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by: Dr. Eliezer Weber


Dr. Eliezer Weber

GPA 3.64

P. Sullivan

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About this Document

P. Sullivan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Eliezer Weber on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 112 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by P. Sullivan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/229496/hist-112-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in History at University of South Carolina - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
HIST 112 STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST 1 Spring 2011 Yourfirst test is scheduled for Monday February 14 It will cover Chapters 15 through 18 in Give Me Liberty the assigned chapters in Discovering America s Past and class notes The test will be comprised of 15 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each and 2 essay questions worth 35 points each Below I have listed terms and questions that you need to know for the test These terms come from the textbooks but we have also discussed many of them in class For each ofthe terms listed you need to know who or what it is when it happened and why it is significant Additional resources for reviewing and studying are available online at the Give Me Liberty Study Space httpwwwwwnorton quot 39ristorvfoner2 Chapter 15 What is Freedom quot quot 18651877 Presidential Reconstruction Radical Reconstruction carpetbaggers Black Codes scalawags Enforcement Acts Klan Acts Radical Republicans Ku Klux Klan Thomas Nast Freedmen s Bureau Thirteenth Amendment Bargain or Compromise of 1877 Sharecropping Fourteenth Amendment Redeemers or Redemption crop lien Fifteenth Amendment Andrew Johnson Military Reconstruction Act 1 What visions of freedom did the former slaves and slaveholders pursue in the postwar South 2 How did sharecropping develop as a system of labor in the South 3 Why did Congress take over Reconstruction ofthe South in 1867 4 How did the political cartoons of Thomas Nast attempt to sway northern opinion during the era of Reconstruction 5 How did women s rights advocates respond to the proposal ofthe Fifteenth Amendment 6 Who belonged to the Republican party in the South during Reconstruction 7 In the South who opposed Radical Reconstruction and why How did they succeed in overthrowing Radical Reconstruction Chapter 16 America s Gilded AgeI 18701890 trusts and pools Battle of Little Big Horn Social Darwinism Andrew Carnegie Dawes Act Vertically integrated Ghost Dance Social Gospel corporation John D Rockefeller Wounded Knee massacre Knights of Labor Gilded Age J Pierpont Morgan George Armstrong Custer 1 What were the major factors contributing to the success ofthe second industrial revolution in America 2 In what ways did class emerge as a significant division between Americans 3 In what ways was the West incorporated into the national industrial economy 4 What motivated the federal government to place lndians on reservations and through what means did the government accomplish that goal 5 How did American Indian peoples define freedom 6 What was the big social problem in the Gilded Age In what ways did individuals attempt to rationalize the existence of the problem In what ways did they attempt to address it Chapter 17 Freedom s Boundaries at Home and AbroadI 18901900 Homestead strike Woman s Christian Temperance Union Farmers Alliance Pessy v Ferguson Alfred T Mahan People s Party the Populists new immigrants SpanishAmerican War William Jennings Bryan BookerT Washington Wilmington Race Riot Election of 1896 American Federation of Labor Henry Grady 1 What were the sources and significance of Populism 2 How was a system of racial segregation and disfranchisement established in the South 3 How did African Americans respond to segregation and disfranchisement 4 Who were the new immigrants How did nativeborn Americans perceive them 5 Why did some Americans believe that the United States should expand overseas 6 Why did some Americans oppose such expansion Chapter 18 The Progressive EraI 19001916 Triangle Shirtwaist fire WEB Du Bois Panama Canal Muckrakers know some examples Margaret Sanger 1902 Miners Strike new immigration same as in Ch 17 lWW Emma Goldman 17m Amendment Initiative and referendum Children s Bureau Socialist Party Jane Addams NAACP 1 What does the term Progressive mean and when did it come into use Who were Progressives 2 Why did the city or urban areas become the focus of Progressive reform or politics 3 In what ways did women become central to the political history of the Progressive Era 4 What was the New Feminism How did feminism help to create a new definition of freedom 5 How did Progressives attempt to reinvigorate active government and democracy 6 Discuss the ways in which President Theodore Roosevelt changed the presidency and expanded the powers ofthe presidency and ofthe national government 7 By 1916 what had the Progressives accomplished


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