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by: Sabina Hodkiewicz


Sabina Hodkiewicz
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sabina Hodkiewicz on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IDM2004 at University of Pittsburgh taught by PhalguniGupta in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/229416/idm2004-university-of-pittsburgh in Microbiology at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
9H 82038 vrgenesis 73 msvunm 9H 82038 we I 3139 Ieni heaved two n i39 e Ie paJer l39 Ar Ell a ma 5 NINETE quot quot 397 m if Puma mr f h u ui g 39 39IJSS uHI39 Tr l l 39 39 l i Slash E2 panting v on u i zlrE39I EJmcc Reamer ham5 393 art 3939 arn it 135 vrwamu r gm limes We 4691 12139 2 am v3939l Air ca ctr1 ism Form 1174 54 mm mirm lgsr a luhll in mnn 1m i Hm llnuli Individual 7 1993 Revised Classi cation System for HIV Infection and Expanded AIDS Surveillance case de nition for adolescents and adults V Clinical categories A B C CD4 T cells Asymptomatic I Symptomatic AIDS per pl Acute or PGL NonA or C gt 500 A1 B1 200499 A2 39 132 gt 200 A3 B3 9182008 l i I J l I l l l I I 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 Years after HIV 39seroeonversion Figure 138 Progression to AIDS with time In the San Francisco city cohort individuals known to be infected have been monitoredsince1978 The results through 1995 show that it takes about 10 years for 50 of the individuals to develop AIDS 69 of the infected subjects develop the disease 14 years 3073308 1539 Figure courtesy of S Buchbinder 9182008 9182008 um Membrane Souquot MAID 91 832008 l E I L 9162008 9H 82038 n HIV NM NM NM Mv HIVv GI tract 9182008 b a C C 39 Blood 39 aquot Ri eEpilalOrgan Tex HSemiunlcclls mfg g emmal quot l 1quot 0 g i H HIV Attachment and Fusion Targets for Inhibition CD4 gt Coreceptor gt VirusCell Binding Binding Fusion Membrane CCR5ICXCR4 R5IX4 Adapted from Moore JP et al PNAS 200310010598 10602 9182008 1000 Geometric Mean Tcal Number cellsm 500 l bummerum runawaymm o 4N05gtGyemN2 l I I I 54 72 36 MonthelmnAtDS Fig 4 Geometric means of absolute numbers of cinulating CDB CD4 and CDB lymphocytes as a func tlon of months before t lt 0 or after t gt 0 the onset of AIDS 1 0 vertical dotted line in MACS serocon verters for whcun the time of onset of AIDS was known n a 92 Data shown are all postseroconverslon values for 6month intervals based on more than 10 observations The numbers 14 indicate the values for the four groups of seroconverters de ned by the intervals between serotonversion and the onset of NOS as shown The top solid group of lines represents data for CD3 Iymphocytu the middle dotted group of lines data for CDS39 lymphocytes and the bottom dashed group of lines data for servations far each point in chronological order by group beginning 10 91 82038 gs H 1 E m a m E lt 1 z gt 8 mg m rEHMar mnwne r39rnnrre mmm TIEHHETLW abeenmnmeummmmhng ra J39lmn wwmmur pm mumnmmnnu vm um yummy unughLTLrupmmL mum 1 mm mm Jubluutm mm mm M wm Mum I344Nmnhmy veshaweanmnnnan39rmemmn39m hn wepmnm Lu m Dmmm uumHunmmmnu m m dwmgawu mkmm Mum mum ummmu mmmmm r w um um mm Ln M m u mm mm mum m w mmnm mum H mm LDlmhmmmrm p m man mem m Lmumm 9i18l2008 39 MME n yummy 2 L n H m z 4 ma kmma M m m RU aw m quotm A w quotu M SAG2008 9182008 Innm 39 an I m l39 liglgp m n39r 5 g HM p21 m m Incl 1 quot a a r n llquot 39 an 5an 5 urn212233 EllBall ram I F allquot EDI r ng I55 m1 mamrtcsunmyonneaynamnso WINectionnvivo hommmmuismcewree meJsWedemwabadmphsmaismuw SCIENCE VOL 2 39 SMARCHI996 14 15 g E 43 39E CM my mum mum 91 82008 91 82008 HIV1 viral Load Divergent Disease Progressions in HIV1 infection Rap id Prvgraso r5 Long Term NonProgressors p 8 12 weeks 810 years 10 years 9182038 Re sum duzlo n or an an mung AF DA Ttell man ty0h2vlonnsol mmunilv mmw rrequmm H Hmenid 7 me m an tamquot w a p e 9180038 39an imrmitmn m m w inderphen Em Mm m mm mmmwm M mmxrm n r an mmm 3 m nummmmh Dinsmnnf 91 82008 1W a39 rtenan 33 I A mooEu I39m h 100339 muslqu Nh 9 mud ma 1 u FIH a l HIV1 RNA copies ml blood plasma n m Hquot l39l39l39l39l39l39l 39I l39l39l39l39l39l 0 4 812162024280 4 81216202428 53 54 pt 0 2 a 3 a a nunanl nu a F 7 mu runq uum Inn1 nu 39l39l39l39l39l39l l l39l l39l39l39l39l39l 0 4 81216202428 0 4 81216202428 5 a a 39a a quota 8 a 39 B n 55 56 nunI mum nunl uu n n n r l39l l l39l39l 81216202428 u IT 390 4 81216202428 0 4 Weeks on therapy FIG 1 Effects of antiretroviral therapy on the viral loads in semen and blood plasma Whole semen and blood plasma were collected at the same clinic visit before and at the indicated times after initiation of therapy with indinavir alone or indinavir plus DMP266 and were tested by the NASBA assay 3 PBME u Senniml Eris a min to mmsnmr HI F was Hm Si Hm PH Timspy 142 39qu M I m I all Hull r wining 39II 514 i 1 I39llLilquot wllu Iiimars hm an aluml Insulin all 1 mn HERA lea5h ifv ADEHM ner E insz mwpwn Martin quotIii aming whini i l f h i HIT39I Ill NEH ml and HImequan 139 Mil m Himuh 31 Mahala ail it I Purinapr of ill139 ifsll Barman NW npxpal ERA n 5131111 B e EnnisJ 91 En l qlhj39 Pmquot km 1139 MI I tag a rm l l lhl PM 119311 u All su II Irsu l39kl I all IU IL 9182008 20 91 82008 L39 c 45 niilellovizal hug a SMHr ragga all 0 111 C pieraele i S lquot lt 11 imgmves 39 I 1 wl newsmanpr 39 os39Je Axemm me 21


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