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by: Mr. Rosalind Larson


Mr. Rosalind Larson

GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Rosalind Larson on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 103 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/229610/geog-103-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Geography at University of South Carolina - Columbia.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
GEOGRAPHY 103 INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY Relative Water Depth for the New Orleans Area Estimaled warm EpLh band an n lake Ieval nf 237 lee recoldad by gage 073302330 on 03022009 Elevations in Feet NGVD Lake Ponxchanraln New Orleans Area Map Flcudwall Along Mississippi River Hurricane 39 Protection Levee 23F Floodw 718 FT PMS SPH Design 31 El Gentilly N1 Ride St Anthony al Esplanade at X Wlldalr m Gentillv Blvd St Claude atAllen St Louis Walmigm Dr Cathedral DE39bignv 3 l39m Dillard Univ Waimigm m camquot al L c Simon Mead 0be Wm WHAT IS GEOGRAPHY Geo Earth grapha desoriptio pioturewrite Geography is the study of spatial variatio What is spatial variation Why is history impo ant Interaction If the world were a Village of 100 people If the World39s populalion of six billion people Wm reduced to a village oflOO people this would be the result Area Language ix would he cmm l7 peaple would speak Maudauu i wauid h Anna 0 mp c lllxpcdlx age all VVOI it he veei E uupcnng E peapl would spenl Hindi m Urdu 3 would be Luiu Aincilcam Maple would 1 l uss m i would be North Amerimm a people ople l mam he Amiaha a New Zealuiidei he The eamahi epeah Be would peul Spam ould elm 4 391 7 Portuguese Indonesian Japanese GennzuiFrciiL and zoo othei lauguaged Religion Education u would he illiterate 1 would hm e n ehuege education oul re Hun us V 39olild Buddhist Health 9 would be L oufueim and Shinto will tinditmuall 0 would lie malmuiislied 1 would be ICVVlwlI 33 would not have clean Rafe dunking watei This is an cxcnipt nah quotUnlicanl Voices ceiehiaiiag Ilhucs om die Developing Waiter a Guide a Introducing GlolmlEdIICutlou to the Clamcomquot developed by the Viscuneiu hludi on RPCV Remined Pen2 chive whaieeeiei gmup WHAT DO GEOGRAPHERS STUDY Spatial distribution of things or phenomena How spatial patterns arise Significance of a spatial pattern Space as opposed to time EVOLUTION OF THE DISCIPLINE Get him to the Greek2200 years ago Maps became important to describe people and placeculture Coordinate systems evolved to define location THE WORLD OF HERODOTUS C485 425 BC lumbus was lost Original Map by Ptolemy c 150 NOT ALL GEOGRAPHY FROM EUROPE Chinese had early interest in Geography No contact between the different places and cultures Chinese version of the world c 1418 EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY Little geographic work between 5th and 15th century Notable 19th century contributors Alexander von Humbolt 17691859 Karl Ritter 17791859 George Perkins Marsh 18011882 Charles DanNin 18091882 GEOGRAPHY IN THE 20TH CENTURY Fullfledged academic discipline by 1903 Study of spatial analysis began in 1950s Regional geography declines in 1960s and 1970s while quantitative methods increase Technology is a major aspect to geography today TWO BROAD CATEGORIES OF GEOGRAPHY Human Georah Concerned with the spatial aspects of human groups and their and activities Phsical Georah Centers on the analysis of all elements and processes that make up the physical environment Many subcategories Physical Humancuilural geography geography Eiogsography Eahavioral goon Cnnllnuum nl Geugmphy a g Solis geography Papuiailollfgsqma Synmesis itaitstic vtewi Physlcul and Llla Sclences Human and cultural SCIEMBE ssiial obiecls and matter in lite Universe Anlhmpnlogy Human aligln behavior amt development Lila and living olganlsms Business Cammsrcial Industrial pmiassional out me enierprisos Heiailanshlps between lite and environment Damography Aspecia a human pa ulaiion Soils Iha adaphnephsla Economics Fmduc an dlstll buiion and consumpllon ol Earth size and shape goo s an servlcas management theory Eartli malarial composition piacessas Histoly Chronological analysls oi human events all Is airy