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by: Elmo Upton


Elmo Upton

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Class Notes
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This 91 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elmo Upton on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TSTM 343 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/229630/tstm-343-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Tec Technology, General at University of South Carolina - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
Information Systems vs Information Technology What is an Information System What is Information Technology Are they different or the same Information Systems Technical System Most often the hardware software and other technology used to create exchange and use information Can also be a specific process or technical way of doing something ie division of labor Social System Organizational culture norms informal communication as Knowledge System Includes company information which can come from people organizational processes or more Employee s experience and wisdom Information Systems Security Technical System Computers routers antivirus software firewalls etc Formal System Rules security policies regulations ie must have a strong password Informal System Security culture norms ethics etc Relates to the social system of information systems Emel BEEPE Normbridge Chipsei Bucket WE Connectm DDR DIMM Mammy Slots Game Headraa USB 20 Headers ATE P wer Connector FUD Head3r IDE Headm me BCE I Southbr idge Ch psei IDE Header Banal ATE Headers Nurthbridge with heatsink SDUthbridge YIDE Cannecmr 2 ASP 5 DRAM Mammy Slut EDI pin ATE Pawz er Eonnecmr PEI Slut x5 CMQS Backup Battery Heatsink Muun ting Paints CPU Sn ket Cunnecmrs For Integrated Periuherals Pmmssor H351 Sensnr PHHEI j quotV 39 L V L CDH E tDF i 1 5 Via KTIJUCI quotquot39 39equot quot39 39 39 39 Nnnhb dge Ehipset AT39X F39Dwer Connectur CEHI I Header Frunl Panel Z A IDE Audim Haadar g quot quot j 39 Conna mrs AGPaxsmu 39 quot 32bit PCI Elms Floppyf Disk Cunnecior WCIIL Header CNR Slot LIEB Headers Emuv i U m ull i39l I39Hh Chipset o A set of integrated circuits that orchestrate data to and from components such as the CPU RAM PCI slots hard drive etc Controls communications between the processor and other components o North Bridge links the CPU to high speed devices like RAM and Graphics eg PCI Express amp AGP Also links to the south bridge o South Bridge links slower devices like USB audio and Ethernet and BIOS Buses 0 Front Side Bus Carries data between the CPU and North Bridge On newer processors with some north bridge components built into the CPU it carries data between the CPU and those components 0 Back Side Bus Carries data between the CPU and cache There is no back side bus on newer processors that have all cache built in o PCI Bus carries data to the PCI slots 0 LPC Bus ow pin count bus used for low bandwidth devices like BIOS od keyboards and mice Cache 0 L1 Cache typically resides in the CPU o L2 Cache typically resides on the motherboard 0 L3 Cache typically resides on the motherboard and many times is not present o L2 and L3 cache is connected to the processor through the back side bus but some newer procrassors have all cache built into the processor therefore eliminating the need for a back side bus because the cache is no longer on the motherboard 0 Cache anticipates CPU requests by having frequently accessed instructions preloaded such as launching the web browser 0 Why not have on big cache Because the larger the cache the slowerthe search L1 cache is typically smaller and faster and contains the most frequently accessed instructions 0 L2 cache is typically a little bigger and a little slower to search and contains the second most accessed instructions L3 cache is typically bigger and slower than L1 and L2 cache and has the next most frequently accessed instructions All of these caches are faster than SDRAM Cache 0 Once a request is made eg launch Excel 0 O O 0 L1 cache is searched for the instructions L2 cache is searched for the instructions L3 cache is searched for the instructions RAM is searched for the instructions slower than cache