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Chapter 7 Notes

by: Ally Notetaker

Chapter 7 Notes PSYC 1001 - General Psychology

Ally Notetaker
General Psychology

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About this Document

General Psychology
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Notetaker on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 1001 - General Psychology at George Washington University taught by Fettig in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
Class Notes Chapter 7 101315 RecaH o Recallmemory retrieval in which the information to be retrieved must be pilled from memory with very few external cues o Retrieval failure recall has failed at least temporarily 0 Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon 0 Serial Position Effectinformation at the beginning and the end of a body of information is more accurately remembered than the information in the middle 0 Primacy Effectthe tendency to remember info at the befinning of a body of information better than that which follows 0 Recency effect at the end Recognition o The ability to match a piece of information or a stimulus to a stored image or fact 0 False positive an error of recognition in which people think they can recognize a stimulus that is not actually in memory Father Bernard Pagano Elizabeth Loftus o Showed that what people see and hear about an event after the fact can easily affect the accuracy of their memory of the event 0 Demonstrated that eyewitness testimony is not always reliable 0 Problems with Eyewitness testimony 0 Anxiety and Stress harder to keep memory 0 Memories can be reconstructed or change over time o The way we ask witnesses effect the testimony o A weapon focus 0 Automatic Encodingtendency of certain kinds of information to enter longterm memory with little or no effortful encoding How LTMs Are Formed Constructive Processingmemory retrieval process in which memories are built or reconstructed from information stored during encoding o Hindsight biasthe tendency to falsely believe through revision of older memories to include newer information that one could have correctly predicted the outcome of an event 0 Ex quot I knew the redskins were going to winquot 0 Misinformation effect the tendency of misleading info presented after an event to alter the memories of the event itself Class Notes Chapter 7 101315 0 False Memory Syndromthe creation of inaccurate or false memories through the suggestion of others often while the person is under hypnosis o The power of suggestion can change your memory Forgetting Ebbinghaus Curve of forgetting a graph showing a distict pattern in which forgetting is very fast within the rst hour after learning a list and then tapers off gradually 0 Distributed Practice 0 Missed Practice 0 Encoding Failure failure to process information into memory 0 Memory Trace Theory physical change in the brain that occurs when a memory is formed 0 Decayloss of memory due to the passage of time during which the memory is not used 0 Disuseanother name for decay assuming that memories that are not used will eventually decay amp disappear 0 Memories recalled after many years cannot be explained by this theory 0 Interference Theory 0 Proactivememory retrieval problem that occurs when older info prevents or interferes with the retrieval of newer info Ex Frenchstudy SpanishSpanish test spoke Spanish at home took French at school always wanted to say 39Si 0 Retroactive memory retrieval problem occurs when newer info prevents or interferes with the retrieval of older info Car gear example Formation of LTMs Consolidation changes that take place in the structure and functioning of neurons when a memory is formed 0 Longterm potentiation changes in the number and sensitivity of receptorsynapses through repeated stimulation 0 Takes place in hippocampus Retrograde amnesia loss of meory from the point of some injury or trauma backwards or loss of memory from the past Anterograde amnesia loss of memory from the point of injusry or trauma forward inability to form new longterm memories 0 Alzheimer s Disease Class Notes Chapter 7 101315 0 O 0 Primary dif culty experienced is anterograde amnesia No new or old memories High risk factorshigh cholesterol blood pressure smoking obesity 0 Writing Assignment 2 O O 0 23 paragraphs 5 points describing recall amp recognition distinguishing differences write paragraph on what recall is de ne it what is recognition de ne it and differenciate them separate from story answer questions within the story as u indemnify problems that arise bc of iwhitess what factors might lead u to doubt the testimony of the witness


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