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by: Miss Bridgette Heller


Miss Bridgette Heller

GPA 3.94

C. Wissick

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About this Document

C. Wissick
Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Bridgette Heller on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDEX 750 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by C. Wissick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/229631/edex-750-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Child Development at University of South Carolina - Columbia.




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Date Created: 10/26/15
EDEX 750 X Introductions X Are you in the right place X Communication email and web sites X Syllabus X Researching on the Web X Web Evaluation X Creating Web Toolboxes X Review of Units Theoretical Basic for Tech 0 Solution to a problem 0 Alternative presentation 0 Active involvement 0 Motivation Additional skill practice Skill vs conceptual framework X Learn and Practice technology skills Weekly X Explore ideas for integration by developing lessons X Understand NETS for teachers and students X Consider group and student management for use of computers X Discuss ethical issues related to use and diversity X Develop awareness of AT for students with mild AND more severe disabilities Guidelines for Class X Keep up with weekly skill assignments X Relate weekly assignments to unit topic X Consider long range goals for unit X Practice technology in small amounts X Don t wait until the last minute to do assignments g Assignments X Submit all assignments Via email X Title email with name of attachments X Skilll X Name document with your first or last name X Sarahsl for Sarah s Skill 1 X Documents not submitted correctly will be returned X Label all emails with purpose of content if urgent question or problem please let me know 5 Let s Review submission X Email Title X Document Title X SKILL NUlVlBER X YOUR NAME and skill number To cwissickscedu From Sarah Student RE Skilll Attached you will nd Skill 1 it is labeled Sarahsl doc Technology Integration Unit X Big picture long range requirement X Using thematic units to practice skills X Why Thematic Units X How to choose topics Eratu rr1 39 A Thematic Unit on the Solar V i System By Stephanie Long Terminology X The major areas of technology for students with disabilities include educational technology assistive technology augmentative communication devices which help individuals communicate with others and universal design Educational Technology X Educational Technology usually refers to technology such as laptop computers graphic organizers concept mapping and multimedia which allow students to shift among Visual aural and textual material These types of technologies are often used with students who have quotmild disabilities such as learning disabilities ADDADHD and Aspergers Syndrome high functioning autism Assistive Technology X Assistive Technology generally refers to technologies that provide different ways to access computers switches expanded keyboards or other innovations that allow students with physical disabilities to use a computer or augmentative communication devices that enable students to communicate with others Examples are digitized or synthesized speech Assistive technology is often used with students with severe disabilities J Universal Design X Universal Design is a new technology that allows students to access educational materials through their strongest learning mode For example a digitized textbook can be instantly quotrewrittenquot at a lower grade level or presented graphically for students who have reading disabilities presented in large print in a different color or with different backgrounds for students who have visual impairments read aloud via computer for students who are blind or nonreaders and even presented in a different language for students for whom English is a second language Universal Design X Three Essential Qualities of Universal Design for Learning CAST the Center for Applied Special Technology explains that there are three essential components to universal design when it applies to learning It must provide 1 Multiple means of representation 2 Multiple means of expression 3 Multiple means of engagement Representation X Multiple means of representation means that there is both print and digital format and that information can be obtained from the materials in a variety of ways For example the print could be easily enlarged or the background color changed or the text could be spoken by a computer The effect of these alternative modes of presentation is to reduce the perceptuallearning barriers and to adjust to the diverse ways in which students are able to recognize and understand information Expression X Multiple means of expression means that the students can respond with their preferred means of output For example one student could write an answer while another speaks an answer or designs a graphic to answer a question or utilizes minimal motor abilities to make a multiple choice response The materials should be able to accommodate different styles preference strategic approaches and motor abilities of students Engagement X Multiple means of engagement means that the students39 interests in learning are matched with the mode of presentation and response so that students are more motivated For example a student might be able to go to a picture or graphic at any time in the middle of a reading passage or get longer words quickly defined Whatever it is that might help keep the student engaged Why Technology X Quality X Quantity X Accuracy X Rate X Frequency X Spontaneity Zabala amp Korsten 1999 7 397 s I E VV Li L M x PM Any739 f y x m UI W X W CH i a m Kimg Jw Va 1 9 WE ix 1 3 i a f w O V d L f OUT M39Q zf A v f39s 1 3 ll NV m hquot M lv V Huiquot 1 Am r39 W Cur5 aquot L p 1 q Rm If i 7 qucm 39Xil lr zar X a I V A H 4T w C r T a H m 2 T 1 jg 13953 1 Wu 7 I Brainstorming X How can tech help students with disabilities How can tech help X Master gradelevel content Technology presents the material in different forms visually auditorily etc X Improve writing and organizational skills Technology can enable students with learning disabilities or autism to do such things such as develop a concept map for a research paper and write using gradelevel vocabulary words they wouldn39t use without a computer due to poor spelling skills How can tech help X quotReadquot gradelevel text The computer either reads the text digitally or presents it at a lower grade level for students with reading disabilities or Visual impairments X Take notes Many students with disabilities have dif culty taking notes in longhand because of poor spelling writing andor eyehand coordination skills X Master educational concepts that would have been beyond their reach Students can experience abstract concepts such as the metamorphosis of a ower through 3D simulations How can tech help X Additionally technology can enable students with autism andor communication disorders to participate in class and with peers through synthesized speech and computer software A computer can be programmed at different skill levels for different classes depending on the child39s abilities as well as enable the child to respond to tests or participate in class discussions The computer can also be programmed to enable the student to communicate in a job and participate in recreational activities


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