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by: Alexandria Bauch


Alexandria Bauch
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandria Bauch on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM0320 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/229445/chem0320-university-of-pittsburgh in Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
cuvwszmvwm Havimzn uwsmccvavismz gt cuuwszuucumzmw cHwnaanqusHuPs EDNMEW hem 0320 Workshops Week 1 Chem 31 Re 39 Chckheietu geitheWuiksheeHuiWuikshup1 mpwuimai 512 m Week 1 Chem n31n Re Keys NuimaHy keysaie NEVER pmvivsv uiWuikshup Wuvksheets asthe Wuikshup is mm abuvims PROCESS Whiie bunk anv uiv exams pivbisms pmvivs iuis vi piamice Wim pmbismsimwmsv keys EYE pmvivsv Huwevei sincE Wuikshup 1 usvsssv an a kasheenhaiwas an aid Chem main imai We vu have keyslunhai They EYE iisisv bsiuw stsiiun i stsiiun 2 stsiiun 3 stsiiun EC Week 2 AlMic Systems Dients a DielsAlder Chck have m YEEENE ms Wuiksheet in Wuikshup 2 in pvummai 73 mm u Wesk3Ammz yzndAmmzlicEleclrnrh h39 39nn ch in pvummai 27 324 c s ckheiem 122 2012kashee uiW ikshupa c Ammmic Suhslilulinn Week a Symhvs39s Ele quuvkshupM in pvummai 116mm Elrnp Chck heieiu iscsvsms Wuiksheet Week 5 Aldehydes and Kelnmzs Chck heiem imvsms Wuikshe uiWuikshupS m pvummai 26451 is Week 6 EnnlsEnnlzlvs nlAldehydes and Kelnnvs Chck heieiu iscsivsms Wuikshee uiWuikshupE m pvuuimai 23 Week 7 Mine EnnlsEnnlmvs nlAldehydvs and Kelnmzs Chck heiem ismsvsms Wuikshee uiWuikshup7 m pvummai 5mm Week 3 Czrhnxylic Acids and Their Derivatives Chck heiem imvsms Wuikshee uiWuikshupE m pvummai 252m Week 9 R22 ns MCzrhnxylicAcid Derivatives Chck heiem imvsms Wuikshee uiWuikshupB m pvummai mum Week1 NI rngen Cnmpnunds Chck heiem geithewuikshee uiWuikshup in m pvummai man is Week 11 Synlhvs39s and Rezdinns nl Czrhnnyl Cnmpnunds cm havem vecewethe Wuvkshee quuvkshup 1 1 m deuvmat 73 mama Week1 ynlhvs39s cm havem getthewuvkshee quvskhup 12 m deuvmat 1WEEQKb Week1 39Czrhnhydmlvs cm havem genheWuvkshee quuvskhup 11m deuvmat 25469 W Week16Generzl0rgz Chem39slly cm havem yeceueme Wuvkshee quuvkshup 14 m deuvmat 19312 W cuuwsEsnnxL Emmav cuNmeG cuwuwus lmrnduclinn TnVsanabe VnVaa buabuunhem MasaVne themesnmnewandthe new We have beaameveVyVamVMaymn e a Aha MannVan veadm e ama aanaensanan AmVnes uccm aammany m namver WEVE abeaay mennane be ammu aa s The b m V n sn nnn m mer n V m m V aan bees naaVauy aaaanVna nVVaaen cumpuundsr aaaauywe abeaay knuw name a smmsvevy aasey yeaeaa veammns naanbeaansVaeVea anaana as aaesnans aV secundavy ana emaVy s1mcuve anse Nune we ess me mVaVaanemVsny aVne ammu aaVas ananen uhgmmEvs ana bamneys aan s be anaeVs1aaa nVaaan nanna yeaanans usuaHy eWVsaaVasana LeWVsbasesVeaanna VnVamVanays Dan be aaa b ne pa ananan Hy use ne anemVsny ana enema aanaems eaVnea nVs yea ana yuu a asa naw snnme ne seemmg ywmp ex a esses aduaHy ave VyaaVaVe Vnnaaea by s chmmshthen EVaSa Em Vsne new amuse VaVyaa a ngumus VnVaaaaVan a EVaanemVsny Studentswmh a sVana pvepavauun m oVaanVa onemVsny aVen have an easeV nne n181EIMan aneVsaaens Learning Ohjedivvs Amany amp basay aV amVne 2 Pewew s aVseveVa synnea aVaaeaaVesm make nnvugenrbased aamaaanas ana ases aVsaan a make aneVaamba dsr mus1 annVan have been aVsaassea eanVeV m oyaa Hannan Eh Vnaan 4 MannVan R eammn esaeaVauyme mea m nanVs 5 Examme ne s1mcuvacumpemwes aVseveVa aVne akauds b Examme ne anaVna abaVaaVy synness aVaaVnVne 7 CansVaeVme snaamVes ana pvupemesu he ammu aaas na memanzanan a AbneVVnVaaaaVana beanae anemVsny Tne anemVsny aVaeanae deavmg veammns u LabaVaaVy synness aVaeanaes Chapter Advice Amany ana basay ave NOTtwu cuncepts ba Ya hEHWD sVaes aVne same cum a sVana aaVa nas a aanaaae basena Vs amyweaw base a bes SVnae aaVaVy ana basay ave nunwu aVVVeVen anaems mus1 oVaanVa abemss have ana aaa dvuppe a cussmns uHWu aVVVeVen saaes an UMununam y ban ssaes Vnenns aVanyne aaVaVy saae V e DHHE aanaaae aaa aVne base Hzndnuts Mb Chck havem see a Web basea summavy aVAmVne veammns Chck havem see a Shunkwave annnanan an seveVa aspects aVne anemVsny aVAmVnes He 2 53 eV 51mg amae an oaVnVne AnVs1aVy a Eaman Avveb PaaeVaV a beanae seaaenana Vaay asVna aaamaea Eaman anemVsny Maleeulas Tne CaaaCaa cunundmmn aa ene An Essay byJuhn EmseyVVam nVs bunk Maeaaes a an EVnVanan 998 onaya Unwevsny P1255 mmaxb CaVVeVne m cnnneVanna SnyannVne m cnnne Vanna Mm nVne DMF m cnnne Vanna eVaVn m cnnneVanna Game 7 cnnne Vanna Laeae Dehydmgenase m cnnne Vanna Hemmg ubm m Cmme Vuvma DNA CH ME Thymwdy a e Symhase m Cmme uvmat Exerc39svs Fux wmgssu Chap ev a 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 8 9 ms 11 s 12 13 14 15 15 17 was 192m 21 22 212425252128 andZB Chck havemv an uere pvacuce qmz un veadmns mvu vmg ammss Chck havemv anuthev uere pvacuce qmz un veachuns mvu vmg ammss mvudummnm Pvutem StvuctuveThws pvesematmn s deswgnedm be used as an amunmu tvadnmna emuves nut as a vep acemem suspec hat n W be mus1 useM as a vewew uHhe matena The mamnax s cuveved at a 2v2 suuams m a vs cuuvse m bmchemws y and We undevgvadua e 2v2 TexlhnnkTyrns r a w 3m Ed p 855 name a 1 Aha summs m H s s pamaHy cm aw p E71 but have s a


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