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Security and Development Notes 2

by: David Abreu

Security and Development Notes 2 IAFF 6173

Marketplace > Boston University > IAFF 6173 > Security and Development Notes 2
David Abreu
GPA 3.41
Security and Development
Dr. Joanna Spear

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About this Document

Security and Development
Dr. Joanna Spear
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by David Abreu on Saturday January 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 6173 at Boston University taught by Dr. Joanna Spear in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 149 views.


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Date Created: 01/17/15
David Abreu Week 5 Rule of Law Date February 22 2015 Notes We look at the rule of law as supreme and forget that it might not be so easy to respect for certain demographics It might be flipped where illegitimate vigilante or criminal action might be the right thing to do 71 key challenges the justice system may have been repressive and discriminatorymay have been used only as a tool for powerful elites or criminal power structures lmpunity for those in power constitutes another barrier to reform Compounding this challenge is the likelihood that conflict has ledto criminalization of state institutions including the justice systempopulation may prefer to access justice through nonstate localized systems of justice or vigilante groups to solve grievances instead The justice system may have collapsedThere may be a shortage of qualified rule of law actors UK SIN 764 Perhaps the way to overcome this gain public s trust is to penalize elites and upper society publicly as often as possible watch them with a microscope but not frame them so as to create further gnevances Guidance on building rule of law quotWhere there is little political will at the top a push from the bottom namely civil society and the general population may stimulate reform although this will be a longterm process UK SIN 766 For a legal framework assessment and implementing reforms first gather up all the applicable laws and civil codes within the country Second a mixed team legal academic federal host foreign etc should conduct a comprehensive analysis comparing applicable laws to international and human rights norms religion culture sustainability and view what is not addressed This must be done as early as possible as it can take up to 1 or 2 years If new laws are needed to address problems not previously death with need to understand they are paper tigers if impunity for elites and criminal power structures continues to be enforced or ignored UK SIN 768 769 0 I am annoyed at reading how these steps are essential crucial pivotal SampR is fragile to begin with so every step is essential 7513 Set realistic time frames Laws drafted in haste are replete with flaws law reform crucialquot pivotal time is 2 to 7 years cannot be accelerated UK SIN 771 What do you do in between that 7 year period to address the problem Ways to establish faith in state securitypolice quot767 Move quickly to prevent criminal elements and political spoilers from cementing their grip on power In the lawlessness of these environments asserting authority early on is essential to securing the trust of the population Waiting too long to confront violence can permit spoilers organized crime syndicates and their militias to perpetuate instability and entrench themselves in the new political system which allows them to protect their interests and solidify public support through intimidation A culture of impunity resultsquot UK SIN 775 quot7611 Address illegal armed groups and informal policing structures If illegal armed groups continue to operate including informal policing structures this constitutes an unacceptable threat to law and order Whether militias vigilante groups or gangs statesponsored community based or private security companies religious ethnic or tribal they must either be demobilized and reintegrated into society or if they qualify on an individual basis allowed to be integrated into one of the entities comprising the security sector UK SIN 776 Additional Sources Interim ways of resolving disputes immediately Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC postApartheid South Africa httpwwwbritannicacomEBcheckedt0pic607421TruthandReconciliation CommissionSouthAfricaTRC Problems of Western ideologists mainly the US trying to implement their own rule of law into conflict areas httpwwwhksharvardeducchrppdfSeptember2006 RuleofLaw ConferenceRe portpdf pp 813 US was considering to resend troops to Iraq to train security forces Jan 2014 before ISIS was an issue Maybe trainers should never leave an area where invest our resources or at least until they have reached an above average capacity to protect themselves httparchivenavvtimescomarticle201401 17NEWS301 170009US trooosmavreturnMiddleEasttrainIraqis Personal account of rebuilding rule of law in Iraq 2008 ignore personal comments of author s life story httpwwwIawvirdiniaeduhtmIalumniuvalawverspr09rebuildinqruleoflawhtm Problems of the US building up a police force with impractical political and time constraints in Iraq public s intrinsic disdain towards police in Iraq and lack of policing capacity within Iraq httpwwwusipordpublicationspolicindiradprotectindiradis criminalviolence


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