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DevelopmentWest Civilization

by: Sigrid Braun

DevelopmentWest Civilization HIST 242

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > History > HIST 242 > DevelopmentWest Civilization
Sigrid Braun
GPA 3.91

Allison Phillips

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About this Document

Allison Phillips
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sigrid Braun on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 242 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Allison Phillips in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/229816/hist-242-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in History at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
Lecture 3 September 8th 2009 History 242 Tuesday Lecture 18Lh Century Europe 7 The Enlightenment How it broke the structures of old regime Europe 1 Overview of Enlightenment 2 How historical thinking of the enlightenment has changed What the l96070s told you about the enlightenment small group of key thinkers Peter Gay prof of intellectual history at Yale o In his mind the small group was the party of humanity I Power of Reason I Atheists of deeply suspicious of Christianity I Big fans of the ancient Greeks and Paganism 0 He called it New Paganism 0 Republican 7 opposed to monarchy 0 Strong materialist string 2 Problems with Gay s Account 1 His model of history was not very effective No great menwomen historical changes are due to lots of people not main ppl 2 List of characteristics was factually incorrect Certain strain in France accurate England or Germany incorrect Took a slice to characterize the whole New View Characteristics Faith and Reason Religious thought itself was important in Enlightenment o Stance in favor of religious tolerance Commitment to progress 0 History was moving forward and things would be better I Merit to be recognized and grounds upon how ppl advanced not ancestral heritage I Commitment to good manners adoption of court manners cosmopolitan outlook on the world 7 open and accepting of cultural differences Enlightened Public was deeply indebted to before 1800 Court culture Republic of letters 0 Community of intellectuals in Europe 0 Collective of intellectuals who talked to people in Latin originally First key institution that de ned what the enlightenment was about New kind of socializing Interacting with people to smooth off the rough edges of your personality 0 Take place between people who treat each other as equals 0 Old regime your status in society 0 Enlightenment 7 doesn t matter your station First Group of Clubs that Embrace the Enlightenment and Spread The Free Masons I Organization from England in 1717 in London I The men invented a long genealogy for themselves I Roots in construction guilds in the middle ages Claimed that the lineage could be traced back to Bible times as stone masons Made up cool rituals and mystique Rituals were taken from guilds like how to induct new members and promoting ppl Thought of themselves as a brotherhood The original people were the upper crust of society but decided to act in the clubs as if they were all equals I Important vehicle for spreading enlightenment values other clubs science history philosophy music book clubs other institutions The Coffee House late l7Lh cent Britain 7 first ones 0 vibe of intellectual seriousness and discussion talk about politics trade economy etc newspapers these discussions were precursors of the French revolution How it Relates to Universities I Univ Students 7 great I Univs 7 paradises I Univ profs 7 enlightenment ppl made fun of them 0 Stereotypes of staying in a small town no manners socially awkward Enlightened folks want to see concrete practical skills I Mining academies surgical academies gt trade schools Big Change I Expansion of print culture magazines newspapers I European book markets go from Latin to normal languages All kinds of new genres weekly newspapers children magazines of fashion to housekeeping to fishing Change in how people read from intensive to extensive 0 Intensive 7 keep one book always and reread it over and over again 0 Extensive 7 read and throw away


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