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by: Archibald Von


Archibald Von

GPA 3.85

S. Dubinsky

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About this Document

S. Dubinsky
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Archibald Von on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING 721 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by S. Dubinsky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/229557/ling-721-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Linguistics at University of South Carolina - Columbia.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
April 3 2007 Unified style sheet for linguistics These guidelines grew out of discussions among a group of editors of linguistics journals during 20052006 and were approved on January 7 2007 They are intended as a quotdefault but with discretion to use common sensequot to quote David Denison on the matter Our principles as elaborated primarily by Stan Dubinsky are 1 Superfluous fontstyles should be omitted Do not use small caps for authoreditor names since they do not help to distinguish these from any other bits of information in the citation In contrast italics are worthwhile for distinguishing volume book journal dissertation titles ital from article and chapter titles ita 2 Superfluous punctuation should be left out Once italic is adopted to distinguish volumes from articleschapters as above then single or double quotations around article titles are superfluous and only add visual clutter 3 Differing capitalization styles should be used to make category distinctions Use capitalization of all lexical words for journal titles and capitalize only the first word plus proper names and the first word after a colon for bookdissertation titles and articlechapter titles This is a useful diagnostic for discriminating between titles that are recurring and those that are not Thejournal style for capitalization should also be applied to the title of book series Thus the citation of a SNLLTvolume would be punctuated Objects and other subjects Grammatical functions functional categories and con gurationaity Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 52 4 All authoreditor first names should be spelled out Not doing so only serves to make the citation less informative Withoutfull first names the 20th century index for Language alone would conflate five different people as J Smith four as J Harris three each under A Cohen and P Lee two each under R Kent J Anderson H Klein and J Klein 5 The ampersand is useful Use ampersand to distinguish higher and lower order conjuncts ie W amp X and Y amp Z as in Culicoveramp Wilkins and Kosteramp May It is relatively easy to see that reference is made here to two pairs of authors here cf Culicover and Wilkins and Koster and May 6 Name repetitions are good While using a line may save a little space or a few characters it also makes each such citation referentially dependent on an antecedent and the effort of calculating such antecedents is more than what it saved typographically Each citation should be internally complete 7 Four digit year plus period only Extra parentheses are visual clutter and superfluous 8 Commas and periods and other punctuation Separate citation components with periods eg Author Year Title and subcomponents with commas eg Author1 Author2 amp Author3 Please note the ampersand amp ratherthan the word and before the name of the last author and no comma before the The use of the colon between title and subtitle and between place and publisher is traditional but we do not use it between journal volumenumber and pagenumbers 9 Parentheses around ed makes sense Commas and periods should be used exclusively to separate citation components eg llAuthor Yearquot or subcomponents eg llauthor1 author2 amp author3 Since lledll is neither a component nor a subcom ponent but a modifier of a component it should not be separated from the name by a comma surname firstname author surname firstname ed editor NOT sumame firstname ed surname firstname amp firstname surname eds editors 10 For conference proceedings working papers etc For conference proceedings published with an ISSN treat the proceedings as ajournal lnclude both the full conference name and any commonly used acronym for the conference BLS WCCFL etc in thejournal title position For proceedings not published with an ISSN treat the proceedings as any other book using the full title as listed on the front cover or title page If the title and subtitle if there is one only includes an acronym forthe conference name expand the acronym in square brackets or parentheses following the acronym If the title does not include an acronym which is commonly used for e conference name include the acronym in square brackets or parentheses following the conference name The advantage of including the acronym after the society title is that it makes the entry much more identifiable in a list of references 11 Use edn as an abbreviation for edition thus 2nd edn This avoids ambiguity and confusion with ed editor 12 Names with von van de etc If the quotvanquot orthe lldell or other patronymic is lowercase and separated from the rest by a space eg Elly van Gelderen then alphabetize by the first uppercase element Gelderen Elly van The addition of llsee quot in comprehensive indices and lists might be helpful for clarification van Gelderen Elly see Gelderen 13 Names with Jr IV etc Following library practice list elements such as Jr as a su belement after names separated by a comma Smith Sean Jr 14 Use In to designate chapters in collections This makes the book s format