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by: Trace Mante MD


Trace Mante MD

GPA 3.61

C. Huang

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About this Document

C. Huang
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trace Mante MD on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCE 210 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by C. Huang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/229583/csce-210-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
CSCE 210 iComputer Hardware Foundations ChinTser Huang huanclctcsescedu University of South Carolina Chapter 2 Systems Concepts and Systems Architecture i What is a system What do the following systems have in common 1 Plumbing system 2 Home network system 3 Inventory control system 8272009 Plumbing System Water supply system 3A5 to 1 supply pipe Shutoff Air chamber Relief valve Main service pipe from water supply 8272009 Home Network System Phone quot6 DSL or cable WireleSS or cable mOdem rOUter NetworkReady Network Attached Printer Storage NAS 8272009 Inventory Control System Sales order C 1 heck order against inventory 1 2a Not Available 1 To sales to notify customer To purchasing to determine availability and shipping date 8272009 1 2b Available deduct from Inventory inventory 1 To warehouse for order fulfillment and shipping 3 Check against inventory reorder point 1 Stock lt minimum To purchasing for reorder Definition of a System A system is a collection of components linked together and organized in such a way as to be recognizable as a single unit Linked components of a system also define the boundary for the system The environment is anything outside of the system 8272009 General Representation of a 8272009 System Decomposition Components May be irreducible or May be subsystems Decomposition The division of a system into its components and linkages Hierarchical 8272009 System Architecture The fundamental properties and the patterns of relationships connections constraints and linkages among the components and between the system and its environment are known collectively as the architecture of the system 8272009 10 Abstractions of Systems How are the following two abstractions of a business system different from one another How are these abstractions different from the real business system 8272009 11 Business Organization Chart Corporate exec management Marketing and sales Human Resources Finance Sales Advertising Order Fulfillment 8272009 System planning amp development System Administration User support Em ployment l Accounting l Organizational development Financial planning Contracts Purchasing l Auditing amp control 12 Business Application Architecture Marketing Information Executive lt gt information buakuvllcia Order Entry System 8272009 Accounts Receivable Order fulfillment Purchasing Accounts payable Financial Information System 13 IT System Architectures Distributed processing systems ClientServer Computing Peerto Peer Computing 8272009 14 ClientServer Computing A program on a client computer requests services from a program on a server computer Examples Email services file services print services directory services Web services database services application services remote access services 8272009 15 Basic ClientServer Architecture Server Client Request Request Service Service response Communication response channel 8272009 16 Advantages of ClientServer Architecture Centralization of services permits easier administration of services by IT professionals easier availability and location by users consistency of resources such as files and data can be managed and assured more efficient and costeffective hardware procurement through purchasing a small number of very powerful computers 8272009 17 Clients and Servers on a Network Database Email Web server File Sewer server Application Servers server amp print server Clients 8272009 18 PeertoPeer Computing Computers on a network are treated as equals Each computer can share resources with the other computers on the network Disadvantages Difficult to establish centralized control of services Difficult to locate services Difficult to synchronize versions of files or software Difficult to secure network from unauthorized access and from viruses Advantages Sharing files between personal computers Internet file sharing 8272009 19 Hybrid Model of Computing Clientserver technology used to locate systems and files Then systems can participate in peer topeer transactions Examples Instant messaging Skype Napster 8272009 20 Google System Architecture Provide powerful fast search capability for material on the Internet Derive income from advertising that is targeted to each user based on their searches Basic requirements Capable of responding to millions of simultaneous requests from all over the world Perform a web crawl of the Internet retrieve and organize data Establish ranking of results with appropriately targeted advertising High reliability of the system System is easily scalable and cost effective 8272009 21 Google Data Center Search Application Architecture Internet Interface to internet Web Servers 2 Spell Checker Ad Checker A L A A Web Page 3235 gt Document Servers Index Page data bases databases 8272009 22 Simplified Google System Hardware Architecture To Internet Network switch Network Network SW39tCh switch 8272009 23


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