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Romanticism (10/19-10/23)

by: Helena Cathey

Romanticism (10/19-10/23) ARHS 1020

Marketplace > Tulane University > Art History > ARHS 1020 > Romanticism 10 19 10 23
Helena Cathey
GPA 4.0
Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present
Delia Solomons

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About this Document

Romanticism, romantic landscapes, and proto-realism.
Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present
Delia Solomons
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Helena Cathey on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARHS 1020 at Tulane University taught by Delia Solomons in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present in Art History at Tulane University.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
10 23 15 Go a Between Enlightenment Romanticism and ProtoRealism Goya believed in science enlightenment but believed the enlightenment had limits 0 embraces romanticism in nightmare gures 9 0 Los Capricho he Sle esn Produces Monsrs 179499 0 equally split between pro and anti reason I pro when reason sleeps monsters are produced I con reason is sleep causes you to sleep and produces monsters 0 L05 Caprichos De que ma morira 1799 o are doctors effective did he die from treatment or illness 0 L05 Caprichos 5i sabra39 mas e discipuo 1799 0 Third ofMay 1808 181415 0 Napoleon has created a friendly relationship with Spain just to sneak in and take over 0 light gt compare with Caravaggio s Martyrdom ofSaint Peter I caravaggio light light of god promise of salvation I goya the light is helping the ring squad opposite of salvation o we re used to history depicted by the victors this is the rst anti war painting not to celebrate the victor o altarpiece of anonymous millions who are killed 0 heartbreaking painting goya had believed in the enlightenment but french treated spanish like they were culturally inferior I ideals of enlightenment had been a lie Gustave Courbet s Realism realism 184018705 movement realist artists were dedicated to depicting the subjects of everyday life Art has to re ect not just visual reality but socioeconomic reality 0 The Stone Breakers 1849 O 0 one is too young for labor one is too old 0 not saccharin not propagandistic not ennobling them not romanticizing them not promoting anything 0 very large importance of history painting manifesto asserting importance of subject matter 0 courbet is a socialist Edouard Manet 0 important transition between realism and impressionism 0 Olympia 1863 34 I ike takes a tradition of art history alludes goya s third of may I compare with renaissance nudes and nudes of the time nude lying down passive sensual sitting up gazing at audience catches you looking at her makes you feel guilty you are soliciting sex has things going on in her mind between being sensual etc known prostitute at the time people would have recognized her I Victorine Meurent I Olympia sounds like a greek goddess also popular pseudonym for French prostitutes at the time wearing contemporary necklace bracelet shoes she s naked not a nude dogs represent delity but cats 39female anatomy39 maid is bringing owers from another suitor 39badly painted outlined instead of modeled hand placement drawing in your attention just to deny you I scandalous I rst modern art to it subverts it I


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