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by: Alexandria Bauch


Alexandria Bauch
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexandria Bauch on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM0310 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/229447/chem0310-university-of-pittsburgh in Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
Ebwsw ChapterB Alcohols amp Synthetic Strategies Last Updated nn unvemherznnn TexlhnnkTypns 6 Chapler Pageanz Exerc39se Mum Tbe answev my page AM m W5 WHEN exemse mcunec y sbuwsanebgbaxebbbbuabbmgabbwanebgbabebyge MemmedbyES Chapter 3 Page313menm reubsymbenie e R ehusymheucAnay yswsuH2xanuSymhesw rhexanuhshansmvmedmmpvupy magnesmm bmmwde ang pmpana Pamenhan bemg vaen as CHacHZCHZMgELME pmpy magnesmm bmmwde lvagmemwsmcunec yshuwnasCHacHZCHzMZEv denmed bySW miczl equminn Anbe mp bube page undev Tbe Chapler Page313menm reubsymb 39 ebe 39 lequminn mbe mwdd e bube page We ambms baye a headev suggesbng a seebng way u vehusymheucdwscurmedmn by bveakmg the 04705 Tbey shumd baye abe ed mbe 02703 bung ullhexanu denmed by ES r h n n 11 r RA 1292 cavbunsm m y m m Thwsenuns denmed by MD h n n m 39 pamway c u nveakmg We s amng ma evwa mm mbnagmems ym ds an uvganume a hc veagemwnh 3 cavbuns and a kemne Mb 11 cavbuns a ma um cavbuns WME the s amng ma ena usewebmams NW 13 cavbuns Tbe uvganume a h veagem m pamway c shumd un ycumamZ cavbuns gemmeg by MD r h n n 17 shuwstham a pama negabye chavge dehar n un y abbwsme gena abbye the cavbun wnh nu mmus swan denmed byJT Dwscussmn lmrnduclinn Thws ebamey swana s a sub e sbm mbe shaggy bvoygb Sn awe baye cuncemvated an a smaH numbev Mums bm dwe uped a mgh degvee umndemandmg b1 sub arma ang newtupms aegmmng Wm sbm a bu muvetuwavds membnzabbn and web we tuwavds umgue ang amsbe abpbeabbns b1 evevylhm weye eamed ANN pmm m an 013 cuuvse mus1 smgemsnm n amva eaeb umgue type b veammn bythe eng bube semesmv yuu m gm baye 5 e av s Thecavdsm p yuumsmdyme genenveammns cuns am sand nuancesasyuu cummue mnesb bunbe de a un eaeb nasb an Tbe amsbe apbbeabbn sthe symhesws uhvew mu ecu es mus1 DVWMEH can be made m seveva dMevemWays sumedea ybenenhanme uthevs mhevs havd y dWEYEnL and 51m mhevs upen m deba e andm peysunax pv evence Learning objectives ngamcuwdatmnandvedummn andpamcmav yasm atedma cuhu s 2 0y 1 ganumeta h veagems and thaw use mbe symhesws ma cuhu s avgev mgame cumpuunds um cheapev ang usuaHy smaHev n amp aegm m devemp a sys1emabe wategymvdewsmg senswb ewaysm make me va uab e and usuaHy n25 ChapterAdvice 1 ea y Stan and keep a s1us1ameg em 2 Be pvepaved pusswb e veamwny Get an a Cump e e W5 chap evbemve eemmd m c ass an 7 Chapter Synnp aw Nammg heA cuhu s hp hvuugh veadwhmeves ed a 2 sudemax and Physm Pvupemes UVNcuhms hp hvuugh veadwhmeves ed a 3 Alcuhms asAmds and Eases mpunan rundevstand c ass dwscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy a A ndusma Suuvces evAxeehexs Cavbun Manama and Bhene mpwd dmeadeeyes ed as SynmeasmAxeehexsbyNdexeepmhesdbmdnen mpunamr undevs and c ass dwscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy SENMacth OwdauunrR eductmn EetwenAlmhu sandCavbuny Cumpuunds rundevstand c ass dwscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy e aHmR eagems Suuvce e e pmheCamequotvaxeeththeas mpunamr undevs and c ass dwscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy a a nganume a hc Reagents mme Synthesws evAxeehexs mpunamr undevs and c ass dwscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy EB Cump exA whu s Anmueddmen cStvategy mpunan dnd R e atmn when 215 and c ass mscusswun vewew 52mmquot Wnecessavy Letlunts anvs Unda Alcuhms m page pdm e enema 1n15 Leciurevas e cnmplele wilh zudin Wednesday 15 OcmbevZDDE cump ete emdye shdesm accumpany aud u vecuvdmg emdye 7 page pd me we deem Wednesday 15 Octubev 2cm aud u vecuvdmg e1 ecmve 23 ME Wav N2 22 ms Mb Nate thanhe aud u vecuvdev dues nm 12mm dmemmes As a vesu Hhe mmme ung gapswhen app av Reddenen e1 permane WM sudmm buvuhydnde mm bcs WMveeman cumNuHhavd schu1252cum2mcaLEIZEIEHEIEEIEEIZEIVEIZ Mm Reddenen ucycubutanunewnh mmdm axdmmdm hydnde mm bcs WMveeman cumNuHhavd schu1252cum2mcaLEIZEIEHEIEEIEEIZEIVEIS Mm Exere39ses n s vecummende dwuvk DUHHE exevmses End e1 theme pyemems vequwed 22252527 x veaHy hke quesuunshk227 31 32 34 35 37 38 39 AD M AZ AS AE M AE AB an End e1 theme pvub ems s vung y vecummended 23 35 44 51 End mahaptev pvub ems deem e ensuve matena maa1eyy 21 ZS ZA ZB SEI 33 43 52 53 54 55 5557 SE SB ED


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