maximally similar to the standard citation format This in turn would be timesaving when the author or the editor notice that more than one article is cited from a given collection and hence that that book s details should be set out as a separate entry in the references and the full details deleted from the articles entries author year In quot ed quot 39 quot 39 publisher 15 Journal volume numbers We favor 39 39 39 39 endingpage Thus 221 135169 Note the space between volume numberissue and page numbers Special formatting eg bold for volume number is superfluous Issue numbers are a parenthetical modifier cf quotedquot above of the volume number While it is not NECESSARY information for identifying the article it is extremely USEFUL information 16 Dissertationstheses These conform to the alreadywidespread Place Publisher format and fit readily into the rest of the standard Cambridge MA MIT dissertation Instead of archaic state abbreviations use the official twoletter postal abbreviations Note that national and other traditions vary in exactly what is labeled thesis versus dissertation and in distinguishing PhD from doctoral dissertations Cambridge MA MIT dissertation Chapel Hill UNC MA thesis Joseph Salmuns Z S 1234 PM 17 Online materials The basic information here author date title remains the same and the URL where the resource was found takes the place of publisher or c andthe rstword a eracolon journal We urge authors to include the date the material was accessed in parenthese afterthe URL since new versions often replace old ones For a pdf file this would bar C the date of downloading but for a resource like an online dictionary consulted j We a me quot 3 quot repeatedly a range of dates may be needed For additional discussion of handling on line citations authors may want to consult this guide ronym m 0 not include proceedings of Joseph Salmons 8805 213 PM Walker Janice R amp Todd Taylor 1998 The Columbia Guide to Online Stye N C mmemAuthOrediwf rstnaxsh uld be spelled out recommended but York Columbia Universrty Press obligatory Josaph Salmons 5112051221 PM l Comment Four digit year plus period only 9 no parentheses se h Salmans era05 213 PM Casali Roderic F 1998 Predicting ATR activity LC Qagplinglgslig Society 0178 39 Emma alphabetizenameswi h v n 341 5568 gm ChomSkyr NoamlJQEEG K lol Vle erpfl rlgy 9 N9YVY9EKLEFQBQQE s r Joseph Salmons 4107 1028 AM COBtSBml Frans Vail 0 A 99 9 9La q Milled 117901310quot U79 Ir n ll7l SJQHPEOPQSS quot7 Comment For onlinemaxerials give the language contact Heidelberg V nter date the resourcevmsaccessed Franks Steven 2005 Bulgarian clitics are positioned in the syntax httpwvlm mns inrliana 39 I I 39 39 39 cliticsremarkdens p 17 Ma 1 2006 Joseph Salmons 515051156 AM y s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s lverson Gregory K 1983 Korean sJ9urrlaj ng qnetlcg 11 191299 7 7 7 7 7 7 C mmequotquot capquota1 ze 1 lex mm ds quot 7 oumal or series titles Example references V B39eVinSv JU39ie el 209 EVQEW laDJPPQHEDPQY Gambriqgsggarnp dgs University Press an de etc according to rst uppercase t lVerSOI Gregory 1959 QD 1h sategprysgptatlajy geat E o Qng 278 gs a Johnson KylerlMathalget 8 Lam ngs s JQBQLPassive argumeotsratiseg LinguistE seph Sam 5 15 05113950 AM WuWZO 219951 s Lahiri Aditi ed 2000 Analogy leveling markedness Principles of change in 5512 phonology and morphology Trends in Linguistics 127 Be7rli7n Mouton 7de r7uyterly subcompone39mseg authorlyaulzhorzy McCarthy John J is 6er 5Ptinos1999 PE0 09LCIHPEPDQQQMQJPD A opositnim anthem ed Phonological theory The essential readingsi 72 E 278787Ma7ld7er717M7A7amp7 ijtptd Blackwell ii Murray Robert W amp Theo Vennemann 1983 Sound change and syllable structurei Germanic phonologyi7Language7597 5147572Ej Oxford English Dictionary 2nd ednl719 97 rd39 0 f Comment Give series infonnatio nh s tal llexi words Pedersen Johan 2005 The Spanish 39 r variation and change Constructions 1 httpllwwwconstructionsonlinedel Hp 7 nin l t e es Joseph Salmons 51205 1235 PM Comment Use ampersand also for intext W it i reference 200 Rissanen Matti 1999 Syntax In Roger Lass ed Cambridge History of the Engli hvi SEW Sa39mm 511505 5118 PM i Language vol 3 187331 Cambridge amp New York Cambridge University Press ll mmem may 1yf mw rd f l l Stewart Thomas W Jrl 7200707Mutati9n7 as7nlogpholggy7 B7a7slt7s7s7tlt7m7s7ant71 7sh7apes Scottish Gaelic Columbus OH The Ohio State University dissertation l li i Joseph Salmons 51105 150 PM Webelhuth Gert edl J 995queramen angpitrczingjllengarztzinsolemale J l h program Principles and parameters in syntactic theory Oxford Blackwell ti l quotS Yu Alan C L 2003 The morphology and phonology of infixation Berkeley CAl7 7 l University of California dissertation 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 article and chapter tit1es plus rst word after colon umal li Joseph Salmons 511205 1229 PM i l lip m CommentLexical wordsinjoumaltitles M Mr capitalized l rt ll 1 Joseph Salmons5l12l0512229 PM i Joseph Sa Imons 6605 137 PM 39 U se edn as an abbreviation for Joseph Salmons 4307 819 AM Comment For online journal give joumal URL a er tit1e and Volume ifapp1icab1e followed by date consulted i 1 Joseph Salmons 6605 240 PM hi CommentPlaee Jr IV etc after 1 names Joseph Salmons 51 2105 1230 PM Comment Use parentheses around ed do not separate from last nameb comma Y Joseph Salmons 51205 1230 PM l Comment Use twoletter postal abbreviations Joseph Salmons 51605 652 AM nt mat for dissertationstheses City State Institution dissenationMA thesis eg Cam rid MAMIT dissertation Chapel HillNC UNC MA thesis


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