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Special Topics in Life Sciences

by: Katelynn Huels V

Special Topics in Life Sciences LS 510

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > Life Sciences > LS 510 > Special Topics in Life Sciences
Katelynn Huels V
GPA 3.59

Andreas Nebenfuehr

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About this Document

Andreas Nebenfuehr
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katelynn Huels V on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LS 510 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Andreas Nebenfuehr in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/229821/ls-510-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in Life Sciences at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
mm a xzzxznm YhevaMVauE1e Lauwn k 2mm 2 2 ans H H u m Chronicle rvmav Dummy 21 2am The Truth IsY You Gave 5 Lousy Talk Mow moi 01 uursE umdn pussmwm mm abum you my 2 vuurmends and mews mame 2mm unaramam Wu un wwmsmuuns Em Wurmmpauurs Wquot W appruam mmm Wu aimrvuurmks a mum mums upgn mmummms W 022 um Mums Bu 5mm um Wu mmmEWmmmEnd mm W52 unVErEMEIa Ks WE mammal smmn m m sEmmar pm Wu m mp m 21 m qugsnumgss mam m us mmssmmv Knuw Vuu W2 Jus new mm 5 M12 duEs u mEan wm thv um Wu m2 ssmg ENP V Prawsg szb2 5 nmEm mmk abqu WurprEsEmanun mum ummvw Tu max End unrth vmmwwa handvmbn u duEsm mms an m mmas EVERmm 21ran Kryqu abqu pubh spEzkmE aw mam makE M Human u YumsEs an m msuzl mus mmmun m mznvammmnmakam 2m nunahE Ess um usEd namv L152 m s Awavumy m u um um aIEEurms BE hungsx Cnmmunlaunn AtadErmts um 725ml m sths m tummumtam mmrmanun m hsIEnErs Thaw s um mu m man N s umusma TakE1ur Exzmmg MUSE prEsEmErs Whu 2m 5 ammar Wuh mar mm mm max thv usE ammvms abbrEmanuns Th2 urwursE m mwpnvam mm Mznv prEsEmErS Jusmva usE uHarEun Wd mma u durum m2 u k am mmEmbEr m2 audmnm anan m bank Yuur sths m 72mm m2 mama Smrma anu absumm vavmd m2 usE m s ana atrunvms and mdrspgtmt mYErEMEs m WurprEsEmanuns vnu an m pmms OWE Vumswmur Wv u uansE IErms max 2m umvErssz attgpmd WWWEHWE 1mm and mm Wv u dam mun un vnursths 2mm 72mm u mruughm vuurprEsEmanun am vnu gm umvxwu u m u u znd m w uvvmmaxk clzmy Hawva asubsxannvE NESSSQE s mpunam mema u Ez vws mu Th2 danwuf amk mags mmu vm mm mm max aprEsEmEr s wmma m mvEsI m m2 prEsEmanun andmax 211cm 5 amEasum mm PrEsEmEr s 725mm m m audmnm Fur Exzmmg Ex s assumE max m2 prEsEmEr s VEMENWE Wurkmax has 21ran n22quot punnsmd and mtdes mpunam dam m sum ThE prEsEmEr mm Stan um mm mm asth mmnwum m2 pubhshm mm am nu mm 124mm T mEs anzn mm w m m u y h ur may vaE 5sz 15 m 24 pmms WM a Mary mm Arm ur HEMElma omr pnmpms m danw 215m mvmvE armmd m2 M22 m m spEzkEr mwmg m2 prEsEmanun mm m PErspEmvE m m audmnm SmaH vaE and mm mms wank me an vnur mummr nm em mm m mad wm mv 2m pruJEuEd un 2W2 mp Momma mMansquotWmumnnmzmmpmm mm mu m z Chronicle Careers 12212007 The Truth Is You Cave a Lousy Talk 20071221 905 Slides should have a title If an audience member39s attention wanders for a moment the title helps focus the viewer on the main point of the slide And you do want to help the audience focus on your main points Colors are important While you can see red type on a blue background on your monitor the lack of contrast is hard to read on a slide and aggravating to the viewer Yellow symbols on a white background might as well be written in invisible ink Scoring If you always ask yourself how the audience will view your presentation and you make an effort to make each slide as clear as possible you get five points If you adopt a laissez faire attitude for example you are willing to accept the default colors and fonts that Excel chooses for your graph you get three points If you purposely ignore the issue of clarity because your audience should be clamoring for front row seats to grasp at your pearls of wisdom you get one point Focus Technology is a good thing right The more the better Wrong My cell phone can store more than 200 phone numbers Yours can probably store 10 times more Does that mean I should find 200 phone numbers to put into my cell No f had that many stored in my cell phone it would take me longer to find the 20 I use regularly Likewise if PowerPoint offers 200 special effects should I use them all in one presentation What is the goal of your talk To deliver a message about content right At the end of your presentation would you rather the audience ask questions about your subject area or about which pull down menu in PowerPoint allows you to create that spinning checkerboard fade in Please don39t show an empty slide to whet my appetite for theatrical entrances If you feel the urge to tease the audience with a bit of text here an arrow there a picture that zooms into place resist itJust show me the whole concept and then use your words to guide my understanding of your slide Similarly you should resist the temptation to personalize the background of your slides with artistic esoteric watermarks Your customized background only makes it more difficult to see the foreground and competes with your content for the attention of the audience You don39t have to insert that rainbow sunburst comet to draw attention to the title of your slide I know where to find the title of a slide it39s at the top Also a frame around your slide is redundant the projection screen provides a frame I39m not saying that technology is bad If you incorporate multimedia because it is important to the content of your presentation that39s a plus But please don39t get too clever or cute It only distracts me and l have a short enough attention span as it is Scoring Start by giving yourself five points Now go through your talk and subtract half a point every time you find an example of unnecessary or distracting graphics or animation Note It is possible to achieve a negative score in this category Presentation Even with compelling topics and outstanding visual aids some speakers still find ways to undermine their own talks and their primary means of torpedoing themselves lies in their presentation style Remember the audience is listening to your words and looking at your slides You are performing Presentation Folly No 1 If you don39t believe in your work neither will the audience Some presenters reflexiver apologize for their presentations That lack of confidence sends a message to the audience to stop listening The speaker might say quotThe experiment didn39t work but here are the resultsquot or quotWhile it39s not the most exciting idea out there here is my opinionquot If you don39t like your work why waste my time by presenting it There is a difference between humility and self doubt Humility is greeted with respect Self doubt spawns a lack of interest Likewise if you feel the need to apologize for your slides then change your slides We39ve all heard a presenter say quotThis is a busy slide but I39ll walk you through itquot No Don39t walk me through it Make a better slide If that slide is the best way to present your idea then don39t apologize for it r 1220071 Mm PageZofS


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