Medlci39ne Dlagnosis llaaimanii and pmanlian ol Conllnanlal water properties distribution disease and eiiecis Philosophy Logical masonlng causes and laws ot realily Polllical science Governmenl and puiilibai l nsllliuiions 5 Che Meleamlogy Mental processes and be av or Atmosphere and weather Oceanic physical and livliig syslems lance 1 ma or an energy Sociology uman soot a avior and soclely Anlmal Ilia Urban studies Cities anu city NIB Biology Hydml gy rm y t quot i i Meteorology if x i A4 i 9 ty x0 epg VMamgement r quot 777 i Geography Urban quotPopulatio i quot39 iGeographX Geography 39H quot 5 I t39Pol1t1ca1l i Economlc xur Urban i Historica GeographyA S d i Geography t tu 16539 iil r i History Health Sciencesf g I TWO APPROACHES OF GEOGRAPHIC STUDIES Reional Georah The study of geographic regions Toical or Sstematic Georah The study of particular aspects of physical or human geography BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS spatial spatial spatial Distribution Extent Behavior Processes Relationships Geographers use the scienti c method BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Location Direction and Distance Size and Scale Physical and Cultural Attributes Change Interrelations Place Similarity and Regions BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Location Absolute vs Relative Site Situation BASIC GI Directi AbsoI 39 RelatI BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Distance BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS 7 Size and Scale i li l u ile imm i it i Implies the degree of generalization W tit re resented 7 p POPULATION DENSITIES Midwestern States Understanding scale is essential BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Physical and Cultural Attributes Natural Landsoae Physical characteristics ofa place climate soil water supplies mineral resources terrain features Cultural Landsoae Visible imprints of human activity urban or agricultural areas 2 BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Attributes of Place are Always Changing Characteristics of places today are the result of constantly changing past conditions Geographers view places as the present result of past operation of distinctive physical and cultural processes BEFORE BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Interrelations Between Places Spatial Interaction accessibility and connectivity Spatial Diffusion dispersion of an idea or thing from a center oforigin to more distant points Globalization the increasing interconnection ofall societies in all parts of the world BASIC GEOGRAPHIC CONCEPTS Place Similarit and Reions Formal Region 39 Functional Region Perceptual Region FORMAL REGIONS u a quot1 Extensive rattle 1 Intensive Ilvestock grazing arman and dairyan amp and iiveskock 1 Forest graztn tannin E Extensive sheep 1 Nu signlilmnt use a allquot Closer to Home y I quozmms 1 if h PERCEPTUAL REGIONS OF NORTH AMERICA 39 I L l NORTH tr a 3 Runyon m ma Na Regional Af llahon J 39 250 500Kilomelev 39 250 SODMiles U L4 my M wumunmnwn Art gth mm M v 7 45th Parallel HALF WAY BETWEEN THE EQUATOR AND NORTH POLE HumanEarth Relationships Earth Science Yradilion Ch 3 Physical Geuglaphy Iand mms Ch 4 thsi 1 engmphy39 v minor and Ohmic Ch 5 The Geo a New gm n m Resourcas Lucaiianai Tradition 39r n Economic Geagrapny Ch11UrbanGen m hy Ch 12 Human impact on me Environmenl UL n uh ngm h Nariomi miniii Fur L ngraphic C 39iiphjcnl Society nsumle or Aueralian Geogi a Ausmlian Geography Teachers Association Europem Geography Association i i n39mnim vim quot 39 U 39 CulturQEnvironmenl Tradlllon cr Fogu ation Geography Cr iilruml Geography y 0 Span39a away anneal Geography Geography Techniques and Skllls on 2 Maps Area Analysis Tradilion Ch 1 3 The Regional Cancep httpimw qeug r httpmu hamInn unrng Inqulu u ndtilulguugTJphiCKOm Inqulicnuawiindwi ciigLigiiidcliLuiJ llllpHlcggtufg Iilp1Ti snl1indeiseduJlIgevgmg Impzluim39igm4iiJu lmpcgcagenguuul Imw u39 39 H r v 39fm PI II um I39 l i 7 i Inciudcs mm regional di ibimxs E Ldkcs CHI Plai Icy Pan c Cm Regional nmlwmm Smirimmm insRoch Momimin Middh Ailaiiiic liddlc Shuts Na Enghudisl LdM LHCC Va WmT akci


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