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by: Cassandre Sauer DDS


Cassandre Sauer DDS

GPA 3.64

M. Varouhakis

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About this Document

M. Varouhakis
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassandre Sauer DDS on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 202 at University of South Carolina - Columbia taught by M. Varouhakis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/229679/jour-202-university-of-south-carolina-columbia in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of South Carolina - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
1192010 12800 AM EXAM 3 REVIEW Ch8 News Important people in US News Media Newsroom creation etc 0 Benjamin Harris 0 Published 1St newspaper Publick Occurrences 0 Boston 1690 o Alleged that the king of France had dallied with his son s wife 0 Put out of business after one issue 0 John Peter Zenger o 1733 New York Journal 0 Competition with Crownsupported Newspaper o Repeatedly challenged governor and got arrested for doing so 0 He wmy no as free 0 John Adams 0 Federalist president 0 Alien and Sedition Act prohibited false scandalous and malicious statements about the government 0 David Bowen 0 Revolutionary War veteran o Punished for the criticizing the majority party 0 Thomas Jefferson 0 Antifederalist president 0 James Gordon Bennett 0 Organized the 1St newsroom and reporting staff 0 Hired reporters and sent them out 0 New York Herald 0 Leading penny press editor 0 Horace Greeley o Pioneered editorials 0 Voice against poverty and slums advocate for labor unions and opponent of slavery 0 Used his newspaper to fight social ills that came with the industrialization o Samuel Morse o Invented telegraph 0 Lightning news used telegraph to get battle news to eager readers electronically and quickly Joseph Pulitzer o Emphasized human interest in newspapers later sensationalized Nellie Bly o Stunt reporter Frederic Remington 0 News illustrator whose work included SpanishAmerican war Herbert Ganz o Concluded that journalist had mainstream values Carl Bernstein amp Bob Woodward o Uncovered Watergate Washington Post Ida Tarbell o Muckracker remembered for her stories on monopolistic corruption at Standard oil Everything about the Inverted Pyramid Facto rs Civil war used by war correspondents Most important info rst in case telegraph lines failed or were snipped by the enemy If a story was interrupted the editor would have a few usable sentences Popular with readers because it allowed them to learn what was most important at a glance of Newsworthiness A ranking of news hat helps decide what makes it into news packages Proximity to audience Prominence of people involved Timeliness Impact on society Geewhiz factor How was journalistic objectivity formed in US news media A concept in journalism that news should be gathered and told valuefree Partially goes back to Ben Day and his penny press paper the New York Sun 0 Looked for stories with mass appeal 0 Opinions was out storytelling was in o No more first person facts carried story Associated Press 0 Needed to be nonpartisan to be usable by all its member newspapers 0 Emphasis on fact driven journalism devoid of even a hint of partisanship Newspaper Economics 0 Different motivation than AP 0 Money motivated 0 Money was made in this business and to guarantee more money made must contain as neutral as possible when reporting news 0 Institutionalized organizations and textbooks sealed the deal on neutrality Know the terminology of different types of news coverage Nonstop coverage Live news Soft news Differences in regulation between print broadcast online Ch 10 Public Relationsquot Know the definition of Public Relations in book and lecture A management tool to establish beneficial relationships book A communication tool used to help people communicate with other people lecture Identify existing relations 0 College relationship with students faculty staff alumni ect Evaluate the relationships 0 PR practitioner examines relationship 0 College may win award one year but after a scandal Design policies to improve relationships 0 Paul Garrett Advised GM to implement new policies to seem neighborly rather than impersonal during the Great Depression Implement policies 0 Enlightened self interest mutually beneficial pr Know about important PR people like Paul Garrett and Ivy Lee o Paul GarrettA o Ivy Lee founder of first public relations agency 1906 Father of PR 0 Averted coal mine strike 0 Institutional Openness Pennsylvania RR sought Lee s counsel He advised against secrecy about business practices and accidents 0 Finding Upbeat angles Welcome and facilitate investigations 0 Giving Organizations a face Ludlow Massacre Colorado mine strike a Company guards fired and killed several men 2 women and 11 children John D Rockefeller Jr mine owner Lee wrote articles about Rockefeller s human side family and generosity Lee advised him to visit mine and miners at work and homes to show human side not some far out industry captain 0 Straight talk Avoid extravagant claims about organization and it s products What is the name of the association that promotes standards in American PR o PRSA Public Relations Society of America What are the three main areas of responsibility of any given PR department o External PR 0 customers dealers suppliers community leaders and policymakers 0 Internal PR 0 Inside organization inhouse newsletters magazines and brochures 0 Employees managers unions shareholders ect 0 Media Relations 0 Organizations rely largely on this