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by: Brandon Dickinson


Brandon Dickinson

GPA 3.85

C. Knapp

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About this Document

C. Knapp
Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brandon Dickinson on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 101 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by C. Knapp in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see /class/229614/geol-101-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Geology at University of South Carolina - Columbia.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
Lecture 1 Outline I Welcome I Introductions I Class logistics I The iClicker I De nition of Geology I Overview of course topics GEOL 101 Introduction to the Earth Knapp l Sections 113 I T TH 9301045 l Jones Physical Science Center PSC Room 210 Joseph Ward Bouknight Auditorium I Are you in the right class The Other GEOL 101 Introduction to the Earth I Sections 1426 I MW F122201210 pm I PSC 210 l Professor Gene Yogodzinski I Are you in the right class Introductions l Professor Camelia Knapp l Instructional Assistants labs Dana Mucuta Coordinator Hyunmee Park Obi Egbue John O39Brien David Gombosi Who are you I Name I Place of origin I Maj or I Why are you taking GEOL 101 Prof Camelia Knapp s Contact Information l Of ce EWSC 206 Dept of Geological Sciences I Phone 7778491 I Email cameliageolscedu I Of ce Hours By appointment The Other Drs Knapp I Dr Jim Knapp Professor Department of Geological Sciences I Dr Loren Knapp Assistant Dean College of Science and Math a E 7 mm M Mammymmrmmmnnw Hm mJPmm mm A mmmum swam pmmmmmmmmmmm Course Info amp Syllabus I Available online at httprainierseissceducameliaGEOL l39Ol2006GEOL 1011ht39m1 l Summary of course information I Schedule of course topics and reading assignments I Contact info I Announcements l Recently revised version Textbooks I Lecture Text Grotzinger J Jordan Th Press F S iever R Understanding Earth 5th ed W Freeman and Company I Laboratory Text R M Busch ed Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology 7th ed Textbook I Make sure you purchased the right textbook for your section I Sections 113 if you purchased Earth Portrait of a Planet instead of Understanding Earth please exchange it eBook l Choice to purchase the ebook I If you purchase the ebook please order the iclicker separately I To order the ebook go to httpebooksbprubcornearthphp Reading Assignments I Posted online under Schedule of Course Topics in the syllabus I Will generally follow the progression of topics in the textbook l Reading should be done in advance ofth e related lecture Lecture 2 Reading I Grotzinger et a1 Chapter 1 The Earth System Pages 117 Publisher s Web Resources l WH Freeman and Company I CDROM and online resources I httpbcsthreemancomunderstandingearthSe Flashcards Sample exams Summary notes Animations of concepts Exercises Graded online quiz Photo gallery Lectures I Will be offered in Power Point I Will NOT be posted online or elsewhere I Please take notes in the class I Attendance is required and taken each lecture Via the i clicker l Participation in class is part of the grade I Many exam questions will come from lectures I Sample exam questions Will be given during lectures Laboratory Organization l Attendance to all labs is mandatory l Labs start the week of August 27th I 13 sections of 24 students each 312 students I Weekly meetings 2hour labs I All labs will be held in EWSC Earth and Water Science Center 701 Sumter St I Make sure you go to the right lab I Bring your lab manual with you I School holidays are posted online under the course web page Exams ABSOLUTELY NO MAKEUP EXAMS Exam dates posted online Based on the lectures and textbook readings Multiple choice Four exams 3 midterms amp 1 nal Each exam will have 50 questions 4 pointsquestion Lowest score out of the rst three midterm exams will be dropped Final exam is mandatory and will count toward the grade None of the exams will be cumulative Exam Dates l 19 Sep 06 Tuesday Exam 1 l 10 Oct 06 Tuesday Exam II I 14 NOV 06 Tuesday Exam III I 14 Dec 06 Thursday Final Exam Grading Policy I Laboratory 30 1300 points I Exams non cumulative 60 600 points Midterm Exams 3 40 lowest will be dropped Final Exam 20 l Class participation 10 100 points I Total 100 1000 points I Extra credit lectures 5 50 points I Maximum incl extra credit 105 1050 points Cellular Phone Policy I Use of cell phone pagers etc is inappropriate during either lecture or lab I Please turn off all telecommunication devices before entering the lecture hall or lab I During exams any use of cell phones will be penalized With a score of O The iclicker l Radio frequency classroom response system I Tool that encourages active student participation l Votes are registered in less than 01 seconds and con rmed directly on the remotes The iclicker l Remotes have long battery life and use two standard AAA batteries l Battery life 2OO hours low battery light I Auto shut off feature that turns the remote off after a period of inactivity and saves battery power I The iolioker is required for this class so please make sure you bring it to lectures The iclz cker Registration httpwwwiclickercomregistration Each student has a unique iclicker identi able by its seria1 number First choose your school USC Under Student ID type your USC Username If you do not know your USC Username go to VIP gt Technology You will be prompted for Username iclicker Password register Click Submit and you will get an acknowledgement that the registration was successful Using the iClicker l Before registering your iClic ker you need to vote al least one time in class I Please turn your iclicker on I You will have 1 minute to answer the question when I tell you Start l iclicker becomes inactive when the time to answer a question expires Are youa A Freshman B Sophomore C Junior D Senior Course Philosophy I Basic grounding in the principles of Earth science I Getting the right answer vs asking the right question I Apply your knowledge of Earth science in your future endeavors I Learn how to think critically How and When thequot Earthghafd formed The Earth s composition amp physical prepcr39tie39s Identify various rocks and minerals Geologic history df39thiei comments What lies beneath the means Natural hazards Natural resources Global climate Change NA SAsc39ienc egsaurgcgthiq Atmosphere Hydrosphere 4 L sphere j 39 39 TECTONIC J I SYSTEM Why study the Earth a l Resources Energy Water Materials I Hazards Flooding Earthquakes Landslides l Sustainability eg coastal l Scienti c Curiosity What is Geology l Geo Earth logos study of Geology l The science that deals with the history of i the Earth and its life especially as recorded in rocks Webster s New Colleg Dic39L p 477 l Course Title Introduction to the Earth What is Geology Part II l The study of the planet Earth the materials of which it is made the processes that act on these materials the products formed and the history of the planet and its life forms since its origin Glossary ofGeology 2 l ed p 258 Geology A Brief History One of the youngest sciences Modern geology began in 1700 s Catastrophism Georges Cuvier 17 691832 view the development of Earth as a series of sporadic cataclysmic events Uniformitarianism James Hutton 7261797 quotthe present is the key to the pastquot Plate tectonic revolution late 1960 s and early A Preview of Course Topics please see the syllabus l htt rainierseissceducameliaGEOL 1012006GEOL 391 701 htm1 Sample Exam Question l According to the principle of un39 ormitarianism A a geologic processes we observe today 39 ave operated in the past B animals evolved at a uniform rate C all of the planets formed from a uniform solar nebula D early Earth was covered by a uniform magma ocean Key Points I Course Logistics l De nition amp brief history of Geology l Catastrophisrn vs Uniformitarianisrn l Survey of Course Topics Next Lecture Grotzinger et 211 Ch 1 g I The scienti c method I Origin of Earth I Earth as a system of interacting components I Earth through geologic time Questions Good Luck


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