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Advanced Wetland Ecology

by: Emile Upton

Advanced Wetland Ecology WFS 536

Emile Upton
GPA 3.51

Matthew Gray

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About this Document

Matthew Gray
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emile Upton on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WFS 536 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Matthew Gray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/229840/wfs-536-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
TS 53639 V etland hianagement Lecture mn m e Annual Cycle 11 W39aterfowl Diet amp Management Complex 111 Moi soil Management Agriculture Management Managing Hands Tl ouglmut the Annual Cycle Jan Feb Mar Mm a Managing quotetiands Tin ughout theAnnualC cle Southeast Aquot May 1 1mm in I W inat do Ducks 1E hAhmmeDun Forul Managing for Watel birds 8 Amphibians n the Southeast lWatrerfow 1L Mtat V anagomemt Complies 10 natural hardwn nd b nttnmlzndsn 4quot Important Component 5quot Important Component agemom of Mlo stso VJQETHEMMU39F for Viatem ow Mloist oil ertlam s General De nition Intennittently to seasonally ooded wetlands that are dominated by annual andor perennial herbaceous hydrophytes Bioisisoil v 39e miss szri r De ni nn Cmvardin a al In Palllm ilm Sysluuu Lave Sara I E 13 Saal Stage Emu anwaland Smge am Rmhls Vim Smmma Ioist so l I w amagemem Unit A lnra nn nf mnislrmilmanagemum arm sun39mmdedby lm eks hiyumdmleml Moistsoil Management Complex A grnllp nf imu39rnnnened mnisnsnu imp nundmems mm tall be nunaga l indEp aldemly er39dr logic Rianagemem a CV amt Slnw 1273 weakst Flam Diveshyudfonds nnnaedshannw1 39 ma draught w InterFlnudin 03w Elamagemem Dm In Hydn ologic h anagement Gruwth amp Ir gatinn o ogic B anagemem Vegetatinn Respnnses Hydm ognic Management Fall Floodlng amp Bird Response 7 et ant s Invertebrates 39t m og c Management ter Control Structures Hydi o ogic Bianagement M 39mg am Disdux Prom cmiiyimmuiis rive I Kiechamical I vlanipu ations of Mois soil W e ands Fredrickson and aylor1982 Gray et al 1999 1 risking lling Su aping nr Mimi9 Primal39 G S bark Surmss39nn nns Himmqu Spring Mnipuia rtherly Apprmuh immia39nniv a u Em wing nmmnwn AummMnipuiarinns 39EAppmmh a s snnn aspnssmi aflu39Early nxLai nmmnwns any huipiiaiisziuaing Waminwi Mays 39 a vmw39v Susan and imiai rnmhl39nns ranpmduu dais and rnnrinunusslands nfhydmphylns quot mm wmmm Am 11 Forage Pvlecimni39ica anipula ons almi Autmmn 3 Primary Rmsnns Mechanical mipulmmns hiechamica amipullations Hnw many Diskpasses are Nzrzssary hiechamica mipm at ozm Autumn egmn39nn Resp mum Disklug and T w named mgmnnum 1mmquot 51 mm lnuuszd Sad u F 11 ecimnical Blanipu ation Mnislrsnil V lands Are Seed Resnllrres Lnsl sh Illegal lnlumal Ovaquot Guy lith wrin us 5quot 7 Pan mm m my akin uhwiw mmlm mmlm in volmm m s mun quotmy hiechamica Niamipu atwns Hmnhnarsh Cnnrlgman39nn Smith a1 l ll suml mm m H39nnnss 0mm Km quota p nu Hunirmmh ole 6mm Abundant ml Al lypmxmnle equal an n Rirhmss uI Vzlluhilds mm ml vlgelm nn 395 Bull m Anna mug awn Namm Niamipula l ms of oil W e ands n usumsmmummy plum yn mum r at am 39lnrnas lan 39ln meNun39i lve anlii Natural R anipm at ons of Blo sItsoil 39e andls KumesuuRzing Other R nipu ations of 1 Habim Amen grimlture himm ammsz Higlla39 Elmrinns Hume icu tm e Management Cum Mum sail Thus mm m aqua h39gh urn rm vizh uul Em Agricu ma e IV anagemsm Rite onquot unmlunAg ruhuanuuds n suyhmlanwmup milkv and ummunhurhvhul Fags w nu Ag culture IV anagemsm mamass Ag 822d usz Duumyusiw39nn Mnislrmil Seed g ml cu tm eh anagemem Snyhenn and Cam 31119 et a 2004 Stafford et a 1 j 71 u 797 99 u Decrease in Seed Availalyility WHY a Late Autumn 2 Theoretical Threshold 14D kg ha 39752 DUDha 325 DUDha Waste Gram n u Tmmema Foster and Gr Results Soybean 39 manmpEMWN 39 3 Months Postrharvest 1 Month Postrharvest te Grain in Fnslu al 10 Grain Suzghum S lgh 2 Mnmhs sunwen 332 kg Tennessee REsults us 2


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