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January 14 &16th Notes

by: Amanda Hatch

January 14 &16th Notes 90069

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Sociology > 90069 > January 14 16th Notes
Amanda Hatch
GPA 2.0
SOC 150B- Social Issues in America
Hein, James

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About this Document

January 14th notes. He spent a majority of the time going over the syllabus. January 16th notes. Definitions and introductions to "What is Sociology?"
SOC 150B- Social Issues in America
Hein, James
Class Notes
SOC 150, Social Issues in America
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Hatch on Saturday January 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 90069 at University of Arizona taught by Hein, James in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see SOC 150B- Social Issues in America in Sociology at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 01/17/15
January 14 2015 Sociology 150 s America really 1 Stephen Colbert along with other news members frequently claims that America is 1 how do we compare with the rest of the world ncome Inequality the gap between the rich and the poor based off solely the income of the people no possessions or reality US was in the middle graph was put America as the control Gender Inequality Nordic countries are at the high end on equality Paid paternity leave USA 20 Democracy US 19 out of 142 The Philippines are higher up 2 female presidents Where are we 1 Military spending 640 billion on just the military More than the whole world combined January 16 2015 Sociology o The Origins of Sociology 0 One of the youngest academic disciplines o Stemming from powerful social forces 0 Social change I Industrialization urban political revolution move from agricultural to mechanical 0 separated families weakened tradition 0 Ordinary people gained a voice 0 Science I Positivism a way of understanding based upon science 0 moving away from faith based beliefs and towards a seeing is believing stance 0 What is sociology 0 Systematic study of human society I Systematic scientific discipline that focused attention on patterns of behavior creating patterns based upon based data I Human Society 0 Group behavior is the primary focus 0 How groups in uence individuals and vice versa I At the heart of sociology 0 perspective offers a unique view of society 0 Scientific method 0 principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem the collection of data through observation and experiment and the formulation and testing of hypotheses I Review literature and or theories I Formulate a testable hypothesis I Select a research design methods I Results and conclusion I Sociological perspective 0 focuses on social patters not individuals 0 Sociological Imagination 0 an awareness of the relationship between who we are as individuals and the social forces that shape our lives 0 allows us to develop a broader perspective as to how social norms and behaviors affect our lives 0 Try to understand our society as an alien o How do sociologists approach social problems 0 Goes beyond philosophical positions 0 Develop testable theories of society 0 Rely upon research data and evidence 0 Theory I A statement that organizes and relates facts in a way that explains the relationships among them I Must be testable so that it can be empirically supported or refuted I Analytical tool 0 Methods of Research 0 Quantitative studies research based on numerical data and statistical analysis surveys o Qualitative studies research based on observational rather than numerical data I Often seeking for in depth explanations I Field stud research done in real life settings I Richer info 0 Typology problems 0 Societal problems I Arrangements of social structures that have a vast impact on how societies operate and the effect of this on the life chances of millions of people 0 Group problems I Derived from the way that social institutions are arranged to address the basic needs of social survival 0 Individual I Microlevel problems arise from the actions of individuals micro order 0 drugs sex mental illness 0 Social Problems 0 Must be capable of being fixed 0 Conditions that undermine the wellbeing of some or all members of society and is usually a matter of public controversy 0 Issues the substantial numbers of society view as violations of societal vales or expectations 0 Constructing a problem 0 Social construction is the approach I Social problems arise as people define conditions as undesirable and in need of change 0 Claims making I Process of convincing public or public officials that a particular issue or situation is a social problem 0 Social movements I Organized activities that encourage or discourage social change There is a subjective component 0 Collective actions frames 0 Diagnostic frames I Problem identification I Who to blame o Prognostic frames I Solutions 0 Counter training I The opposes


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