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Basic Concepts

by: Bryanna Lipscy

Basic Concepts THIST 212b

Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
Military History
Flyod Churchill

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About this Document

the ten basic concepts or the course
Military History
Flyod Churchill
One Day of Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Saturday January 17, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to THIST 212b at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Flyod Churchill in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Military History in History at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 01/17/15
Military History HIST 212 History give predictability quotI vs Wequot societies General Concepts Individuals verses group dynamics Europeans Native Americans The Europeans viewed life as for individual gain rather than the view of the Natives of having to work together for the greater good of the group Perpetual Lens People see the world differently Mirror image seeing things oppositely through different perceptions Example Russians and Germans at the start of world war one Both upped security on rail road thinking the others were going to attack misunderstanding Concept of Power Political econaomic technological Abiity to in uence what we want by no violent means Military In uence by force Cultural How culture in uences power Religious eary form of militias currant ISIS Situational when we must use leverage for own interest Geopolitical Middle east Oil rigs geographic need to make friendly with nations for gain naturaI reasources oil having what others need technological and scienti c Zero Sum Game back and white politics acting in absqutes with no Ieeway Sphere of in uence power projection Sphere of in uence not reIateabIe to every country Area of space where enemies are not allowed around the country there are no de ned Iines these can change radicaIIy and quickly as they are only de ned in the leader39s head Overlap in the lines may lead to disaster example of WWI Power projection Countries sense of their logical ability to project their power these lines also change quickly and suddenly This is the reason that American military have high costs as we have a large power projection US interest VS US image The actions taken to protect the interests of the US sometime contradict what image is put out of the US as a country that we would like to portray Americans that don39t speak English how to send messages to those with different perspective lenses Most Americans will not interact with those of different cultures as immigrants don39t move farther than the coast or borders it is the 2nCI and 3rd generations that move inland Immigrants tend to have a different sets of values between cultures Manifest destiny American exceptionalism Manifest Destiney the idea that we are special we must expand and take over with our superior ideology American Exceptionalism America is a necessary country it is powerful and exceptional If anything is to happen it will involve America if you want to improve the world The enemy of my enemy is my friend shifting into uncomfortable alliance for the convenience to achieve a goal


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