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World Geography

by: Arthur Shanahan

World Geography GEOG 102

Arthur Shanahan
GPA 3.67

John Rehder

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About this Document

John Rehder
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Arthur Shanahan on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 102 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by John Rehder in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/229850/geog-102-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in Geography at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 10/26/15
Geography 102 11811 Elements of Geography Geography Geoearth Graphiato write about to describe The scienti c study of Earth s surface based on the spatial distribution of its physical and cultural features What is where why there and why care varied features of Earth s surface implied The study that seeks to provide scienti c description of the earth as the home of humankind through the accurate orderly and rational description analysis and interpretation of the variable physical and cultural features of Earth s surface in a spatial context Physical Natural Environment Weather and Climate Today s atmosphereday to day pattern temperature wind air pressure Average of weather atmosphere over a long period of time 30 years minimum Landforms Mountains ranges ridges hills plateaus dunes deltas valleys Great Smoky Mountains Blue Ridge Province 6000ft 600 million years old Ridge and valley province 1000ftCumberland Plateau escarpmentcliff Cumberland plateauCrossville Monterey Eastern Highland RimCookeville Nashville Basin Western Highland Rim Tennessee River Natural Vegetation desert plantsxerophytesrainforestepiphytes air plants orchid Wetlandssalt marshesfresh marshesswamps freshbrackish fresh and salt Natural Animal Life wildlife deer bear raccoons etc Water Features oceans seas gulfs streams ponds lakes creek branches spnngs Soils Minerals Empty Quarter 800 miles of sand dunes Cultural cultural environmenthuman Population numbers of people density demographics people per sq mile Settlement ruralcountry urbancities Cuture Groups EthnicBushmen Cherokee Navaho Eskimo Cutura Institutions Language religion political social Economy Transportation Communication Dialect Ma of E to W across NC East TN Piedmont Tidewater Outer Banks Intercoastal Plain Stiff Lower Lip Hard R Country Tidewater English Olde English no R country Elements amp Geography Approaches Regional 9continent nation state South America US amp Canada Appalachia Europe Systematic or Topical Mapping Sciences Cartography Art and Science of map makingdrawing maps Remote Sensing Techniques 1965 Aerial Photography Imagery Satellite Mapping Spying Interpretation Photogrammetry measure and mapping GIS Geographic Information System Spruce r Neon Infrared Redgreen living vegetation Physical Natural Environments Weather and Climatology Meteorology Landforms Geomorphology Natural vegetation Biogeography Natural animal life Wildlife 20 Soils Minerals Cultural Population Settlement Culture Groups Cultural Institutions Language Religion Social Political Economy Transportation Communication 12711 1 LatitudeLongitude 2 Map Scale SmallLarge 3 EarthSun relationships Latitude NorthSouth Equator 0 degrees N pole 90 degrees N S pole 90 degrees S Longitude EastWest Prime Meridian 0 degrees Goes through Greenwich London Graphic Scale lo 5 10 Verbal Scale 1 inch equals 10 miles Ratio Small Scale show big areas with little detail 1600000 16000000 Large Scale show little areas in great detail 124000 124000 Sun Relations June 21 Summer Solstice 23 12 degrees N Tropic of Cancer Sept 21 Autumnal Equinox 0 degrees Equator December 21 V nter Solstice 23 12 degrees S Tropic of Capricorn March 21 Vernal Equinox 0 degrees Equator V nds and Pressure Belts High Clockwise Sunny Dry Clear Nice Low Counter clockwise Cloudy Dark Rainy Dreary 11 Causes for Precipitation 1 Orographic 2 Convection 3 Frontal Cold FrontsWarm fronts Temp change with elevation Normal lapse ratio 3 12 degrees per 1000 ft Wet Adiabatic 3 degrees per 1000 ft Dry Adiabatic 5 12 degrees per 1000 ft 28 World Climates Name Location Precipitation Temperature Vegetation A Tropical Along the No dry 70 degrees Tropical Rainforest equator month wet low90 Rainforest Af Amazon rains nearly degrees high Tall Trees Basin Congo every day the night is 80 130 lndonesia high humidity the winter Aw Tropical Pole ward of Has a distinct 90 degrees Savanna Aw the TRF dry season 6 high 40 around 15 months dry degrees lows degrees North low sun 6 and South months wet high sunquot BSh Steppe Semi mid Grass lands Polewood and Tropical Savananna ln Africal Desertification Satlel drought 215 Mother Island St Kitts Mother Island for Initial British Settlement the rst Barbados Mother Island for sugar cane technologyindustry Geologic Nature ofthe Caribbean Volcanic Limestone Coral Reefs Cape Fear River NC 1705 OrtonRice Wilmington Southport VWIiam Hilton Jr 166263 Trinidad mainly British Indians People from Indonesia has IslamHindu very diverse Kingston 1 million Cockpit Country to the left borders Negril to the West and Montego Bay to the North Blue MountainsCoffee to the right Ocho Rios borders at the north 222 Jamaica Sugarcane Raw sugar Molasses Rum Bauxite Bananas Pineapples Cattle Tourism Cockpit Country Maroons escaped slaves who sought refuge in the cockpit country Rastafarians Religious movement 1920s1930s Rastaman Dreadlocks Ganja Reggae Music Mother Island St Kitts 1624 Mother Island of English settlement Barbados 1627 Mother Island of Sugar Cane industry Great House Plantation master s houseMansion British Master s House Maison de Maitre French The Northeast Trade winds Geographic Contributions to Caribbean Geography Bring raw orographic Early exploration via sailing ships colonization Wind power for windmills Dependable winds for sailing work boats and pleasure boats Cooling breezesremove insets and bad smells Charter w crew Charter Bareboat Momma don t wanna cook on vacation 224 US Virgin Islands St Thomas St Johns St CroiX Saba Dutch Statia Dutch St Kitts English Xerophytes Plants can withstand drought Sugar Cane FieldsEstates Lowest Provisioning grounds veg gardens Low on mountain Pasture Land for Cattle Middle of the mountain Rainforest Highest on the mountain


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