And finally the hard drive is searched much slower than cache and SDRAM Some hard drives have caches as well hybrid solid state hard drives making them faster Finding the instructions in cache is called a cache hit otherwise it is a cache miss into pieces whichever processing do more things simultanercu 7 ii nirg faster results Common Intel Desktop Processors o Intel Core i2 Duo Processor 0 Up to3j16 GHZ clock speed 2 cores Front side bus 1333 Mhz L1 ca ch e L2 cache up to 16 Mb i 0 Intel Core 2 Quad Processor lme39 Core 2 Quad 39 Up to 283 GHZ clock speed 39 4 cores 39 Front side bus 1333 Mhz L1 cache 128 Kb 39 L2 cache up to 12 Mb Common Intel Desktop Processors 0 Intel Core i7 Processor Up tog 052 elzock speed with turbo boost 39 4 Cor g39 r 6 4kLiicache and 256k L2 cache per core L3 CacheB Mb shared by cores 0 Turbo BoostTechnoIogy HyperThreading u echn ology running 2 threads per co re total a oaks like Scores Build in 353memoryicontroller VS being on the north bridge Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition Overclock protection removed 39 Up to 3233 GHz clock speed with turbo boost 4Cores 39 64k L1 cache and 256k L2 cache per core L3 Cache 8 Mb shared by cores Turbo BoostTechnoIogy HyperThreading Technology running 2 threads per core 8 total at once looks like 8 cores Build in DD3 memory controller vs being on the north bridge D Common Intel Mobile Processors 9 Now mgile its and i7 processors 0 Centrino 2 Processor previous generation Up to 32 GHz clock speed 2 cores Front side bus 1066 MHz 0 L2 cache uptoEMb Integrated wireless WiFi orWiMaX 0 Core 2 Extreme Processor previous generation Up to 306 GHz clock speed Up to 4 cores Front side bus 1066 MHz L2 cache up to 12 Mb 0 Intel Atom for Netbooks and Internet Devices 39 Several chips designed to save power Run slower Intel X58 Chipset for i7 Processor Intel X58 Chipset for i7 Processor QPI QuickPa th Inte rco n nect repla gs the front side bugg DMI Direct A Inte rface PEI ExpreSS39 20 Graahics l rfrr s f tv MuItlcarzpfgqig ations 1x162x154x8 or Inte rface other ombination DDR3 memory 35 libs DDR3 memory 85 ibis Inter Comquot l Processor family DDR3 memory 85 GM I ll l v w mul SPI System Packet Inte rface Intel High 39 6 Serial Am Ports eSATA Port Disable Intel39 Integrated IOI39IOOHDUO MAC Intel39 X58 Exress Chlset Black Diaram quotCh i39set bridng functions ctio m a re Intel P55 Express Chipset DDR3 106 5315 DDR3 106 3515 IMel39 High 14 HiSpeed USB 20 Pans Dual EHCI USB Port Dlsable DE nmm mule I 39 39 39 5 Serial ATA Ports eSATA B PEI Express x1 7 port Disable Intelo Integrated 101100I1 000 MA 1 id I W lntel39 ME Flrrnware and BIDS Support lntsl Extreme Tuning Support Intel Gigabit LAN Connect T39ijjdexhtml Die Sizes 0 Die size physical surface size ofa chip on a silicon wafer The smaller the chip the more per wafer o Transistor tiny switches that process the ones and zeros ofthe digital world 0 45 nm n anometer die size 0 O O O O O Twice the density 0fthe 65 nm die older technology Double the transistors in the same space 400 million transistors for dual core 800 million transistors for quad core Smaller chips pack circuits closer together which makes them faster because data travels a shorter distance Smaller chip can also have less heat and less power consumption 0 32 nm nanometer recently announced for SRAM commonly used in cache 9 Intel plans to launch 32 nm chips in 20092010 19 billion transistors ImgBurn amp AVAST Q TRANSFERRING DOWNLOADED ISO FILES T0 CD S AND DVD S ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE An ISO file often called an ISO image is in fact an quotimagequot of an entire CD or DVD The entire contents of a disc can be perfectly represented in a single ISO file 0 The file itself is no good unless it can be opened assembled and used The most common way to make use of an ISO file is to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD 0 Read more at httDDcsupportaboutcomodtermsigisofileht m Windows Explorer Windows 7 Files Q gt Computer gt DVD RW Drive D2 GRMCPRXFRERENDVD r Organize v Hum to disc Favontes 3 Libraries a Homegruup Q CDmputer 5 Local Diskt a DVD RW Drive D0 GRMCPRXFRERENDVD E Network Dam mudx zd Type Sue Name 4 Files Currently on the Dis 9 M