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by: Alexandria Bauch


Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Chemistry > CHEM0730 > UHCORGANICCHEMISTRY1RECITATION
Alexandria Bauch
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandria Bauch on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM0730 at University of Pittsburgh taught by PaulFloreancig in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/229437/chem0730-university-of-pittsburgh in Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
cuuwsEsnmL EDNDS FampW1 Add gunman FampW 10 Addition to CarbonCarbon Multiple Bonds n m Czrhnanzrhnn Muniple Bands TexlhnnkTyrns r a w 3m Ed p 513 We amnmsvmgunu addthe headmg annemp unne page Tnusnne headmg sun veads AHEad Gees Heyef ns1eau unne sedmn numbev andm e as 5 an 3 unne mhev pages p 517 R ewew Pnumenn m 12 H20 snuum asu be nmeu as pan unne veagemsmv s1ep 1 lmrnduclinn axkene We Wm uuk anne mechamsms unne neaeuuns mseusseu w New lammate um use and unuens1anung DVWhat uncuvs As We ask anne meenansnns yuu Wm see ma yuunnanu Wuvk Emma d1 ng tuned Lews 51mm s and curved anuws makemese mechamsms muen easenu undevstand hemmve use unne maena 7 W5 enamean avge y be We umny a 01252 neaeuuns m syn ess 5 be suve m cveam yuuv ashcavd eveaen veachun Learning objectives 2 Be amem pneuenne pnuuumunne many new neaeuuns mvuduced Be amem use these veadmns a s necessavy m symneue pmeesses ChapterAd 39 e 1 R esunance agam bemmes an nnpunam ssue nemnmng yuu m nave negxem us pussmxe cunmbmmn m any veachun Be suve m keep equhbna anu vesunance dwevermamd 2 mn mechamshc anayss anu synness ave gamma 7 cump amy make suve yuu keep bmn unnese cuncems unuemnn eunnu Wnen addmg mne uuume band uvunsynnnnemea ekenethe nma exeenupnne pnevensm auu p eas1 A Use the mechamsmsm hem pvedm he pmducts pu av auumun veadmns s1an Wnn the unnaan unne mme s ab e cavbucauun 4ns cummun knuw edge makes eannmg neaeuuns muen easen 5 Keep upwnn yuumasn eaves espeeauyunsymneueauy usevumansmnnauuns Le ure quotms Wm Lemme Nutes m R eadmns ENA kenesr m puuunnag 465351Kb R unmng Summanyumkns une snue m puuunnag 407m Kb Mnleeules Ammauunn Auunmn uv HEHu Pmpenemmwm Ammauunr Hydvubuvauunrowdatmn Alkanegt Ahmhqunm m AmmatmnrOzunmyswsmanA kene masks Mmecu av Lmnanyvvep page Akene Auunmn Muwes Chu es em bmsymheswswnh hnks E xerc39s es lof2 Du aH pyemems m We theme as yuu vead each 52mmquot Ame ea wvne umcump e eanwevsmnhese pvumems 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 9 1n 11 12 1114 151511 WE WB ZD ZW and 22 Aguud stvategyluv dumg pyemems s u u an exam swunw ememems evevy day as days a Week gwmg yemsen un y mmmes wnh nu ms and anmg um cump ete anwevs Gvade yuuv 2xam the nex day bemg suve e answev Why yuu gut NWYDHQ mm s he ease Pandam y se em queshunsmv yuuv 2xam vum We abuve hs1 r bemg caveM nuHu u 012m m day my Same umhne pvacuce pyemems m a kenes and a kynes can be new at Pm Pam Vuung s Umv uHHmms at omen Web 5th me summed exams These ave Cmme based exevmses and theveluve shumd he p yuu Wm me an aspect evms avea evoyge Nu e eeum nm eewmese me Wuvksmw sujus1 use vegu av n n y m 2of2


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