o Respond to news reporters queries arrange news conferences issue statements to the news media and often serve as an organization s spokespersons Who is the target audience in those areas of responsibility AA Ch11 Advertising Which are the top five US companies in terms of their advertising spending Procter amp Gamble ATampT Verizon GM Time Warner What are the different forms of advertising in US first to now Newspapers Radio Magazines Television Search Engines Gaming Premovie advertising Brand names Celebrity Branding Word of mouth Under the radar What was the role of the Penny Press o Affordable to everyone o Penny did not cover production cost o Advertisers picked up the slack What are the different types of compensation for advertising agencies o Commissions 0 an advertising agency earns an agreed upon percentage of what the advertising client spends for time and space traditionally 15 o Performance 0 An ad agency earns expenses and an agreed upon markup for the advertising client plus bonuses for exceeding minimal expectations 0 Equity 0 An ad agency is compensated with shares of stock in an advertising client How did these forms of compensation evolved and what is the most recent one o 15 compensation contract system broke down in the 90 s when US businesses scrambled to cut costs to become more competitive globally o Performance contracts largely replaced compensation contract system c 90 s dotcom boom shifted to equity How do advertising companies know which TV station or newspapers has large audiences o Lowest Common DenominatorMessages for largest audiences possible Are there differences in the cost of advertising in print broadcasting and oane o Yes How does Google s advertising work o Google places sponsored links o Once link is clicked a clickthrough fee is charged to the advertiser o Google pays site for every click through Ch9 Entertainment All about the different genres and how they are created What were the early TV genres etc o Suspense o Story telling o Romance o Horror o Westerns o Fantasy o History o Biography The differences between authentic and mediated performance o Authentic o A live performance with an on site audience o Mediated performance 0 A performance modified and adjusted for delivery to an audience by mass media In music entertainment know about black and hillbilly music and Rock n Roll o Black 0 music calmed slaves difficult lives strong religious themes reflected experience of slaves spread to whites after civil war jazz rhythm and blues Hillbilly o Flowed from the lives of Appalachian and Southern whites 0 At first Strong colonial heritage in English ballads and ditties but overtime evolved o Reflected hopelessness and poverty of hillbillies o Rock n Roll 0 Sam Phillips A Memphis music producer who recorded and promoted early rock music 0 O 0 Know about the influence of music and artists in political dialogue AntiVietnam Country Joe Joan Baez etc Stephen Foster Civil War Presentday Dixie Chicks member Natalie Maines criticized President George W Bush for the Iraq War 0 Led to drop in album sales Ch15 Global Mass Mediaquot Know about Authoritarian and Libertarian political systems Authoritarian o topdown governance such as a monarchy or dictatorship o prepublication censorship authorities preview material before dissemination Libertarianism 0 Faith in the ability of individual human beings to come to know great truths by applying reason Know about the key people in the history of those systems Know about the evolution in war coverage by US news media Know about the media system in the Arab world Ch14 Mass Media amp Governancequot Know everything about the Fourth Estate Medieval English and French societies were highly structured into classes of people called estates First Estate The Clergy Second Estate Nobility Third Estate Common People After Gutenberg the massproduced written word began emerging as a player in the power structure but it couldn t be pigeonholed as part of one another of the three estates In time the press came to be called the Fourth Estate Edmund Burke Member of British Parliament that used the term Fourth Estate in the mid1700 s The term is applied to all journalistic activity today Press is called the fourth branch of government o Watchdog role Know about the Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time Rule o Equal Time Rule Gov t requirement for stations to offer competing political candidates the same time period and the same rate for advertising o Fairness Doctrine Former gov t requirement that stations air all sides of public issues What are the differences between Print and Broadcast when it comes to that o Print Regulation 0 Tornillo Opinion The us Supreme Court upheld first amendment protection for the print media even if they are unbalanced or unfair When it comes to regulating political news coverage what is the reality with Online News Know about Agenda Setting and Framing theories o Agenda setting the process through which issues bubble up into public attention through mass media of what to cover Ch3 Media Economicquot Know where mass media outlets get their revenues from o Advertising or sales some subscriptions Know which type of economic system allows private media ownership o Capitalism Know about the different types of media ownership and examples of them o Media Chains Frank Gannet Media Corp o Conglomerates TimeWarner o MegaConglomo Disney Know about the impact of the economic recession on different media 1192010 12800 AM 1192010 12800 AM 1192010 12800 AM


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