ham 7 77514va 53 AM Mamas j eri 75112009 533 AM F efoldtr g Lnurcac mung 5 a AM leefoldsr 3 support 7 14520095 a M magma I upgvade 7442009 5 9 AM Newman 3 amorun nf muons 55 AM Setup Infovmahun 5 KB a boulmgv 75142009 5L9 AM me 375 KE 4 bootmgvef mmzuap 529 AM EH me 653 KB 9 setupexe 744200 553 m Apphlatmn 105 KB Do not be fooled by the download button in the advertisement Chose the download button off to the right 0 Save the file setupImgBurn25ooexe to your ash drive 0 Double click the file to start installation Eiie Miew Made Iools eip What would you like to do gt Write image file to disc Write filalfoiders to disc Create image file from his Create image file nomineefolders P Q Qmmm 9 9 Verify disc Discovery Dead or alive you39re coming with me ImgBurn Edi grew Made Iools eEp 50W 7 HLDTSl39 DVDRAM GSA U20N HX12SATA A 39w Please selecta le amp Current Profile NM Label Unknown Imp ID Unknown File Sys Unknown Sectors Unknown Size Unknown Time Unknown 392 Destinathon 8100 HLD EST DVDRAM GSAUZDN Bi V IE Test Made Verify g E E Settings 7 i f39 H K lt D wm Speed AWS MAX Q r l J J Copies 5 4 Device Not Ready Medium Not Present Tray Closed Select File to Burn EQe Miew Mtge Iools eip Source 9 enwinciowssewer2008datacen1iere Label KRMSVOILENDVD Imp ID Microsoft CDIMAGE UDF File Sys 1509660 Bootable UDF 1102 Semis 918526lMODE112048 Size 1581141242 bytes Time 2040901 MM SSFF Destination HLDTST DVDRAM GSAU20N HXIZ SATA 4 Current Profile DVDR Disc Info rm atian Status Empty Erasable No Free Sedans 2297888 Free Space 4706074624 hytes Flee Time 51040138 MMSSFF Supported Wii te Speeds 2x 4x 11 Pre recorded Infurmatio n Manufacturer ID 0NIDTECH Physical Faimat Information Last Recorded Boakfype DVDR Part Version 5 Disc Size 120mm Maximum Read Rate Not Specified Number of Layers 1 Settings Write Speed Copies 0 4 Jlead Burning the CD DVD 5a m H l M T once the CDDVD has successfully completed check its contents by re1nserting the disk If the media autoruns and asks if you want to install whatever software you Just burned then you know 1t s worklng You can cancel the 1nstallat10n If the autorun does not start it may still have burned correctly Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and read the contents of the CD or DVD You should not see the ISO file It should have decompressed the ISO file and burned multiple files on the media Perha s there is a setupexe file present Try double clicking the setup ile and see if the installation process starts If it does you are okay and can cancel the installation You should make 2 disks following the same procedure Many disks end up with problems durin installation so a backup is nice to have Do not make a copy 0 the first disk as your backu because t at xsyglfclopy the problems if there are any Make a fres copy from t e I i e G l 53 w In vm iqrag area iv lt we 4 W ll ll l l lain ll Vll tie i k Wat fo R Via 5 a 0 http wwwavastcornfree antiVirus download 0 Save the file setupaVfree exe to your ash drive and have it available for installation after our Windows 7 installation 0 Double click on the file to start installation Bring to Class for Software Installation Q 0 Windows 7 DVD and backup copy if you made one 0 Download ISO le from MSDNAA and use ImgBurn to create the DVD S 0 Bring the product code you obtained from MSDNAA o ImgBurn setup file AVAST setup file 0 More software to come Building Parts Computer Parts Open Computer Case Open Computer Case Inside of a computer case CD RDM POWI cable I lllllllml EIIIHMI39l IE Power Supply Processor an Memory MID I39fWchomDu emOPewm Expansuon cards and slots http wwwxoxidecom caseshtm1 Typical Case Sizes Full Tower Cases Mid Tower Cases Mini Tower Small Form Factor Cases DesktopHTPC Cases PicoITX N anoITX 2 Standard AT Extended ATX StandardAT MicroAT Full Tower Cases Mid Tower Cases Mini Tower Small Form Factor Cases DesktopHTPC Cases c39 4 5353 Ms r Drive Bays 52 52st 52 395 52 5 52 52 25 525 3 52 5 im 52 is 52 59 52 52st 52 395 Drive Bays External 525quot External 35quot Internal 35quot Full Tower Cases 5 Mid Tower Cases 4 Mini Tower 2 Small Form Factor Cases 2 DesktopHTPC Cases Power Supply htt Wwwxoxidecom owersu lieslhtml Motherboards IID39E Cnnnecmr 12 DRAM Memory Slut Bilpin ATX Power