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Sport Ethics Week 1 notes

by: Kelly Smith

Sport Ethics Week 1 notes SPMGT 365

Kelly Smith
GPA 3.5
Ethics and Moral Reason in Sport
Scott Jedlicka

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About this Document

Here's one week of notes for sport ethics, SPMGT 365. Let me know if you need help!
Ethics and Moral Reason in Sport
Scott Jedlicka
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Smith on Saturday January 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPMGT 365 at Washington State University taught by Scott Jedlicka in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 178 views. For similar materials see Ethics and Moral Reason in Sport in Physical Education at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 01/17/15
SPMGT 365 Ethics and Moral Reason in Sport WEEK ONE NOTES 11515 Beginning definitions 0 Sport vs sports 0 Academic sport in the singular form is used to signify the idea of sport or sport as a general conceptset of behaviors Sports refers to specific types of activities baseball golf wrestling etc 0 Ethics vs morality 0 Some sources distinguish bt ethics as a codes of conduct and Morality as more abstract principlesvalues 0 Terms can be used interchangeably Moral behaviorethical behavior Types of questions 0 Objective 0 Factual one right answer 0 Subjective o A matter of taste no justification required usually 0 Normative 0 should ought 9 because 0 based on reasons MoralityEthics cont 0 A subset of a larger class of normative issuesethics is concerned w determining goodright and badwrong behavior in relation to other people 0 The morality of an action is only as good as the reasoning which provides the justification for it Normative reasoning Values9reasons behavior 0 Can evaluate the normality of an action based on an assessment of the values and reasons used to justify it Types of values 0 Prudential o Selfregarding concerned w your own individual well being physical and emotional health financial stability personal safetysecurity etc Why do I not smoke tobacco question of motivation Why should I not smoke tobacco normative question based on prudential values 0 Not ironclad other motivations and desires can conflict w prudential values Why do I smoke tobacco question of motivation Prudential value which suggests that I should not smoke remains unchanged Aesthetic o Concerned w making nonpractical value judgments primarily on the basis of sensory pleasure Ex what makes something beautiful 0 Some sports are based on the idea of being aesthetically pleasing Figure skating diving synchronized swimming Can also identify aesthetic elements in other sports 0 Aesthetics sometimes transforms subjective questions into normative ones 0 Moral 0 Help us determine how to conduct ourselves in our relationshipsinteractions w others 0 Fundamentally otherregarding ie not concerned w our own wellbeing but w the wellbeing of others Hobbes state of nature social contract 0 Thomas hobbes 15881679 argued that mankind s natural state was one in which everyone was in perpetual conflict w everyone else 0 Life was nasty brutish and shortquot 0 Humans could get out of the state of naturequot by forming agreements contracts with one another this forms the basis for civilization as we know it Prisoner s dilemma model 0 If we both confess serve 3 years in prison 0 If partner confesses they get probation and I get 5 o If we both deny each do 1 year Why does morality matter Critique of Hobbes 0 An explanation of cooperativemoral behavior but not much more than that 0 Think back to normative reasoning model values9reasons behavior o Aren t we just restating questions of morality in terms of individual selfinterest prudential values Morality doesn t really exist it s all selfinterest Why does morality matter 0 Often conditioned to believe that selfregarding behavior is in fact ethical or at least acceptable and otherregarding action is foolishly nai39ve 0 Especially true in sport itself take advantage of bad calls rule interpretations opponents injuries etc and in the business of sport firms compete for scarce resources market share etc 0 Which all leads to o If moral behavior is really just selfinterested behavior and o If plato as well as the apparent sociocultural consensus are accurate in the assumption that in realityquot we will forgo ethical behavior in favor of personal gain when presented w an opportunity to do so The relativist challenge Philosophers particularly ethicists of sport or otherwise are generally not fans of relativism 0 Descriptive relativism postmodernism o Idea that all claims to truth should be treated as equal and is only applicable to the individual advancing it 0 Ethical relativism 0 Ethical standards are unique to a defined culturesocietygroup o Moral claims either individual or social constructs and we cannot hope to come up w any generalizable claims about moral values or ethical behavior The appeal of relativism 0 Don t want to be lumped in w or identified as an extremist Agnosticism 0 Can t be absolutely certain about some things Study of ethics makes no claims to certainty rather based on reasoned but fallible arguments 0 go along to get alongquot o in order to respect others and promote peaceharmonycooperation we should not challenge other moral codes or beliefs simply ignoring conflict or disagreement does not make it go away Summing up this intro 0 ethics is o concerned w normative issues 0 based on and can thus be evaluated in terms of reasoned argument values reasons behavior o linked to moral otherregarding values 0 ethics is not 0 simply an outcome of selfinterested behavior 0 irrelevant to reallife 0 limited by relativism some elements of ethical reasoning 0 how do we go about making ethical determinations What standards can we use 0 Impartial maybe a better way to put it is unbiased o Consisted o Applicable


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