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DevelopmentWest Civilization

by: Sigrid Braun

DevelopmentWest Civilization HIST 242

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > History > HIST 242 > DevelopmentWest Civilization
Sigrid Braun
GPA 3.91

Allison Phillips

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About this Document

Allison Phillips
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sigrid Braun on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 242 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Allison Phillips in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/229816/hist-242-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in History at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
History 242 Lecture 6 91709 Era of Napoleon Bonaparte child of the French Revolution big debates whether he ful lled the ideas goals of the rev or if he betrayed them more accurate to say both Positive Napoleon gave France religious tolerance 0 Napoleon wasn t particularly religious but believed that religion helped pl Emphasis on merit rather than birthancestry Highly organized civil code of law Napoleonic code Secured property rights Equality of men before the law Centralized and efficient bureaucracy Support for scientific and technical inquiry Centralized secularized and effective education system Reformed system of taxation and banking Improved infrastructure of agriculture and industry roads bridges ag etc Negative betrayed and suppressed democracy in France limited women s rights of liberty dictators vigorously suppressed freedom of speech and press system of secret police spies censorship and propaganda locked France into a decade and a half of wars with tremendous human and material costs 0 18001815 750000 French soldiers died due to Napoleonic wars 0 400000 soldiers from allied states 0 also millions of people killed who were caught in between and enemies maybe 6 million in all lost French colonies Louisiana and St Domingue inspiration for 201 century dictators and totalitarian regimes Background born on island of Corsica actually of Italian ancestry native language Corsican Italian learned French in school and always struggled with it spoke French with an Italian accent scholarship to attend military academy in France excelled at history and math 0 math natural as artillery officer uses math to aim at enemies well and calculate the powder that is needed 0 made friends with important people in the military 26 years old become general put in command of French armies in Northern Italy reorganizes army and gets successful put in command 1796 of an expedition to occupy Egypt 0 not a particular success 0 defeats Egyptian army but English navy defeats him 0 sends out propaganda and still arrives home a hero 0 took a lot of scientific advisors with him and discovered the Rosetta stone Directory Government in Paris is now in trouble unstable unpopular in debt 0 Napoleon joins conspiracy to overthrow it 0 Government put in its place involves 3 consols refers back to Rome 0 Napoleon is named first consul in 1799 1802 named first consul for life legitimized by vote 0 received well among the middle classes that desired stability Eliminates enemies on his left and weakens them on his right Elk59 guarantees the security of property acquired during the revolution undercuts royalists strengthens police forces and criminal courts to establish law and order promised to balance budget and at least appear to deliver it promoted men of talent to positions of responsibility had to be loyal to him Concordat of 1801 a Agreement with the Pope where in Catholicism is recognized as the FAVORED religion of the state b The clergy were to be selected and paid by the state so the state had great power but also sent out by the Church French democracyrepresentative gt falling away 1804 Napoleon crowns himself as emperor of France 0 first wife Josephine empress Napoleonic Government 1 59 way strength centralization and stability administrative efficiency re ects enlightenment rational orderly approach made sure that he had taxes shaping of public opinion through propaganda suppression of descent and censorship return of absolutism supports religious tolerance and rights religion unites people education secular effective state supported capable officers and state officers a principally for men and not women b emphasis on scientific and technical studies 8 stimulated the economy through tariffs taxes on goods outside the country loans and centralized banking system 9 equalized taxes 10 refused to restore feudal rights 11 uniform system of weights and measures metric system 12 Civil Code of 1804 Napoleonic Code a Unified French law throughout the country 13 allowed men to choose their professions a he was an enemy of guilds b reinforced unity and importance of family c husband owned ALL property women couldn t sue women could virtually not divorce husband had to move his mistress in with his wife women caught in adultery could have two years in prison Military Ventures 1803 embarked on over a decade of wars unifies the French army into one Grand Army instead of people under each general utilizes conscription draft 23 military troops 18001814 military service was seen as a patriotic duty and upward mobility in society and glorious because of Napoleon s charisma 19 horses shot out from under him knew his troops by name encyclopedic knowledge of military thought Successful outmaneuvered enemies moved armies with lightning speed struck the enemy hard with everything he had Victories 1805 Austria falls 1806 Prussia is defeated 1807 defeats Russian forces under Alexander I 1808 invades Spain Napoleon s biggest problem Great Britain never concurs it powerful navy lots of money Continental System economic warfare against England no trading with England allowed long run impossible to enforce hurt France and England 1810 Napoleon dominates continental Europe


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