Cannectnr Ba nary Heatsink Mounting Paints CPU Sacket Connedors For Integrated Perinherals Hard Drives Hard Drive Features Capacity 250 500 750 GB 1 23 TB RPM 5400 7200 and 10000 Average seek speed measured in milliseconds refers to how fast on average drives can find a particular piece of data Interface ATAIDE SATA SATA II eSATA Interfaces ATA Advanced Technology Attachment and IDE Integrated Drive Electronics essentially are the same thing lt31 There were 391 recognized phases of ATA leading to the last phase in 2001 with ultraATA 133 133 MB s per second When the new SATA standard came out ATA was renamed Parallel ATA PATA ATA IDE and PATA are essentially the same thing ATA is the original technology standard Terms like ultraATA FASATA and IDE are company names distinguishing their ATA product 40 wire ribbon cable Interfaces SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment 7 wire cable is much smaller Drives run cooler and have higher bandwidths which means faster data transfer The first SATA model had a transfer rate of 150 MB s per second SATA I 150 MB second transfer rate SATA II 300 MB second transfer rate SATA III 600 MB second transfer rate eSATA External SATA DVI Digital Visual Interface digital VGAVideo Graphics Array analog Video Connectors Connector for DVI DFP EVC 8 SVGA on DVll loin Digital ampAnalog SingleLink DVll on Digital ampAnalog Dual Link DVlD on Digital Single Link DVlD DVI Digital Dual Link DVIA DVI Analog DFP HPCNZU Earlyr Digital onlyr connector Super VGA H015 Analog only DVI Connectors llllilll DLDVI D cable DLDVI I cable 777 r 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 r r 7 7 r 7 7 A 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 rrrr 7 7 r 7 7 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 r 7 r 7 7 r 7 r r 7 7 r 7 7 A 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 77 DVIHDMI HighDefinition Multimedia Interface HDMI commonly seen on TV s DVI and HDMI have the same image quality The difference is that HDMI carries video and audio and has a different connector The encoding is the same so DVI can be hooked up to HDMI monitors without needing a converter box or vice versa You need a DVIHDMI cable Display Standards Basic input output system BIOS BIOS Flash memory containing instructions software Tells the processor what to do to load the operating system from the hard drive into RAM Checks Complimentary metal oxide semiconductor CMOS chip for system specific instructions CMOS battery to retain memory Power on self test POST for all the hardware to verify it works correctly Key on keyboard stuck Activates other BIOS chips on cards such as graphics cards BIOS updates ashing the BIOS 777 r 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 r r 7 7 r 7 7 A 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r t 7 r 7 r t 7 r t r r r t 7 r t 7 t 7 r t 7 r r 7 r t 7 r t r r t 7 r t 7 A t 7 r t 7 r 7 r r t 7 r t 7 r t 7 r t 7 r 7 channel path between computer components eg processor to graphics card The size of the bus is its width measured in bits eg 16 32 or 64 bit bus Refers to how much data can be transferred at one time across the bus Clock speed is the speed the data travels across the bus measured in MHz Today 0139 f 0P St Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI Slots mm uwsmm 39 manning w mushnunanpannun 4 quotgluonuni Ilwlml InAAILI451Q q quotl lr 39u an nvmcunninnumnh dal39 PCI Architecture Univeraal F39Cl 33Vamp 5V PCI 33V 5V 64 bit PCI Slot A llllIIMlll lMllllIllHH H IIIAIIIIIIHIDI IIII HII I lilll I39llNIhIIIIJIHIIIIIIIIIIJIHII 39mITIn39IiII39Ml39t39mlI39Tli39ni39n39lIlifl39l lic39ulii m In umImllnInmlmilunmmn v PCI Slot mm Iliul l39 v IMMIIIIIIHIIIHIIlllllllllllllllllllll llil iHIIIIH HHII IIIDIIITIIIHIII Accelerated Graphics Port AGP Dedicated port for the graphics card Restructured the bottlenecks with PCI technology to make the port faster and more efficient with system resources like memory Graphics cards used to be in the PCI slot which is older and slower technology o Became a standard for graphics cards until PCI Express took over PCI Express is the newest technology and is faster than AGP thus AGP is no longer used Graphics cards now utilize a PCI Express slot PCI