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by: Trace Mante MD


Trace Mante MD

GPA 3.61

C. Huang

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About this Document

C. Huang
Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trace Mante MD on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCE 210 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by C. Huang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/229583/csce-210-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
CSCE 210 iComputer Hardware Foundations ChinTser Huang huanqctcsescedu University of South Carolina Chapter 6 The Little Man Computer The Little Man Computer Calculator Mailboxes 00 500 uuuu 01 199 02 500 03 399 7 39 In Basket Out Basket Instruction Little man Reset button location counter 10012009 Mailboxes Address vs Content Addresses are consecutive starting at 00 and ending at 99 Content may be Data a three digit number or Instructions Address Content 10012009 Content Instructions Op code In LMC represented by a single digit Operation code Arbitrary mnemonic Operand In LMC represented by two digits following the op code Object to be manipulated Data or Address of data Address Content Op code Operand 10012009 a Magic Load program into memory User puts data into In Basket 10012009 Assembly Language Specific to a CPU 1 to 1 correspondence between assembly language instruction and binary machine language instruction Mnemoncs short character sequence represent instructions Used when programmer needs precise control over hardware eg device drivers 10012009 Instruction Set Arithmetic lxx 2XX Data Movement 3xx 5XX InputOutput 901 902 Machine Control 000 coffee break 10012009 ADD SUB STORE LOAD INPUT Output HALT COB InputOutput Move data between calculator and inout baskets Content Op Code Operand address IN input 9 01 OUT output 9 02 10012009 LMC InputOutput Calculator Mailboxes Bagnket IN Out Basket J Instruction Little man Reset button location counter 10012009 10 Internal Data Movement Between mailbox and calculator STO store LDA load 10012009 Content Op Code Operand address 3 XX 5 XX 11 LMC Internal Data Calculator Mailboxes 123 l l l ll l l l ll l ll l LDA In Basket STO Out Basket 39 Little man Reset button Instruction 100 location counter 12 Arithmetic Instructions Read mailbox Perform operation in the calculator Content Op Code Operand address ADD 1 XX SUB 2 XX 10012009 13 LMC Arithmetic Instructions Calculator Mailboxes ADD SUB Basket Reset button Instruction Lime man location counter 10012009 14 g Data storage location Physically identical to instruction mailbox Not located in instruction sequence Identified by DA Tmnemonic 10012009 15 Simple Program Add 2 Numbers Assume data is stored in mailboxes with addresses gt90 Write instructions 10012009 Input a l Store the l Input a Add l Output the number 16 g Program to Add 2 Numbers Mailbox r Instruction Description 00 901 input 1st Number 01 399 store data 02 901 input 2nd Number 03 199 add 1St to 2nd O4 902 output result 05 000 stop 99 000 data 10012009 17 Program to Add 2 Numbers Using Mnemonics Mailbox Mnemonic Instruction Description 00 IN input 1st Number 01 STO 99 store data 02 IN input 2nd Number 03 ADD 99 add 1st to 2nd 04 OUT output result 05 COB stop 99 DAT 00 data 618 10012009 18 Program Control Branching executing an instruction out of sequence Changes the address in the counter I Content Op Code Operand address BR Jump 6 XX BRZ Branch on 0 7 xx BRP Branch on 8 XX COB stop 0 ignore 10012009 LMC Instruction Set Arithmetic Data Movement BR BRZ BRP InputOutput Machine Control coffee break 10012009 1XX 2XX 3xx 5xx 6XX 7xx 8XX 901 902 000 ADD SUB STORE LOAD JUMP BRANC ON 0 BRANCH ON INPUT OUTPUT HALT COB 20 Find Positive Difference of 2 Numbers 00 IN 901 01 STO 10 310 02 IN 901 03 STO 11 311 04 SUB 10 210 05 BRP 08 808 test 06 LDA 10 510 if negative reverse order 07 SUB 11 211 08 OUT 902 print result and 09 COB 000 stop 10 DAT 00 000 used for data 11 DAT 00 000 used for data 10012009 21 Instruction Cycle Fetch Little Man finds out what instruction he is to execute Execute Little Man performs the work 10012009 22 Fetch Portion of Fetch and Execute Cycle 1 Little Man reads the address from the location counter 2 He walks over to the mailbox that corresponds to the location counter 10012009 23 Fetch cont 3 And reads the number on the slip of paper he puts the slip back in case he needs to read it again later 10012009 24 Execute Portion 1 The Little Man goes to the mailbox address specified in the instruction he just fetched 2 He reads the number in that mailbox he remembers to ms replace it in case he needs it T later T 10012009 25 Execute cont 3 He walks over to the calculator and punches the 39 39 number in n T quot E2 I E L EEEEE 4 He walks over to the location counter and clicks it which gets him ready to fetch the next instruction 10012009 g von Neumann Architecture 1945 Stored program concept Memory is addressed linearly Memory is addressed without regard to content 10012009 27


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