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Intro to Animal Science

by: Sharon Lesch

Intro to Animal Science ANSC 160

Sharon Lesch
GPA 3.86

Michael Smith

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About this Document

Michael Smith
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sharon Lesch on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 160 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Michael Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/229847/ansc-160-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in Animal Science at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
AS 1507 Pounry Dv Mmhaa Srmth Per Capna Meat Consumption Tma vad meat and pmmy 7 215 Hz Beef 7 52 a Perk 7 495 Chmken 35 mm 175 Glossary of Poulny Terms Amen 7 Danaon m um Paw mHemvetemv fm mkms mks mkss 2k mm qenaa m rm au dameshcahed mas Emma 7 atxfma wheahed avea m um n1 yam Wunq mm mm 7 it H mm Wunq mas undev enwanmenla WmnKmHed mdmans dunnq the m m weeks D We G ossaw of pounm Terms Cont d Emva39 mm my in mm va a 39Wunq mm am my meal may wamemm nfan eqwawq man cm 7 ashahed News m 7mm was aneVeav m a da mm mm MAE 255 than we yeav amve remae Ma 7mauwmmamyeremag G ossaw of pounm Terms Cont d Beak hamvvmyeman fvmv the head 7 Cmewands m mavmahm pr mm esthmmhevmce an m mm am 7mm hamba rm vwmmctweand Shank Wman af eq haw m Svuv 75m hamv wayemm m mev me D shank G ossaw of pounm Terms Cont d m1 rexarmnahm a egg mnhents W m hqhtheaw mmuqhew Used m nmne egg nuahlv m emwg mm Hakhmq avevqmce gr Wunq mg rm mu mum awn fm am nd V hacmnq egg am Dassx debs G ossaw of pounm Terms Cont d 6mm musgugy 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Poultry Indusny in Tennessee Padue Favms 39 0mm Wanmy Camnn cage 7 Mamn Human Poulny Indusny in Tennessee 3 Eva s EYES Empamz Awan Lawmce Cumbev and Hutbavd E EGSEED ntbr Varmess Poultry Indusny in Tennessee ND 21 table 292 favms gt EELEEIU 3 mum e alum 5232 WWW few mmbas Evamanm Lavas and Meat TVDE Chtkms Eva uatmg PuHetS for Future Product on mum mm W mm H a mummy x5 Lekf eem m n Nu mquot xx m z Mek we game m mm m Nu m be a quote umme m e am an the Mawquot A mm 2nd mum em M afezzh w kt 2nd mm m Droduc on a Eudv mfuvmanm Egg 5sz s ecmummuv mumantm Umucas 132mm bum mnimmannn s vav mDthant m detevrmrmg a Quad mum ivtm a pm are anew capantv 5 255m in Dmua Eva uahng PuHetS for Future Product on Mm mm be wde mm mm ndudm W1 mm m Mp mum be due a mm mm mm mm 4mm M mm mm aszzk mm mmw Ma be m Wm mama m m w the m me We mm be 2 m mm In mm m ma MD We Mae Ku We mm m mud In M sawmum be munquhfm hzve WWW Lawnu hms ave m2 mmavv sauce Bf eggs fcurvd m mace stave Mm has beam m m the heme an mm manv 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of the Egg and 111eir Eva s mamas Functions Lkui vmezH e m 1e fwm Xveu z Anm Evzhmmq Wen heeee Xvwhvla evzhnnmz mm am he wde we the hau der Length aszzk hm be Ivvmnmzle v x 5x neen lhzn wen mm mm and 4e m 2 km 2 aee e hau devwdm bath 2 fwn Kznsmzvafked 9m hene but he bane Mum paw wnh the tank am h M be weu Revved nmhn 2nd wnae 2 he fwm YMnhmAdz vlalhemzvah ebrele Dmmmzk hm he weu Revved sheu epnaneenve WSW Cnmvused pnnenh af eeewn avhmahe n m nmeeapne Dues Farms Men mahnq mmsman AM the mtev and nnev memhvanes men P Parts of the Egg and 111eir Functions Cha aza2 Made LU cf wk a tumm Hdds vdk n Dams 599 Sums Draw 5 m Albumen 7 EH waft Emfml BE 0 sum puqu a must 3H Dmtan umme nummts Parts of the Egg and 111eir Functions vmk rVEHDW mated m Ema ufegg PYDWdES nummts in me dwduunu EmeD 43 va Wm Suhd Dulth platen 2rd at EmeD mamas Egg Gradmg Thvee dffamt mmhnds by mm Eggs ave gadad Eandling fused m mm mtamv uahtv Gimmes mm mm 299 and M at mtamv mnta39ws Em games AA A a REJaEt Grade AA Mawmum death m aw ax 13 W 55 than a dme m meta vmk shadm mew wsmxe Nu augment defat Grade A Mawmmv dam m aw ax 315 M hawam a dme and a mama m dummy vmk 5mmva wax wsmxe Nu appavmt dam Grade B ND hrmtnn dam ufaw EE meats than a meme m damef vmk shadm mam vwswtle Rgen Meat m Hand sums vwswb e Exterior glading Barner the extant Ame egg sha in deemness 2rd mDEvanDns sthapen dnum depasts hm she 3an A PvacncaHv mm m shaDE Reasunabw ivee Bf m sums nee imm scams F152 imm amamg an m tween macaw must run datum ivtm me EDDEaVance Em May have same slam e55 thaw1 x w nth AnVahnwma We Rauqh 5hd hn Spats m Awathan an a Mean mahena Blokenout method Used m gamma Mam mahtv m Exammm me hagm u he a bunm Gvadad as a WWW subssgva s m 7 E 9 Weight Classes of Consumer G ade of Egg Wexght aes Mmmm Net Wexght 221 Dazm Jum 3n amiss Em Laws 27 amiss Large 24 amiss Mem 2 amiss smeu m amiss Pee W22 15


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