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by: Caden Wolf PhD


Caden Wolf PhD

GPA 3.63


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caden Wolf PhD on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSC 115 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/229508/musc-115-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Music at University of South Carolina - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
BAIN MUSC 115 lVIusic Theory I Ch 2 Overview Elements of Rhythm The word rhythm as used in everyday language and also in science usually refers to some kind of periodicityia series of events that recur at regular time intervals We speak for instance of the rhythm of the seasons or of day and night the rhythm of breathing of the heartbeat of walking the rhythm period of a pendulum or of the vibrations of a string Rhythm as a musical term has a much broader meaning it is used to refer to the many different ways in which time is organized in music Jeanne Bamberger Developing Musical Intuitionsl Terms amp Concepts Notational Devices Rhythm p 25 Durational symbols p 25 Beat or pulse p 26 Other aspects of rhythmic Tempo p 26 notation pp 34736 7 Be sure to memorize all the Rest p 25 It terms and their Eng Dot p 25 translations Tie p 25 Meter pp 26727 Stem length and direction Syncopation p 34735 Beam pp 35736 Hemiola p 255 526 Bar line p 26 Grouplet or tuplet p 35 Metronome marking p 26 Beat and Tempo The beat is the basic pulse of a musical passage and the rate at which the beats occur is called the tempo Kostka and Payne Tonal Harmony Meter Beats tend to be grouped into patterns that are consistent throughout a passage the pattern of beats is called meter Basic Concepts Metric Types p 28 Metric Accent Patterns p 26 Meter pp 26727 1 Simple duple 2 S Wl etc 7 Duple 2 Compound duple 4 7 Triple 7 Quadruple 3 Simple triple 3 S W W l etc Division of the Beat p 28 4 Compound triple 4 7 Simple 27part division 7 Compound 37part division 5 Simple quadruple 4 S W S W l etc Metric accent patterns p 26 6 Compound quadruple 4 Time Signatures pp 29734 Conducting patterns for 24 34 6 S W W S W W l etc and 44 handout 8 1 Jeanne Bamberger Developing lVIusical Intuitions A Project7Based Introduction to Making and Understanding lVIusic New York Oxford 1999 BAIN MUSC 115 Mum WWW Using Online Music Dic onaries 1 1 The xfmd 2 n K Na and Paw Links to R ur Music DictionaryOnlme and on me Music Library s Web site For sample try looking up the terms time signature and inmiola You will find mines similar to the following The Oxford Dictionary of Music Rm 5 mmm Time Signature Halalcatm39mrl ngrhgrmvmv a F39nri gem I on Time Signature ahuvelheamev me lawema nmgme nnnnvmeaemememm valalmnmlhewhnlernme IhE uppermdlbaunglhe numbernhhase nnnsm eabh measnve may Thusmeumerslgnaiwau quaversm me measure Bui5eeCUNPUUNDHMEan swPLEmE Hemiola Bernstein Americaquot39 from Wesrsme my lu39iuiulzi lmnu ulal n Mush 1 mumnl linnn nl nnnn nnnnln hm mun m mm hm m n39plmr39d m vhm L39iMIIM nl mn nnn mumIn l ll ll m hlu hxnu rnmph Andrluplv mrul Rille l m39 Iirldh linuhh m nu39rllz Linn mm m k nonn om 4h In vuliu uonu will u mtm one39 hum hem mgr 7 hula zullole39 0 mm 0mm Amean Dmunnanes Desonbe how the passage above n example of hemiola For More MeterType Identi cation Pumice http www music so edursbamvcmusc115naxosmetatypes himl Refemnces Eambergen Jeanne Dzvzwpmg Mnm New York Oxford 1999 Kostka Stefan and Dorothy Payne Tonal Harmony mm an Immducnon m Twmnzrhrczmmy M14314 5m ed New York Mchw Hm 2008 jlulian Rushmn H WV 1 39 L


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