Express 5 Come in l248 16 and 32 Channels e 4 channel 1 slot is equivalent 1x 125 GHz 250 MBs to fastest PCIX 64bit 133 20 25 GHz 500 MBs MHZ 30 4 GHZ 1 0135 6 An 8 channel 1 slot is equivalent to the fastest AGP slot PCI Express m Tap 4x 16x 11 16xS tandard 1323191th Sample Cards http wwwneweggcomStoreSubCate goryaspxSubCategory73ampname Add On Cards Bus Comparisons Bus Type Bus Width 16 bits 8 MHz 32 bits 8 MHz 32 bits 25 MHz 32 bits 33 MHz Bus Speed MBsec 32 bits 33 MHZ 64 bits 33 MHz 64 bits 66 MHZ 64 bits 133 MHZ Graphics Card i myswmm I quot280 AV I Graph 1 cs Card Graphics Card Like a motherboard graphics cards have processers RAM and BIOS BIOS stores the cards settings and performs diagnostics on the memory processer known as a graphics processing unit GPU runs hot and usually has a fan ATI and nVidia are popular GPU manufactures Power is obtained from the motherboard but some need additional power Graphics Performance Frame Rate how many complete images the card can display per second FPS Other measurements CPU clock speed MHz Size of the memory bus bits Amount of available memory MB Memory clock rate MHz Memory bandwidth GBs RAMDAC speed MHZ a The motherboard s processor and technical specifications affect data going to the graphics card thus affecting speed Graphics Card Primarily PCI Express as of 2009 Graphics Card Example http reviewscnetcomgraphics cardsevga geforce gtgZ604505 8902 733483097htmltagmncollst Motherboard Example http wwwneweggcomProductProduc taspcItemN82E16813130223 Random Access Memory RAM Volatile memory that stores working data as SDR SDRAM Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Older version of SDRAM DDR1 SDRAM Double Data Rate Doubled the bandwidth of SDR Newer version of SDRAM DDR2 SDRAM Doubled the bandwidth of DDR1 DDR3 SDRAM Doubled the bandwidth of DDR2 Samsung launched a 32 GB version DDRZ and DDR3 i 39 1 M1du 39a w39lrrr nun V 39 1391L 4H1quot w n RAM Size Configurations DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module 72pin SODIMM not the same as a 72pin SIMM used for FPM DRAM and EDO DRAM lt51 100pin DIMM used for printer SDRAM l44pin SODIMM used for SDR SDRAM 168 pin DIMM used for SDR SDRAM less frequently for FPMEDO DRAM in workstations servers 172pin MicroDIMM used for DDR SDRAM 184pin DIMM used for DDR SDRAM 200pin SODIMM used for DDR SDRAM and DDR2 SDRAM 204pin SODIMM used for DDR3 SDRAM 2 214pin MicroDIMM used for DDR2 SDRAM lt51 240pin DIMM used for DDR2 SDRAM DDR3 SDRAM and PB DIMM DRAM DDR3 Speed The 800 MHz is the data rate Multiply by 8 to get the bandwidth of 6400 PC36400 800 MHz data PC38500 1066 MHz data PC310600 1333 MHZ data PC312800 1600 MHz PC316000 2000 MHz data RAM Examples http vwvvvneweggcomStoreSubCate goryaspxSubCategory 147ampnameDes ktop Memory Solid State Hard Drives q Tm I M ma iwui I 5 i 777 r 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 r r 7 7 r 7 7 A 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7777 7 7 r 7 7 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 r 7 r 7 7 r 7 r r 7 7 r 7 7 A 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 777 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 7 7 r 77 Usually NAND Flash memory non volatile or SDRAM memory volatile SDRAM has a battery backup and copies information to a nonvolatile location in case of power failure and copies it back when the power is restored Hybrid using SSD s with traditional hard drives as large buffers for commonly used data Optical Drives CD and DVD Disks CDROM capacity is 650700 MB CD R CD RW DVD capacity up to 9 GB single sided DVDR Original format 47 and 94 GB SS and DS DVDRWRewriteab1e 47 GB up to 1000 writes DVDR DVDRW Advanced editing features selective eras1ng DVDR DL DVDR DL Double Layer 2 recordable dye layers Current DVD Technology Capacity Disk Type DVDR SL DVD 12 SL DVDR DL DVD R DL Wi Fi Card 8021 1a up to 54 Mbps at SGHz 80211b11Mbps at 24GHz 80211g up to 54 Mbps at 24 GHz 8021 In 300 Mbps out now 600 Mbps possible Network Port C and Ethernet 10 BaseZ thin coaxial 185 meters max 10 Base5 thick coaxial 500 meters max 10 BaseF optical fiber 10 BaseT telephone wire twisted pair 10 mbps transmission 100 BaseT 100 mbps transmission Gigabit Ethernet 1000 mbps