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IntroDigital Image Processing

by: Jessica Nienow II

IntroDigital Image Processing ECE 472

Jessica Nienow II
GPA 3.6

Hairong Qi

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About this Document

Hairong Qi
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Nienow II on Monday October 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 472 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Hairong Qi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/229854/ece-472-university-of-tennessee-knoxville in Electronics and Computer Technology at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 10/26/15
39L 39 T cemetric Transformation 0 82 509 0 x Geome m39c correction 7 Am Perspective transformation Homogeneons eoordmates Inversevi forward transform mmposneumsromamn 7 G neraluan fdnna dn Modgidrstomon Wlth mm Leastsquare 5am o transformation Homogeneous coordinate it General geometric transfonnations I an 62 63quot 95quot V 21 an azs y l 0 0 1 1 It speci39alimat ceS i R rotatiO ngS scaling T translatioh H shear cos6 sin6 0 sx 0 0 1 0 ix 1 hx 0 sin9 c osB 0S0 sy 0T01tyHhy 10 0 0 1 O 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 TABLE 22 Af ne transformations based on Eq 1643 Tl39ansfnrmahon Af ne Matrix T Commnine Example Equations Idculily 1 n n quot U n J u y w u n 1 39 Scaling L39 O 0 X L39r 0 CV U y 314 l O Relation m5 0 sin e 0 39 1 05 H 7 w sin 9 5 9 ms H 0 y 1 03 H w sin 9 0 U l Translalion 1 0 I x 71 IX 0 1 0 J39 w v I y l Shear verlicnl 1 0 0 X 1 suw s l 0 quot w 0 I 1 Shear horizonlal 1 5h 0 339 1 0 1 a V Avril 74 F U I J 6 Sequential rise transforms Ci lv y 1 1 1 Forward transfmm Inverse transform 8 theta PI4 theta PI4 tX 440 ty 60 y Whe they are parallel therwisei lines converge 212 aul 5122 L123 031 g 05032 0 132 1 u 311 0amp2 4713 x I M V r V a21 an azs yll tw7fviw y W 6131 132 1 1 n 78 Zle o least squares 012551 0255 255255 2550 511511 12 Xray sensitive scintillator 39 ber optics can my 1242 291152 comrol point map exac fly L04 Use information from tiep omts39 to solve coefficients 7 Exac39tsolution 7 Least square solution 5 minavb 2m Day y 92 PM at 391 MT Elbi b1 b2 MT at quot y 12214271434 l74 39 V V v at p 0 ve39 the coef cients of A Wexx EZWAY Ste the polynomial usng Ieast squares approach Step4 Use the derived polynomial model to correct the entire original image Wquot W WquotW For each iuv in the corrected image nd the corresponding xly in the original image and use ig intenSity as the intensity at uv tric correction of images from From Joey Howell and Cory McKay ECE472 Fall 2000 I4 39 merits of Visual Perception and Image Formation 090109 3 Stmptgre n fhuman eye W453 ii Resolution mg on 7 Sampling and quantization evs P sp m39e a Research issues transformation 39 Hu a E lta E E g Lastsquare suluuun a O iFlexible lens and ciliary body Near sighted Vs far sighted Image resolution 7 Sampling Vs quantization i Cones ylaluu u 1739 quot 393 quot395 atlfcw aEhigghlysens39iit i t0 color 7 Riadsscotepieldimalight Sign genetal 7 Blind Spot yiqiw 1 centered 180000 135000 90000 No of rods 0139 cones per mm2 45000 Degrees from visual axis center of fovea Cone distribution on the foVea 200000 conesmmz EMOdels human Visual System more precisely The distance between a given pixel and its immediate neighborsis the same Hexagona1 sampling requires 13 fewer samples than rectangular sampling ANN can be trained with less errors 0000 a 03001 0 A A v 18 D I0 3 G I on 3 i o a I 339 398 on 0 o g to 3 g a o 390 00 0 l H L h E V 391979 E 39 8 t 339 ytgoe cuugyuf 15mm 3 on 3900 Human retina mosaic rreguarity reduces visual 739 H I acuity for highfrequency signals 39 ntroduce random noise Glare 11111117 iiiiii pl TSllJl llSr g SD range sirnultaneous ly in E B r x V m E The current sens1t1V1ty 2 g le y 39 C 1evel of the Vlsual 5 5 system is calledthe S l co OPIC brightness adaptation level gamma 7 7 thopic threshold l l l l l l l l l l l 74 2 0 2 4 Log of intensity mL minatz on lug A4 71 a iipajctefn ham 7 Simultaneous g contrast 2 7 And more see dark link HIQ 39 quot eta 7 T39oafocuswn objects near eye 7 Near sighted and far sighted eleetrieal impulses FIGURE 23 Graphical representation of the eye looking at a palm tree Point Q C is the optical center of the lens 39 7 mm a 9 it Some Illuminath figures 11111112 90000 full sun 0 01 black velvet 10000 cloudy day 0 93 Snow 0 1 full moon 1000 cOmmercial office 11311 or39the sensor is r 0 and 332100 31 215 the Cs39huttef is opened and closed The size of aperture 10 32 39 antizatz39on ab FIGURE 217 21 Continuous image projected onto a sensor array b Result of image sampling and quantization Nonuniform sampling communication Sampled b 16 392 levels 1 bit somnible ehangeimintensity level The more samples in a xed range the higher the resolution The more hits the higher the resolution the i3rFD interpretation of line drawing 0 Compress sensing s considered less likely to I s between the Wires are much


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