriateness of accommodations To notify Disability Resources and Services call 6487890 voice or TDD to schedule an appointment The office is located in the William Pitt Union Room 216 SCHEDULE OF ASSIGNMENTS 0 Tuesday 0106 Introduction Syllabus 0 Thursday 0108 General introduction to Russian culture and history Reading Massie 2160 184201 0 Tuesday 01 13 Supernatural Concepts of Madness Reading Porter 133 Ivanits Russian Sorcery Spoiling and Healing online 0 Thursday 01 15 Redemptive debility foolishness and fools in Russian fairy tales fools in Christ Reading Porter 6288 Fairy tales from the Afanas ev collection online Thompson online 0 Tuesday 0120 Rationalization of Madness Madness Revolution Enlightenment Reading Porter 3461 Inclass screening Lunacy Svankmajer 2007 excerpt 0 Thursday 0122 Insanity as a tool of oppression Reading Michel Foucault The Great Con nement online Inclass screening Forman One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest 1975 0 Tuesday 0127 Insanity as atool of oppression II Inclass screening Forman One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest 1975 ending Thursday 0129 EXAM 1 Tuesday 0203 The West goes East Russia s Westernization Reading Massie 89151 Inclass screening Peter the Great The Tyrant Reformer 2000 excerpt Thursday 0205 The Little Man and the Big City I Reading Massie 20218 Pushkin The Bronze Horseman online Pushkin The Queen of Spades online Tuesday 0210 The little man and the big city I Reading Gogol Diary of a Madman online Gogol Nevsky Avenue online Thursday 02 12 The little man and the big city II Reading Dostoevsky Notes from Underground Part I Massie 307324 Tuesday 0217 The little man and the big city II continued Reading Dostoyevsky Notes from Underground Part II Thursday 02 19 The little man and the big city III Inclass screening Scorsese Taxi Driver 1975 Tuesday 0224 The little man and the big city III Scorsese Taxi Driver 1975 ending and discussion Thursday 0226 EXAM 2 Tuesday 0303 Uncertain times imbalanced souls I Posttsarist vs postSoviet Russia Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 158 Thursday 0305 Uncertain times imbalanced souls II Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 58104 Tuesday 0310 SPRING BREAK NO CLASSES Thursday 0312 SPRING BREAK NO CLASSES Tuesday 03l7 Uncertain times imbalanced souls 111 Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 104151 Thursday 0319 Uncertain times imbalanced souls IV Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 152 196 Tuesday 0324 Uncertain times imbalanced souls V Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 197239 Thursday 03 26 Uncertain times imbalanced souls VI Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 240268 Tuesday 0331 Uncertain times imbalanced souls VII Reading Pelevin Buddha 3 Little Finger 269 until the end Thursday 0402 It s a mad world I Andrei Konchalovsky The House of Fools 2003 Tuesday 0407 It s a mad world 11 Andrei Konchalovsky The House of Fools 2003 ending and discussion Thursday 0409 Who is insane here Reading Chekhov Ward No Six online Tuesday 04l4 Class summary review and evaluations Thursday 0416 EXAM 3 N0 Final Exam


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