transmission most optical fiber short distance with copper lOGigabit Ethernet 10000 mbps transmission Device Drivers Q Driver Q 0 Simple explanation A driver is a piece of software that enables communication between a hardware component in a computer and the operating system 0 For example a ngerprint scanner on your laptop will need a driver to tell the operating system how to communicate with the device Without the driver the ngerprint scanner will not operate 0 Almost everything needs a driver Examples are chipsets modems network cards video cards monitors USB ports DVD drives hard drives processor laptop batteries etc 0 Windows operating systems come with built in drivers for many devices and it recognizes them during the operating system installation process 0 Sometimes even though Windows has a driver for a device a better suited driver may be available from the device s manufacturer 0 Devices that Windows fails to recognize need to have drivers installed manually Find them on the device s manufacturer s Web site at y trr in Erie Action Iiew elp I A atla ntislaptop r p4 r Vex igt 3 Batteries L yLl lLLfg idigli i Biometric Devices I 4 r Bluetooth Radios n RM W J W A E My Computer Lao LELO Murmrbrml Leamell in Disk driva i Display adapters i DVDCDROM driva i Human Interface Devices i q IDE ATAATAP controllers i e IEEE1394 Bus host controllers b Imaging darices Keyboards lgt Mice and other pointing devices i Modems lgt Monitors igt Network adapters 39 Other devices Eh PCI Simple Communications Controller I PCMClA adapters i Ports COM Br LPT i Processors e 1 1 vii SD host adapters r Security Pevices quotL b Sound Vldeo and game controllers A m n Elam 1va L01 tgt r System devmes i a Universal Serial Bus controllers p USBVIrtualization I 133v E m l i w g w r r e 1 5 ThinkPad Bluetooth 21 with Enhanced Data Rate Properties F 53 II I General I Advanced I D l er I Details I Power ManagementI ThinkF ad Bluetooth 21 with Enhanced Data Flate 3 39 L Driver Provider Eiroadeom mm quot DriverDate 911f2 119 Driver Version E2l154 Digital Signer Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher To View details about the driver files Update Driver To update the driver software for this device lithe device fails after updating the driver roll En Badi Driver back to the previouslyr installed driver 3m 3 all Disable Disables the selected device Emmaquot To uninstall the d VHMVEHCBd Are you sure you would like to roll back to the previously installed driver software Rolliing back to older dlrirver sofharare may reduce the functionality or security of your device If this dloesn39l resolve the issues you39re having with your dwice visit the masnuiazcturer39s web site to determine if upelatecll dir39wer sofhuarre is available o If possible do not use the drivers that come on the CDDVD with a newly purchased device or part 0 Instead download the latest driver from the manufacturer s Web site Many times there are updated drivers on the Web site The CDDVD could have been made several months ago which is plenty of time for there to be updates online 0 Sometimes Windows recognizes devices and installs a Microsoft created driver but the device is not performing properly Go to the device driver properties to see who supplied the driver and notice driver dates and version Then look for a driver from the devices manufacturer s Web site If you find one install it If not check with Microsoft for a newer version of the driver You can roll back if things get worse 3 0 Download the latest drivers for Windows 7 for your motherboard and video card if separate You do not need the drivers for the DVD or hard drive in most cases Rename the drivers to describe the device and save them on your ash drive Have them ready for installation if needed when we install Windows 7 o If a Windows 7 version of the driver is not available download the Windows Vista version If 7 and Vista are unavailable download the XP version There is a good chance the XP version will not work but it s worth a try 0 Go to your motherboard s manufacturer s Web site and search for drivers for your speci c motherboard 0 Do the same for your video card if you have a separate card


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