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by: Sterling Schmeler


Sterling Schmeler
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sterling Schmeler on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS2410 at University of Pittsburgh taught by SangyeunCho in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/229380/cs2410-university-of-pittsburgh in ComputerScienence at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
CSZ410 Computer Architecture Microarchitecture simulation issues Sa ngyeu n Cho Dem nlnmmmer Science University or pinslrurgh Full system simulator Widely used microarchitecture simulators such as SimpleScaar use usercodeonly simulation They do not simulate 05 codes Some of them have a proxy call mechanism to get help hom the host os on a simulated program39s system calls Full system simulator provides a view of a more realistic machine so that a native OS can be booted os codes are actually simulated Accuracy csm a mmpuremlmlrenule thvuslxyufhmhuqu Why microarchitecture simulation Arbitrary level of details and precision 39 Hardware devices eg hard drive timer Full observability Challenges Modeling time 39 Validation simulation time speed c if you have an idea to check you may want to perform quotproofrofrcorlceptquot experiments before undertaking full microarchitecture modeling for s u when naesEHrrzceimm praqm exacuuan and Dracessrrzce dais cam cmvmsmcnnmule thvuslxyufhmhuqu Function vs timing simulation Functional simulation 39 Captures and simulates basic instruction semantics Updates processor states register memory Generates correct program output Timing simulation Typically performs functional simulation lmplements various microarchitectural structures Captures the timing of events to obtain program execution time Functional simulation takes less time csm a mmpuremlmlrenule thvuslxyufhmhuqu Simulation time example Usinggcc in spechQ Willi asmall input as ourbenclnmarlc Collecting simulation statistics annumnmaiuaaeamuiam llirimumnru an H Mirilrumnrii a er Kirinaumnm ht t i W wurmnrm llnereason for performing timing smulation istooollect timingrelated or timingsensitive information Eg lPQ aieragelt oi cycleslormanon amesses oiicliip netwom oontention Duringwlnat period oiprogram execution doyouvrantto cdlect statistic iom7 lmtializationpliase Mainpliases Wrapuppliase zmmmmmquot umyanm wilmuluh 0 H ltmitlmtlumu ulna ma ltmitlmtlumu WW WM Collecting simulation statistics Simics it s aiull sstem simulator supporting multipleplat Eg186 uri Milli orms it leaturesa nioe interface for microarclnitedure modeling Simiis does simulation and on deutletimint it wants ltlras implemented cacliemanon itnasbeoomeadeiadosimulatorintlnearclntedure researcn oommumty Wevrill usetlnistod ior someoi our programming assignments mumMimi momma Installing Simics Running Simics for the first time Our reposilow Move to yourworkspacetalgelsselengeti directony Edit abiskoacommonsimics al 539P39 39ed quot 395e 390 Insert osquotsolaii58quot in thefiist line Prepare necessa 05 is w d kimageand statefiles Installing Simics Inrsfffssmittaeduouises 0bliskociglilcinstalldisk If ou have access to cs machines ou39lllind the simics installation at 39 lla 5quotquot quote W wlfe 395 395 39m e39 Edit checkpoint ath to pointtoyourcunentduectonymthe usiloalslmls tmuxmachmes abisko sols ate e We havea site license If you will install simics youiself on a piefened Run your Simics platfovm Make Sule you39ve set up x seivei in you local terminal eg you PC and pelfoml quotsetenv DISPLAYyoulitermlnal39slP00quot simics ahiskoscommonjimics Aconsolewindow ie simulated machine will pop 2 u in you sim ulation window wheie you ian Sim ics type quotcquot continue in the console window you will see the 0 boot up cam WPmsAlemule Uriquotslurme csm a mmvmemlmltenule mama mumcan Installing Simics Running Simics for the first time Prepare your Workspace You can access files on the host from the simulated machine u5iloalsimiss3019binwoikspacessetup wo lcspace by mounting the host file system e a ove command will cieate a diledoly called quotwolkspaequot and mounthost copy neessaiy files to you to woilc with simics you don39t have to copy binaiies etc seteanTECHitlcENSEiFILE 8224 exlmspittedu will make sure 39 Underhost access a le that can run 0 3 SPARC maCh39ne you check out the site license when you Inquot simics Practice basic Simics commands You are almost ready to run Simics simics use guide on the ouise web 46 cam WPmsAlemule Umm mm csm a camanualmncamc Wm mm


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